SimXperience SimVibe – Available Now!

SimXperience has released their SimVibe software and the matching Buttkicker Mini LFE SimVibe Edition bass transducer.

SimVibe is an advanced, multi-dimensional audio based feedback software that utilizes up to eight bass transducers to provide correct physics-based vibrations across a simulator.

The software simulates a variety of sensations drivers feel while racing, including bumps, vibrations, gear changes & collisions.

SimVibe Features

  • True Physics Based Feedback.
  • Multi-Dimensional Vibrations
  • Greatly Enhances Motion Simulation
  • Adds New Life to Motionless Cockpits
  • Simulates Road Bumps
  • Simulates Road Texture
  • Simulates Engine Vibrations
  • Simulates Gear Changes
  • Simulates Collisions
  • Simulates Rubs & Bumps

Sim racers who already own a bass transducer such as Buttkicker just have to install a second sound card to get started with SimVibe.

For those that start from scratch, SimXperience offers an affordable transducer that is tailored towards SimVibe, the Buttkicker Mini LFE SimVibe Edition.

Buttkicker Mini LFE SimVibe Edition Features

  • Redesigned ButtKicker internals are optimized for SimVibe
  • Improved Response and Detail
  • Reduced Transducer Noise
  • Frequency Response – 10Hz – 250Hz
  • 50 Watt Minimum
  • 150 Watt Maximum when used with SimVibe which produces a crisper, harder hitting signal than traditional audio
  • 250 Watt Maximum when used with a traditional audio signal
  • Impediance – 4 Ohms
  • Weight – 2.2 lbs
  • Height – 3″
  • Width – 4.75″
  • Length – 4.75″
  • Uses standard ButtKicker Mini LFE casing and mounting dimensions
  • Mounts to SimXperience Stage Series motion simulators via optional mounting plates

The SimVibe software sells for $79 while the Buttkicker Mini LFE SimVibe Edition is available for $95 plus shipping.

For much more info on both products, make sure to check out the SimXperience website.

  • SlyGuy

    Bought this a few days ago when it was first released….. not cheap, but makes SUCH a difference… the vibrations are entirely based on physics, not just bass feedback..

    Change a gear, you feel it, nudge another car, you feel it…

    I became a bit disilusioned with my Buttkicker… and the fact that I couldn’t really use it with my USB headphones… this makes all that just work :)… simple as!

  • Gerald


  • Stuart Fields

    Anyone know if this works with the butttkicker gamer 2? I have used these for a while now and have one for my rig and one for my main PC chair (all games benefit from the use of a buttkicker!) I have always loved the effects created by the buttkickers and software that enhances the feedback in this way sounds fantastic.

    • Anonymous

      I think Simvibe is not meant to be used with Buttkicker Gamer 2 I feel X-sim does a better job with a single bass shaker even with it’s faults. X-Sim communicates much better with my single bass shaker.

      • SimGuru

        I’m not sure why you would say this. My result with a single shaker is hundreds of time more accurate with SimVibe than it was with X-Sim and it’s alot more convenient too.

      • Helder Pimenta

        I have Buttkicker Gamer 2, bought a 2nd sound card… and I have to say, this is amazing!!! much better than getting the vibe from the sound. If you already have two, you can setup one for the chair and the 2nd one for the pedals, or the gearbox.

      • Anonymous

        Indeed, I never found X-Sim very useful for my bass shakers either… Direct sound was a little better through an equalizer, but still relatively poor compared to the potential… I just ordered SimVibe + the Mini LFE to replace my old bass shakers, thanks for the tips, SimGuru 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Simvibe (USD 79!) is great if you are on multiple bass shakers for a single set like the Buttkicker Gamer 2 set all the different feedback gets missed up into a huge mess I also feel all different effects end up being too similar on a single bass shaker. I still think X-sim (Free!) is the best choice for a single bass shaker not even taking price into consideration. (imo)

    • SimGuru

      X-Sim is a joke. It’s only 16-bit compared to a full 32-bit output in SimVibe. X-Sim has no sound mixer while SImVibe has a full sound mixer. If your getting muddled sounds, mix it more intelligently.

      • Richard Hessels

        16 bit would still be able to give a punch with a resolution 4096 steps.
        Still more than enough variation for you butt.

      • SimGuru

        I’m thinking that most cars will have more than 4096 rpm so only SImVibe could represent that accurately.

      • Anonymous

        X-Sim is the basis for the whole SimXperience software, dude.
        Get your facts straight before bashing it.

      • SimGuru

        Get your facts straight. X-Sim hasn’t been used at SimXperience in 1.5 years. They scrapped that junk.

      • Anonymous

        Wow, didn’t know that Bernard had completely rewritten everything… Thanks for the heads-up.
        When I built my motion rig in 2010, X-Sim was all that was available… I’ll take a much deeper look into SimCommander3 and SimVibe for sure then ! (X-Sim is indeed quite a chore to run)

        Oh, BTW, SimCommander3 has been released in january 2012, hardly a year and a half, but ok. Before that, it was still based on X-Sim.

  • SimGuru

    X-Sim is a joke. It’s only 16-bit compared to a full 32-bit output in SimVibe. X-Sim has no sound mixer while SImVibe has a full sound mixer. If your getting muddled sounds, mix it more intelligently…lol
    And it’s already known that the Gamer 2 will impact it’s end caps with a correct signal as you would get from SimVibe. The ButtKicker SimVibe Edition was released to give the perfect result.

  • Juhan Voolaid

    So I must buy additional soundcard and audio ampifier? Chees loueese. What if I have mixer at home and I have extra outputs, do I still need new soundcard?

    • Anonymous

      Yes, you need a new soundcard, because bass shakers like ButtKicker are subwoofers and you need a different output than the game sound. Cheese u2 🙂
      An additional soundcard is so cheap it’s ridiculous.

  • Paul Mullins

    Have to say the cost of the software is pretty bloody steep, even more so when you compare it to the cost (and amount of development) of the sim software we race with..

    • Anonymous

      Having followed SimXperience work when I was building my own motion rig back in 2010, I can vouch for the quality of experience his gear and software provides… You won’t be disappointed !

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