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SRT – Bodin T500 RS Load Cell Mod Review has released a video review of the Bodin Load Cell Mod for the Thrustmaster T500 RS.

While Thrustmaster’s T500 RS steering wheel comes with pretty much all bells and whistles that make up a modern upper-market wheel, the wheel’s pedal set uses a potentiometer instead of the more advanced load cell.

THe Bodin Load Cell Brake Mod changes that as the guys over at show off in their newest video review. The guys cover all topics from installation to using the mod, they also explain the difference between potentiometer and load cell in detail again for those who haven’t caught up on that yet.

  • Anonymous

    Bit to expensive for my tastes. If it ends up under $150 ($100~125), I might become tempted.

  • John Lunsmann

    Loved the preview. US$150 sounds reasonable as well, and I don’t have to throw anything away to install it.

  • Anonymous

    John is a great guy, he was telling me this review would be up is SRT just the other night while we were racing.

    I don’t have a T500, but now that there’s a load cell mod for it that might be my upgrade path now, once I get the money and desire to do so.

    • Eric Zehnder

      If you don’t currently have a T500 why would you buy the wheel and pedals knowing that you’d have to spend another $150 on the pedal mod – especially when load cell pedal sets already exist just over $200?

      • Anonymous

        Because the one thing that made me not consider it before was the lack of a load cell. Wheel looks great, and simple inverted pedals is a plus. I already have a load cell for my G27 pedals, this would be a down the line upgrade especially since the wheel comes packaged with the pedals.

  • Marcus Caton

    Still no Fanatec related vids, but at least we have awesome Mod reviews!

    • Anonymous

      after the fallout with Thomas….Fanatec will never send them anything for free..

      • Marcus Caton

        Other reviews actually buy products, why cant they do the same?
        Oh wait… nvm

      • Anonymous


      • Thomas Jackermeier

        You are making 3 negative comments to bash Fanatec in one blog post and you call somebody else a troll?
        I guess you know what you are talking about…

      • steve farrell

        Wrong. Most reviews get hardware for free and have to send the hardware back after a few weeks or months of testing

    • Anonymous

      Why should they review Fanatajunk ? Fanatec sent their junk to many “community testers”, aren’t you happy with the “community reviews” since you seem to bash ISR every chance you get

      • Thomas Jackermeier

        Troll comment #3 (see below)

  • Anonymous

    The thing is when you get to $150+ for a mod then you might as well just get club sport peddles for $250.

    saying that the mod does look good and its really well put together and thought out , though personally I’d rather spend the extra 100 and get better peddles all round + load cell built in.

    This mod would only make sense to me if it cost something like $50 ( obviously that’s probably never going to be possible due to the raw cost of a load cell sensor)

    • Anonymous

      If the pedals were reliable for $250, they might be worth it. Good luck dealing with their customer service when it breaks though.

      • Thomas Jackermeier

        Troll comment #1 (see below)

    • Mike

      If you enjoy games like GT5 (where the T500RS works brilliantly), you can’t use a separate pedal from Fanatec (or anyone for that matter) so the best and only option if you still want load-cell braking is from this mod from John.

      I love the fact that it’s completely non-evasive: no parts removed (especially if you still haven’t got the real-brake mod installed) and just a simple addition to what is already a decent pedal set.

      The only thing I wish are stronger springs added to the accelerator and clutch pedals to even out the feel.

    • Ben Saville

      If you happen to live in Australia, where Fanatec really can’t be bothered to do business, and getting said product (for a not extortionate price) is akin to wrestling pigs blindfolded, we can at least pray the mod will be more readily available.

  • Guy Moulton

    If the Fanatec pedals weren’t so poorly made, I’d agree with jwjameswest. $150 for a mod to these pedals is very steep. The problem with Fanatec though is that they make disposable garbage. I got bit by dropping $230 on CSP’s that lasted less than 1 year. I’d love to get this Bodin mod but if it’s $150 I wont. Hell i remember when $150 seemed like a lot for the entire pedal set….

    • Anonymous

      Perfectly put ! I had a GT3 RS that failed a set of CSPs that failed and a set of CSR Elites that failed, I refuse to buy their crap ever again and others should be as well.. This mod looks tempting though as well as the purchase of a new T500 ! Im currently running a G27 with an AP electix mod that has been 100 times more reliable than the Fanatajunk I purchased.

      • Thomas Jackermeier

        Troll comment #2 (see below)

    • StarFoXySxv550

      “Hell i remember when $150 seemed like a lot for the entire pedal set….”
      really? when was that? I’ve not been around this scene too long, say before Fantec really started making their mark with the Turbo S, and back then ALL stand-alone pedals were really expensive, and they all looked really low-tech (but sturdy) with Pots only. This hobby has never been cheap while I’ve been around.