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SRT Episode 61 – First rFactor 2 Video Footage

SRT Episode 61 – First rFactor 2 Video Footage

As promised a week ago, has delivered the first moving footage of rFactor 2 as Darin, Shaun & Jessica were recently joined by Image Space Incorporated’s Gjon Camaj for an interview session.

Camaj did not come empty-handed, bringing an alpha-version of rFactor 2 on his laptop. We get to check out some gameplay footage including a Toyotoa off-road car, the Panoz roadster and the 1967 Formula One car at Spa.

Edit: As you can see, readers from VirtualR and other community sites are no longer welcome to watch this video directly so please head to RSC to watch it there. I was under the impression that this was meant to inform the whole community but apparently it’s property of a single site and only meant to be viewed by their readers for the coming days.

You can watch the video below, the rFactor 2 bit starts at minute 35.


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