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SimRacingHardware – T500RS Dashboard

The guys over at SimRacingHardware have unveiled their newest product – The T500 RS Dashboard.

The guys over at SimRacingHardware have unveiled their newest product – The T500 RS Dashboard.

The dashboard turns Thrustmaster’s T500 RS wheel into a full blown racing cockpit with plenty of features:


– 8 Momentary Push Buttons plus one HD Start Button
– 4 on/off toggles with pulse per click
– 3 on/off toggles with safety covers (2 Red 1 Blue)
– 3 Rotary Encoders
– Laser Engraved Roundels (1-16, Brake Bias and +- Boost)
– Fully Plug n Play
– Simple 4 screw fitting (4 Stainless screws included) Just remove static paddles and fit!
– Single USB Connection (USB Lead Included)
– Superb Build Quality
– Optional SLI Mounting for Pro-Race / SLI-Pro / SLI-M / Siminstruments (coming soon)
– Full Instructions (.PDF sent by E-Mail)

The dashboard sells for 298€, more info is available here.

  • Brian Clancy

    Thank you for putting up the article. The price is £235 GBP (thats about 280 Euro’s) we have a few units left ready for dispatch but they are selling quite quickly! We are building up more at the moment and will have SLI mountings for the dashboards soon in the new year also.

  • Anonymous

    The thing is, this is HORRENDOUSLY overpriced.

    I appreciate some people do not have the time or patience to make their own, but it is far (mechanically) easier to make a button box for yourself than it is to make say a shifter or pedals.

    To make this, you would need usb input device (which you can get for £20 for buttons only, or £25 if you want analogue axis).

    Then all you need is wire, solder (unless you buy the more expensive push in connectors but i don’t see the point – this kind of soldering is quite simple), the buttons themselves (and rotary encoders).

    Say you budget £30 for all the switches and components (which is quite generous).

    You can basically build the same thing for about £50 relatively easily.
    Perhaps even £30 / £40, depending on what you want.

    And if you bought and input board with analogue support that would give you the flexibility to make your own pedals, shifter, (even wheel, though FFB would be a problem, as this is only about “input”) if you wanted.
    Having your own input board also means you can customise it however you like.

    I can see some people maybe being interested in this but it does seem to be a rather “all the gear no idea” / “more money than sense” purchase.

    • Lars Bargmann

      It is always amazing to see the wisdom in posts like this.
      You, of course, know everything about the quality of SRH’s work, the materials involved and the hours somebody has to put into making a product like like, I assume?
      Your comment, although thorough and unneccesary long, is like stating that the new Ferrari/Lambo/Aston/whatever is overpriced, because you could built one yourself for 10% of the price, using a VW Golf engine and some cheap scrap-metal…

      • Anonymous

        Look, i appreciate that manufacturing the plastics and moulding your own housings is not something that most people can do practically, but that is the only part here that is not practical.
        That is purely cosmetic anyway, and you could make something that looks nice by adapting other housings or making your own from other materials if you wanted.

        The aesthetics take more time to get decent doing it yourself, but functionality wise it’s quite simple.

        All i am saying is that in terms of functionality and ergonomics, it is very simple make for a fraction of the cost.

        There is no need for people to cry and spout ridiculously hyperbolic analogies.

        Don’t be so facetious realkman – obviously heart surgery is complex, where as what i am suggesting is very very simple – anyone could make this simply with equivalent functionality.

        The same for your “build your own ferrari” comment Lars – that is entirely different as something like that is a much more complex and massive undertaking,

        I am only trying to save people money that have seen this and thought it is a nice idea but seems out of their price range – because it really isn’t that difficult to make your own.

        I guess sod trying to help anyone here, they will just spit in your face and snark you off.

      • Wim

        You obviously are from another planet. a little sad actually, the way you feel the need to post a very unrealistic comment, and then get upset by self inflicted analogies.

    • Realkman666

      People who buy these things remind me of my dumb uncle. Actually went to the hospital for his heart surgery, had to pay the overpriced doctor. Could have saved a bunch by learning how to do it himself.

      • PetrolheadDen

        Dang. Then he could have also done mine as I need a new one. lol

      • Realkman666

        I know a guy from Craigslist who specializes in all organs and organ accessories.

