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SLI-PRO Steering Wheel Display Unveiled

SLI-PRO Steering Wheel Display Unveiled

Following his very popular SLI-M display that was part of many self-built steering wheels, Leo Bodnar has now unveiled a new generation display by showing first photos of the SLI-PRO unit.

The feature-rich SLI-PRO comes with two six-digit displays and a gear indicator, 13 RPM LEDs and six info LEDs at the bottom. The display is connected via USB, offers a connector for five external LEDs and lots of inputs for buttons, switches and two independent clutch pedals.

The SLI-PRO will go on sale in November 2009, costing around $150.


  • USB connection to a PC (control and power)
  • Two bright orange 6-digit displays on each side of the bright red gear indicator
  • 13 RPM / shiftlight LEDs
  • 6 info LEDs at the bottom
  • Connector for 5 external LEDs
  • Standard mini USB socket and additional USB connector for direct cable connection (e.g. when permanently mounted on a wheel)
  • Inputs for 16 buttons and shift paddles, 8 rotary encoders and six 12-position rotary switches
  • Inputs for two independent analogue clutch paddles with automatic priority (F1 style)
  • Outline dimensions 102 x 31 mm
  • Requires only 13mm of space behind the mounting plate (with flat cables attached)
  • Matching cables available
  • ScHiRoCk

    Awesome, but it’s quite expensive for such a little display.

    Maybe if it lowers in price i’ll buy it.

  • kill4f00d

    Price cut to $50 and everyone reading this blog will buy it, including me.

  • spliff

    yes, $150 seems a bit expensive for such a small piece of hardware. you can get a g25 for that price nowadays.. 🙂

  • aliasx

    How much are the parts for this toy? $5? I wonder if you even sell one piece for $150…

  • RG

    Tough crowd. In the video game community development time is worth $0.

  • RG

    FWIW, that appears to be a quality product. Silkscreened PCB, SMD components, reflow soldered, nice! That’s not manufactured in his basement!

  • fpol

    Ditto RG…looks good and must have taken a bit to develop.

  • Sensekhmet

    kill4f00d: Price cut to $50 and everyone reading this blog will buy it, including me.

    Save for people who don’t look down at their wheel while racing… like me.

  • Roso

    The price is ok, unit is the best on the market, Leo Bodnar’s name is enough for me and hundreds of enthusiasts around the world to buy this board. If you think 50$ should be the price than you have never done any electronics programing and development.
    Of course, I too would like it cheaper, but compared to other similar products this is better and cheaper!

  • ScHiRoCk

    100 Bucks and i’ll buy it.

    Btw, the euro, is better in currency? so it will cost me less… No?

  • Grozni

    for 100$ i would buy this too :weird:

  • gaira

    $150 is much money, maybe with a nice case…but for $ 100 i’ll buy.