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Sol Weather Engine For Assetto Corsa 1.5.6 & 1.6.1 – Released

Peter Boese has released new versions of the amazing Sol Weather Engine add-on for Assetto Corsa.

In order to install this massive mod correctly and make most of its features, make sure to check out the very extensive installation instructions here.


Sol 1.6.1 + 1.5.5

– apps: sol_weather 9.98, sol_config 0.89

– updated all version strings

– core: another try to solve CM error info “attempt to call a nil value”
– core: overhauled smog graphics, “sky_smog” parameter in sol_config acts now as a pure multiplier
– core: added variable __Sol__version, useable also in custom configs.
# if __Sol__version and __Sol__version >= 1.6 then
# –do stuff for Sol versions 1.6 and higher
# else
# –do stuff for versions before Sol 1.6
# end

– stellar: lowered moon brightness while day

– basic weather plans “clear”: small adjustments to ambient light between sunangles 0°..-9°

– core/weather definitions: overhauld bad weather, brighter while day

– sky: added new sky_preset, “deep blue” for a super deep blue sky
– sky: solved sky reset with weather transitions, sky stays the same when reaching transition point
– sky: config parameter “clouds__opacity_multiplier” now works correct for all layers

– track adaptions: added ta_dome_size support to new clouds system – the smaller the dome is, the lower the clouds are in the distance

– config: removed pre Sol 1.6 parameters

– sol_config: added “clouds__movement_multiplier” on page 6

– ppfilter/custom configs: __Sol_Extra
# improved colorgrading
# color calibration
# better contrast, better midtones
# changed sky_preset (6) – new “deep blue”
– ppfilter/custom configs: __Sol_Extra, different sky preset for Sol 1.5 and 1.6
– ppfilter/custom configs: __Sol_Extra, a little brighter at sunset/twilight

– files: removed sol_clouds.lua + sol_clouds_db.lua
– files: removed capitals from weather folder names to prevent troubles with online server

– updated weatherFX manifests

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