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SimRaceWay – New Version Available

SimRaceWay has released a new version of their online racing simulation as SimracewayGame_78.exe is now available.

SimRaceWay has released a new version of their online racing simulation as SimracewayGame_78.exe is now available.

Fixed Issues

Events: Hotlap: Ghost racing – cut detection penalties not active when racing a ghost
Can login with email instead of username
QR2 split time wrong for DNF users
In-game chat is cut
When directed to the garage from an event user should be reverted back to the event page
The leave race confirmation message will persist when race will restart
The in game car HUD will appear in the game exit screen
ESC gives user the option to go to race monitor during race
Pit Square overlaps review mirror box
Quick Race and Challenge: When cutting track lap time is dropped
Quick Race and Challenge: Pit Lane – Stop and Go’s not accumulating
The car can’t be controlled with the keyboard while the in-game pause menu (Esc button) is displayed
Shadow level does not change when switching through predefined settings
Auto clutch quick key and notifications are active while Auto Shifting is activated
The in-game pause menu will continue to show in the lobby screen


Removed the “Welcome to Simraceway” experience in the game client for new users
Default Graphic Settings: Increased default graphic settings
Add a wheel position indicator strip
SRW-Wheel now has native support
Stop and go messaging improved
Auto Centering for Mouse Control
Quickly remove collision and visibility of players that quit a race while still on the track

The base content of SimRaceWay is free for everyone to try, giving players access to the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X as well as Mid Ohio, Infineon Raceway & Zandvoort. Additional content is available for purchase with prices ranging from a few cents to several dollars.

The title puts an emphasis on online racing, using a real-time skill matching system to offer close racing. Like SimRaceWay’s past website that was based on rFactor & other simulations, the new title will again be offering paid online races where players have to pay an entry fee to compete, free online events are available as well.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t see it in the release notes, but did they fix the crippling lag?

    • Anonymous


      –Fixed crippling lag. (lag is now only very bad)
      –Fixed insipid gameplay (added new track – concrete square)
      –Added new Vehicle – Moon Rover ($2000)

  • Matt Orr

    Wait…. it took them THIS long to natively support their own wheel?

    No wonder a grand total of about 15 give a flying fudge about SRW.

    • Anonymous

      I was going to mention that. Odd.

      But then why write code for a ‘wheel’ nobody has?

      Who are they trying to kid with that thing? Notice nobody ever uses it in any of their promo stuff? I mean, if it’s sooooo good, surely you want the punters to use it? Yet they don’t.

      And do their real trackdays (if they actually exist) use cars with floating steering wheel? Yeah, sure, because it’s such a great idea……

      Like Josh said, where does their money come from? I don’t get it.

  • Josh Keith

    I really don’t understand why SRW has as much backing as it does. It seems they’re working with a ton of manufacturers, drivers, tracks, etc. but can’t produce a quality product which competes with the likes of iRacing or other sims.

  • Robert Every

    Lol guys, seriously I tried this and rather enjoyed it last year, but now they have removed all of the decent challenges and made a lot of it pay to play. So dumb it amazes me.
    It is basically still RF1 anyway, with a few little modifications. I enjoyed it back then coz the challenges were easier and you could qualify with a top 10 or 30 time and win game credits, now you have to be top 3 usually and that is for the SRW fanboys only who are uttelr freaks!!