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SimRaceWay – Mclaren MP4/4 Sets Price Record

SimRaceWay continues to add iconic Mclaren machinery to their online racing title as part of their “Mclaren-Month”.

SimRaceWay continues to add iconic Mclaren machinery to their online racing title as part of their “Mclaren-Month”.

The newest addition is the 1988 Mclaren MP4/4, the turbo-powered car took Ayrton Senna to his first of three Formula One World Championships.

While the MP4/4 has made the history books as one of the most successful F1 cars of all times, it’s presumably the most expensive add-on content ever sold in the sim racing world as SimRaceWay charges members $38 to drive the car.

The base content of SimRaceWay is free for everyone to try, giving players access to the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X as well as Mid Ohio, Infineon Raceway & Zandvoort. Additional content is available for purchase with prices ranging from a few cents to several dollars.

The title puts an emphasis on online racing, using a real-time skill matching system to offer close racing. Like SimRaceWay’s past website that was based on rFactor & other simulations, the new title will again be offering paid online races where players have to pay an entry fee to compete, free online events are available as well.

  • Luke Ridgway

    I dont understand!  Why would anybody spend $38 on that.  Might as well just download a mod for rFactor.

    If they sold the car at $1 im sure they would get at least 38 purchases, which is more than they will currently get.

    • Anonymous

      I would buy rFactor again and get a mod and still probably come out ahead…

      Alex Lloyd liked it in Jalopnik. Wonder how much SRW paid him 😉

      • José Borges

        F1SR offers a 1991 he mod… and the meaning of “offers” is very clear! That price for a 3d model in a world (simracing) is twice a game stock car or race injection or rfactor,  almost as much as rfactor 2 (whole new sim)… 
        Won’t ever be their client!

      • Alejandro Gorgal

         Isn’t their Drive youtube channel sponsored by SRW? Im not going to call bias in the review (because I haven’t tried the car) but Im not sure how fair it is to review an asset from your sponsor, a showcase I can understand, but a review?

      • Anonymous

        I dunno if they own that YouTube channel. However, either Alex Lloyd paid the $38, or they are missing their federally mandated disclaimer that SRW paid for him to test it.

  • kr1nz

    $38???? With $29 i can buy GSC2012 or $15 for NetKarPro… and still have money to buy a drink.You gotta be kidding me.

    • Anonymous

      And people call iRacing expensive at 1/3rd the cost…

      Anyone know of anything the SRW devs do to make this car 3x better than the previous ‘most expensive cars’ title holder?

      • Anonymous

        Just because SRW is absurdly brutally crazy mad expensive doesn’t mean iRacing isn’t expensive 😉
        But in iRacing I can see the money can be worth it with their online racing and content.

      • Anonymous

        I never said iRacing wasn’t expensive 😉

        You’re right that I feel it’s worth that expense, they have access to lots of data and continue to tweak when things aren’t just quite right (V8SC is a recent example using pro driver input with drivers who also sim race and their own race telemetry), I haven’t seen any evidence SRW does anywhere near the same dilligence in their cars. Maybe they do, but I didn’t feel it when I tried it. If not, then it’s more expensive for a worse product… pointless!

  • Guilherme Cramer

    Formula Armaroli mod, thank you very much.

  • Robert Brus

    This indeed is legendary F1 car but 38$ is just too much

  • Wesley M

    realistic pricing? I am quite sure a MP4-26 will sell for more on an auction than this one, not to mention development cost. 

    They are seriously just cashing or they paid way too much for the licenses and have to ask these prices.

    • Matt Orr

       Doubt that. It’s the MP4/4. It’s one of if not the most dominant F1 cars ever – and certainly is in terms of it’s record. Add in Senna’s name… yea… It’s more than a car, it’s a piece of history.

      But a virtual version? lolno. No way any bajillionare would take a MP4/26 over a MP4/4 to sit in their museum looking all pretty and stuff.

      • Wesley M

        Sure thing. I would prefer the 4 too over the 26. But the 4 simply isnt worth more. Not to mention these things can be bought just out of the store. Mostly they are actioned and the price is very variable.

        Really too much to ask 38 dollars for it, I wouldnt even consider buying it for 10 dollar, and no that is not because of their lackluster background, it is because they work isnt worth that amount of money, let alone 38 dollars.

  • Matt Orr



  • F1Racer

    I have never understood the reasoning or logic behind their price structure.  It makes no sense to charge customers for a car based on it’s real world value.  The model isn’t made with that factored in. One car may cost 10x more than another in the real world but it doesn’t translate to 10x more work or 10x more polygons to make the model – or even 10x the quality.  So why 10x the price ?
    $38 for one car compared to what else you can buy in the sim-racing world for that.   rfactor 1 plus all the free mods, including a nice 1998 F1 mod.

    SRW isn’t for me and I know I wouldn’t spend that on a single car.  It’s simply not good value for money.   

