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SRT – iRacing Video Tutorial

Darin & Shaun over at have put together an in-depth video tutorial on how to get started with your iRacing career.

Darin & Shaun over at  have put together an in-depth video tutorial on how to get started with your iRacing career.

The guys take player through the first steeps needed to launch a competitive iRacing career all the way to the D license, starting with the right mindset to get it all going.

  • GamerMuscle

    i racing using the word career got me thinking.

    Like anything in life the more you put into something the more you will likely get out of it , If you approach any game or simulator seriously then you might get more or less enjoyment out of it. Given that allot of people playing driving simulators are trying to simulate real racing then taking any driving game serous will likely derive more enjoyment for them.

    However It should not be forgotten that part of the reason , i racing want you to think of it as real racing is because users will then justify spending huge amounts of cash relative to other driving simulators and games , under the pretence that “oh its still cheaper than a set of go cart tires so its a bargen”

    Also when it comes to competitive racing and getting alien times treating the simulator with real life expectations of what it is to “drive” is probably not the best way to get results , instead its best to treat it like any competitive game and that is look for the exploits in the engine and best exploit them and like anything practise over and over again.

    Arguably that’s what real race teams are doing only the “Game engine” is real life, However a key difference is that in reality there is a near unlimited depth and complexity where as with driving simulators and games in general due to limitations of technology there is always a limit to the depth and often large holes to exploit. Especially when it comes to car set-ups people that can combine a driving style with set-up that best exploits these limitations will often do best maybe better than someone that has more “real world” driving ability.

    To be clear I’m not saying Alien simracers cannot drive and don’t have race skills they most probably do and would probably perform well in a real car and have even demonstrated that a couple of times.

    I am also not saying that sim driving is not a valid training tool it , as it clearly is.

    Its just until simulators get more realistic ( which they gradually are) Sim racing at the very top end is more analogous to “gaming” than it is “motor racing”.

    Having said all that for slower racers though simracing is probably more analogous to real racing as they never really get to the limits and holes in the physics to be aware of them.

    • Anonymous

      I suppose the thing to remember is that even other sims and console games have a ‘career’ mode. I wouldn’t disagree that you’re intended to take the iRacing career more seriously, though. Probably partially because the career elements of iRacing are baked into the matchmaking (need high enough license to be elligible, iRating determines who you race against) while other career modes are single player affairs that can be ‘completed’ in a couple weeks.

      I don’t think one necessarily needs to look at an iRacing career like a real world career. Nor that only the comparison only applies to the aliens. As you said, for the majority of the mid pack, if they aren’t exploiting holes they might as well have been driving. But in any case, I don’t think that if you think of iRacing as being a competitive gaming career instead of a racing one it makes it any less enjoyable or worth the money. Though, that’s obviously going to vary from person to person.

      • GamerMuscle

        My point about aliens was more making a separate point about competitive racing in general , in that its probably more productive to think of simulators as a “game” then “driving”.

        Hunting for issues inherent with real time physics engines when developing a car set-up rather than looking at optimising time through raw driving skill or working with real world car set-ups will probably make the difference for one aliens time over another in all current simulators.

        For mid field drivers its all moot and I agree with you , I think they can just chose how they want to approach it and they will get what they will from it.

        I do however think i racing want to encourage people to think of it as “real” driving and some users probably want to think of it as a “real” racing carer as it helps people justify cost in time and money.

      • Anonymous

        In general, I would say sim racing is the closest to referring to the virtual version the same as the real thing compared to any other sports game. It’s one of the few sports where we use the same set of inputs on our computer as a real world athlete. Some golf simulators are about the only other one I can think of.

      • GamerMuscle

        Definitely , but its still somewhat abstract from the real thing.

        In some ways its better given that real motor racing is more about how much money or connections you or your parents have have rather than how much skill you have or develop.

        that’s not to say race drivers are not amazingly skilled but the point is if you or your parents don’t have money then you might as well not bother , at least with simracing just about anyone can do it.

      • StarFoXySxv550

        flight sims too, oops just noticed the “sport” part
        any one know of any laser tag flight sims? That would be real interesting.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, combat flight sims would do it. Basically, vehicular sports (not many of them, I suppose) translate easiest, since usually your body position is irrelevent. Unless it’s a motorcycle…

  • Anonymous

    Darin & Gangi? Hmmm so what you think about that one Shaun?

  • Anonymous

    getting started in iracing part 1: put aside 12 dollars for a 3 month promo subscription. Quickly realise that you have to spend about 150 dollars to buy the tracks to compete in a championship you want. Spend another 12 dollars on the car.

    Realise that no one drives the car you’ve bought, or you’ve noticed that hardly anyone races, because they’re all busy testing, doing hundreds and hundreds of laps tweaking setup.
    Buy another car for 14 dollars, then realise you’ve got to spend another 70 dollars on tracks which weren’t in the original 150 dollar spend.

    Find out that the slightest tiny nudge breaks steering arm and your race is over, despite touring/GT racing being full of nudges and body to body hits. Everyone is so scared to overtake or race or defend due to the ridiculous damage model.

    Have to wait another 2 hours to race again.

    Realise you haven’t got your moneys worth, delete it, wait for Assetto Corsa.

  • Phil johnston

    Sean Seems like a nice guy but something about Darin creeps me out… he comes across quite aggressive and arrogant or something. I find it hard to watch any of their shows now.