SimRacingReview – Fanatec CSL Seat Review

The guys at SimRacingReview have added a new hardware review video to their Youtube channel, taking a first look at the Fanatec CSL Cockpit

Doug Meyer introduces us to the rig in front of a very nice looking Porsche. As usual with SimRacingReview, Doug will come back to the product later on with a long-term review.

  • Marcus Caton

    Nice review, This would be the perfect poor mans rig but sadly the cost doesn’t help it fit this description >.>

    • Anonymous

      Exactly. It’s still very expensive considering the extremely cheap seat, lack of easy adjustability and general bare bones nature of it. I’d pay $100 for it – tops. I made my own rig out of PVC pipe for $55. I’d be willing to get a nice metal one but why people pay $1000+ for them I have no idea.

  • Den Burnout

    I’m far from a Fanatec fan but it’s nice to see an honest REAL review. Thanks Doug. It’ll be good to see your long term thoughts as reliability has always been an issue for Fanatec and honest opinions are what we need.

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