    • Anonymous

       I think you wanted to say “a nice 1988 F1 mod”? 😉

      • F1Racer

         LOL. 🙂

    • Anonymous

      It’s simple really, they’re bunch of greedy smartasses who think that people will think “if it’s expensive it must be good”. I would LOVE to see the face of the person who BUYS this though.

    • Brees Foster

      Sorry f1 I didnt see your comment till I posted mine, but I am glad we see it the same way, and those wheels really give away the show.

    • Big Ron

       Also funny: the 3d-model doesn´t even look good enough to be worth 38$

      • F1Racer

         Yeah I didn’t want to comment on the model or renders. Lets say there have been better examples.

  • Skytrill .

    The Koenigsegg CCX “Elite” Edition is selling for 100us on Need for Speed World so it’s not a record.
    I don’t understand such a ridiculous price though.. I’ll be waiting AC instead < 🙂

    • Ricoo

      “in the SIM racing world”… NFS in far from a sim isn’t it?

      • Skytrill .

        And in the SIM world.. is pCARS there? I choosed to name NFS because I believed the subject was more about “ephemeral owning” of virtual cars rather than a debate between the physics of a said game. I didn’t want to insult any sim fan by naming NFS but just though it was good to name an even more absurd price for a virtual car.

      • Ricoo

         Yes for pCARS

  • jswarthoff

    theres something not right about those wheels…

  • Markus Ott

    roflmao, seriously…
    Any informations how often this car was bought after one week plz.

  • Ricoo

    just LOL

  • Alexander Borro

    Madness.  Not only that, If some of these so callled sims could really capture the physics of F1 accurately is another matter :).  We are getting into the price range where it needs to be surpassing other sims, showing us something more revolutionary with an all new dancing technology of some kind. Sorry to be harsh, but whether it costs them that much to cover other costs. so be it, they should simply pass on it.  Who would buy this, god only knows.  If they think this is a viable way of doing business, good luck to them.

    I never intended to sign up to even give it a try, never will, but this is just taking the micky.  Sorry simraceway, but someone needs to have a reality check.  Give us state of the art graphics, revolutionary physics I’d consider it for sure. There are just too many other options out there for much less.

    • Brees Foster

      Oh my goodnes, is this a trick or something, they are simply mad. I can race for free with better looking cars and better feeling cars from the great modders for rfactor, you know the one thats supposed to be dead and under the dirt, but there ares still some great stufff being made for it.

  • OR_Gurdi


  • Marcus Caton

     So pathetic, it’s clear as day the people who are out for the monies trying to take advantage.
    Invest in new technologies try to move Sim Racing forward not trying to peddle off modders work in such a way…. very sad.

    • Brees Foster

      Did I hit the wrong url, and wind up at beany babies heaven? What the hey, I would not pay money for the right to drive an electronic car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Ok, like last time I’m going to go into the how much time it would be to get it by hotlapping as I thought the $20 McLaren was too much. 7600 laps would get you this car which would mean about 15200 minutes of driving 2 minutes laps in Lancer (just let’s say that we’re driving that 15200 minutes without a break and never cut track or pit). Anyone up for about 254 hours of Infeneon? 🙂 (over 10 days of your life would need to disappear to get this one car). I think they thought that because this car is so well known everyone will want it. Wrong I’d more likely go for the formula classic in GSC (I don’t own it, no money to get it really. All saving up for new pedals 🙂 ) as it’s pretty much the exact same car and the only thing that SRW has that GSC doesn’t is the official McLaren paint. I don’t think anyone will buy it as it’s just totally overpriced.

  • spamsac

    Not sure I understand the fury around it. Their pricing structure is quite straight forward and clear to understand.

    Whilst $38 is a lot for a single car and I certainly won’t be paying that, their price structure also offers plenty of cars for just a few cents. If you don’t want to buy it, don’t. If you do, then off you go.

    To those saying no one will pay this and those saying they’re greedy and trying to get rich; which is it? Free to play with plenty of cheap content means many can (and no doubt do) play with a lot of content for not a lot of outlay at all.

    Yes it’s a lot, and yes it’s not for everyone, but so what? What’s the outrage? If their plan and model works for them then good luck to them I say.

    • Anonymous

       Why the outrage? Well they’re trying to sell us something for 38$ when everybody else would probably sell it for 10 times less. I know nobody forces us to buy it but I do not wish with them good luck with this model because if they succeed, other devs could follow.
      We don’t want to pay more for the same thing right?  

      • spamsac

        I think far too often we pay too little.

        People make the point that nKP is 15 Euros. What that says to me is that nKP is far too cheap.

      • Anonymous

        If you feel your 15euro for nkp is too little you can always send them donation as big as you wish. But saying we should all pay more.. strange..

      • spamsac

        I don’t see what is strange in suggesting I think a product like nKP is worth more than 15 Euros.

      • Anonymous

        off topic i know but NKP is fantastic to hot lap, but i’ve never found anyone else online to race 🙁 that for me kills off the excitement and only fire it up now and again!

        Assetto Corsa should be great!

      • Alexander Borro

        I agree that in some cases for sure they deserve more for certain titles, for that matter the average price for many games is too low nowadays and I’d happily pay more for quality, given how developers get rewarded, and the time they put in is well known, but it is what it is, such is the competition nowadays.

