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SMMG Formula 3 2020 0.8 for rFactor 2 – Released

SMMG have released a new beta version of their Formula 3 2020 mod for rFactor 2, bringing the beta release to version 0.8.

The new version comes with updated car skins and plenty of physics improvements including new suspension, gearbox data and much more. The pyhsics have been made in co-operation with a real Formula 3 engineer and as such should provide a realistic open wheel experience.


– updated ALL skins
– new calipers
– new rear suspensions
– added ride sensor
– new gearbox
– updated rear wing and its mech parts
– new oil lines
– updated underfloor
– added oil tank, hydraulics, rear springs, engine
– fixed no default value into packers settings!
– updated MBSS and all physics files
– replaced windscreen/mirror rain drops
– replaced driver + suit + gloves + anm with new one into all cars
– repositioned driver + anm + seat + seat belt + helmet + steering wheel
– updated cockpitinfo
– changed default CoG into garage
– fixed inverted mirrored right mirror
Рupdated F319SHADOW 
– updated ride height anmd some rear suspensions values
– updated bias direction sticker into steering wheel
– added “Scipts” folder that replace the original rF2 to allow use of customized pitcrew