    • Wim

      Lets grow up all. this is the most senseless and stupendous comment of the week…Off course you could try to build something cheaper. But who wants to? I would love to see you do it … Design a quality product, then get quality components, then test drive them and develop the design, then market and advertise it, then sell it , and ship it. once that is done, get ready to deliver some quality support while paying taxes… and all of this you will do for £50? GET REAL! The real world does not work this way.
      Most people in here own hardware that is way beyond this. ( even mass production products that have a higher price)
      You should start collecting stamps, and believe me…they can get really overpriced.

  • fonzie

    Ì gonna build my own CSW ..alot cheaper…. but is it gonne be the same quality????
    Stupid comment IMO.

  • Gui

    I think you people misunderstood 2tyred. His cost breakdown doesn’t take into consideration the tools and time, but it is still relevant. Sure the seller wants to make a good profit but to put in perspective, this button dashboard costs more than a Fanatec Porsche GT3 v2, CSR Elite pedals, and the poopy Fanatec plastic shifters. A price of about $100-150 would be far more reasonable for what it offers and should still theoretically produce great profit margins.

    • Lars Bargmann

      You are comparing products (of questionable quality, I might add) being mass-produced in China to a product being handmade in comparatively VERY small numbers.

      You and 2tyred are pulling numbers out of thin air!

      The fact of the matter is, that this product is a high quality product that comes at a price, and if you are not willing to pay that price, go look elsewhere for something else that will fit your budget. Simple, really. Would you also go onto the Bang&Olufsen website and tell them about how their products are overpriced and what they should sell them for? I guess not; you would simply find a different product, right?

      There ARE cheaper alternatives out there, and plenty of possibilities to make something yourself in our little sim-racing-peripherals-niche, but to use phrases like “horrendously overpriced” and “all the gear no idea” / “more money than sense” like 2tyred did, or to simply pull a number like $100-150 out of your hat like you do, it just doesn’t make sense.

      Try to grasp the fact that there ARE people out there that are willing to pay for high quality, and that there are a great degree of truth in the saying “you get what you pay for”

      • Gui

        Hi Lars, I think you’re making a few assumptions here and are a bit overly aggressive on your post. You’re implying I said things I didn’t, re-read my post. When a company offers a product it’s not paying the street price for the separate parts like we would, and it possesses the equipment to produce it at a lower cost than you or I could manufacture. Economies of scale is a term you should familiarize yourself with.

        People can buy whatever they want at whatever price they want. From a post here you can see the people are selling those well, so that’s good to know. People can look for substitutes if they don’t want this, OF COURSE. My estimate price was based on cost of goods plus labor and a margin of profit, and I do believe I’m qualified to estimate that.

      • Lars Bargmann

        Well, I do have an economics degree, even though I never used it (continued straight after that to study Programming/Computer Science)
        Your estimate are based on a mass-production scale, and that is simply only possible for a select few in this niche.
        Reality is, there are only Logitech, Thrustmaster and Fanatec that are really big enough to take advantage of numbers, whereas most other “big” players probably is struggling with that balance.
        SRH is on the completely opposite side of this spectrum, and is a small company that offers the high-quality/low quantity alternative. This quality comes at a price.
        Not at all different than other “specialists” in other markets.

      • Gui

        Great, I have an econ degree too! Except I used it at my first job and worked with business analytics before getting a masters on business administration and international management.

        I am not saying SRH has the purchasing or bargaining power of the big companies but they can buy at quantities larger than you and I, plus have the overhead setup for their production. With a specialized job shop the production cost can be kept lower than just one-off user making it. Anyway, I understand your point – don’t think I don’t! – I was just making my comment on some estimates and observing that $300 should provide a hefty profit margin.

      • Wim

        Lets get real again. Value is not the same as cost. There is little or no high quality hardware on the market, that would sell for a budget price. and we don’t need any degree for that. I earn my living working in a technology sales environment, and if i would start dissecting costs vs value, my colleagues and competitors would crack them selves up. A product is worth its quality, its status, and its design cost…These are all factors you can not physically value.

  • Alan Dallas

    That’s pretty sweet. Now if I could only afford a T500 RS. 🙁

  • rosscarlson

    On a more serious note does anyone know if this will work with the TX500 instead of the T500RS? I have the TX (that’s the PC/Xbox1 version) and I know it shares the same rims so I’m thinking at least the opening for the column would be the same. I suppose if the bolts don’t line up you could hold it on with good velcro tape. I emailed the company – thoughts anyone?