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Sol Weather Engine For Assetto Corsa 1.5.4 & 1.6 – Released

Peter Boese has released new versions of the amazing Sol Weather Engine add-on for Assetto Corsa.

Introducing an all-new sky environment with the newest version, the new update comes in two versions that players can easily switch back and forth from once Sol is installed.

The new version also adds new dramatic lightning & thunder effects, including sounds.

In order to install this massive mod correctly and make most of its features, make sure to check out the very extensive installation instructions here.

Sol 1.5.4 Changelog

  • core: added support to switch Sol version in weatherFX
  • install: removed weather_FX.ini – install: edited manifest INIs
  • folders: removed the spaces from content/weather/ folders, to prevent problems with online usage

Sol 1.6 Changelog

  • apps: sol_weather 9.92 – apps: sol_config 0.87 # Both apps are now able to recognize a weather implementation switch. # Its now possible to switch between different Sol versions ingame, if # those Sol versions are prepared as different CSP weather implementations.
  • core: added error handling for incompatible Assetto Corsa installs – core: replaced all lua color conversions and mixing with weatherFX functions – core: added support to switch Sol version in weatherFX – core: working LUTs based on sunangles -90°..90°
  • core: directional ambient light: # 2 switches in sol_config/page 8 for 3 function modes: # ambient__use_directional_ambient_light and ambient__use_overcast_sky_ambient_light are activated, will make a combination of the old directional ambient light from Sol 1.5.1 controlled by the overcast modifier # only ambient__use_directional_ambient_light is activated – this is just the Sol 1.5.1 directional ambient light # only ambient__use_overcast_sky_ambient_light is activated – directional ambient light is just calculated by the view angle and the color of the sky – core: directional ambient light is calculated every frame (no stutter with “use cpu split”)
  • sky: new skysim class and new cloud classes # The clouds are managed with layers for different cloud types # Clouds are repositioned like a conveyor belt. # They are positioned in a simple grid. This will be change in future releases.
  • sky: 2 types of performance improvements with sol_config/page 6 # 0 = the color calculation of all clouds are done every frame # 1 = only the clouds in FOV are calculated every frame, the others are calculated per “clouds__render_per_frame” # 2 = the amount of clouds, which are calculated per frame is strictly “clouds__render_per_frame”
  • sky: new clouds lightbounce calculation for better simulation of ambient light and night illumination – sky: added lightning (first rough implementation (single slow flash to prevent epilepsy)
  • sky/lightning: added support for “feature request” # feature requests will come in further CSP version # lightnings will be triggered, if feature is requested in photo mode
  • sound: added sound engine – sound: added thunder – sound: added wind (for external cams) – sound: windsound cam speed dependency deactivated for exterior cam
  • night light pollution: better color calculation of ambient light and fog – night light pollution: balanced clouds lit
  • core/weather definitions: removed obsolete code – weather definitions: all weather are overhauled to use the new skysim
  • textures: edited new CSP moon texture
  • custom config: new custom sky preset (LUT based) – custom config: new custom weather definitions # look at “\system\cfg\ppfilters\sol_custom_configs\custom config example.lua” for details
  • config: added ppfilter saturation parameter – config: added new page “sound” (page 10) – config: clouds__render_limiter = 2 by default # if you use very high time progressions, set it to 1
  • ppfilter/custom configs: removed __Sol_ACC and __Sol_HC
  • folders: removed the spaces from content/weather/ folders, to prevent problems with online usage

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