Solitude 64 1.1 – Released

NeelJani has released a new version of his Solitude 64 track for rFactor, GTR2, GT Legends & RACE07.

Originally created for Grand Prix Legends by LPG & Martijn GPLEA, Neel Jani has equipped the tracks with new trackside objects and textures.

Version 1.1 comes with several changes as listed below:


  • New vehicles, models and textures by CY-33 I thank Amblulance VW T2, T2 Fire, Police T2,
  • Fixed some names materialSteel,
  • Changing the texture of the horizon by SimBin Spa, proposed by Swiss whom I thank for the idea,
  • New texture of the surface of the track that is more realistic,

Named after the nearby Solitude castle, the track was a German road circuit near Stuttgart, Germany. The track’s layout was 11.4 kilometer long and hosted racing from 1903 to 1965, competition included both cars and motor bikes and even four none-championship Formula One rounds from 1961 to 1964.

  • Ricoo

    Many thanks Neel Jani for this track and all the other great ones you did/improved/updated for SimBin titles.  🙂

  • Anonymous

    big cheer!    Thanks!

  • Oliver Gibbons


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