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Spa 1967 + Texture Update – Released

Spa 1967 + Texture Update – Released

Bud Lucas has converted Frank.f55’s Spa 1967 track from GT Legends to rFactor. Originally created by Papyrus for GT Legends, this version of Spa Francorchamps is the historic 14km version that was run until 1979. While the modern layout of Spa is still considered to be one of the most exciting circuits in the world, the historic layout was much faster and thrilling.

Since the track has been converted from GPL, the graphical side of things is not up to modern standards. Texture artist Culmone67 did his best to fix this flaw by releasing a high-resolution texture pack to go with the track. Check out the screenshots below, if you´re looking for the perfect playing field for historical F1 and sports cars, this track is for you.

Download Spa 1967 Here

Download Spa 1967 Textures by Culmone67 Here

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