        If you want to succeed and sell you can’t suddenly just charge this sort of price unles you can justifiy it versus the quality of product.  In a niche market such as simracing for PC only it is even tougher.  As good as NKPro may be and loved in a small community such as we have here, in the end of the day given its visuals and age, what it offers to the mainstream and attract new buyers, It wouldn’t sell I expect for much more in other markets anyway.

      • Brees Foster

        Hello Mr. Borro  thank you for saying what I could not. I would pay more money for netkar pro, it is one of those sims that makes me work for everything I want out of it and rewards me when I get it right. I will pay for quality, but I will not pay for hype! Pt cruiser anyone?

    • Alexander Borro

      I wouldn’t wish them bad luck at all, but as a business you have to draw a line where you think the quality of what you sell offers enough given the price.  A car for a dollar  or a few dolars given the same tech, fine, no problemo.

      I am pretty sure they will not get wealthy doing this, they are in wrong line of business if they think that, and I am sure they know that… you’d think. I give it the benefit of the doubt that they do it because some people there want to make a sim, offer a service in part because of the love of simracing as well and make a few cents.

      There are perhaps some shareholders behind it all who have unrealistic expectations that want to get their money, without too much regard or caring what it is they are selling, the business tycoons don’t care, a deal is a deal and somehow simraceway got to pay, but that is another story. 

      In the end of the day the pricing structure can make sense to them in terms of covering costs, but for a customer buying games or a subscription service it makes no sense, to me anyway, and for them to believe it will even sell just because it is that car. It is not enough IMO, unless … read what I said in my other post, it should offer something more.

      I rather buy a copy of dirt 2 as was offerred on Steam the other day for 3.75 quid, not a sim, but lots of fun and diversion for a bargain price with lots of content, then I see this the next day, it is not viable business if they want to be competitive against other titles with the hope of selling well enough.    They need to be a bit more realistic in their expectations as to what will sell given what they offer to attract enough new customers.

      We all like a lap in a reasonably priced car, as Clarkson would say 🙂 

      as it is, just by comparison, it buys a large chunk of rF2 already.

  • MosportMike

     What is going on in the sim racing world?  $38 dollars for a car that we all know will drive like a POS?  They are freaking nuts!!    

  • Marco Conti

    Or you can just buy Game Stock Car and get the Formula Armaroli along with the best FFB in the business.

  • Anonymous

    To be clear they are not looking to primarily directly sell these cars they are presenting them as an object of artificial value so that they can then offer them as prizes in competitions.

    By having the car cost $30+ to buy outright makes a user that has won it in a competition or through winning credits feel like they have won something of value. ( and arguably they have)

    The idea is to keep users cash locked into the SRW system and not have people winning real £$ and taking it out of SRW.

    Simraceway doesn’t offer much more than RF1 with average to pore mods , they have a couples of acceptable cars and tracks but nothing special ( when compared to GSC , RF2 , NKP  , i racing) 

    As a free to play product its not bad , but I don’t see much point to bother with it , there is a lack of racing with most people just doing hot laps. 

    If you have spent $100-$250 on a FFB wheel then you are not going to care about spending $17-30 on a full retail product and for that $30 spent on RF2 or NKP for example you are going to get FAR FAR FAR better racing and driving than what you find in SRW.

    If they can do live races for cash prizes  then SRW would be fantastic as that would be  a real USP but as it is the product doesn’t really make much sense , much in the same way that the SRW-S1 wheel makes no real sense for its price point. 

    What I dislike about SRW is the disingenuous advertising , Its relatively hard to take money out of the game if you win it ( not sure if you can win real money any more) but at the same time they still present the winning of cash as a motivation to play. They also try to promote SRW as being a realistic simulator when it cannot hold a candle to games like NKP , GSK, i-racing.

    There promo videos where a designer takes feedback from a real driver and notes it onto a clipboard are so contrived its cringe worthy.

    Many of the tracks in the product are incredibly pore aside from the ones that can already be found in RF1 , mid ohio for example.

    I guess they deserve credit for making RF1 a far more accessible product and the hacking they have done to the engine and interface is quite impressive with the content system working well.

    Like many free to play games I would say Its worth giving a go but not worth spending any money on.

    • Anonymous

      Well said.   Fair but tough.  

  • Josh Desotell

    38$ is way to much. I’ve tried the game…not good

  • Alejandro Gorgal

    What’s so crazy about it is that you’ll pay almost $40 for a car that you’ll probably only use in private practice/time attack sessions since finding a race that’s not the Evo+Infineon combo is almost impossible.

    Crazy when you consider the value you get out of an iRacing car that costs less than half the price.

  • Anonymous

    (edited by moderator) : This kind of writing is completely unacceptable ! Consider this a warning.

    I may not like SRW but if they can attract GT5 and Forza 4 racers plus NFS GRID and those serious arcade racers would be a good thing. If these mentioned titles can end up costing over 150 bucks why can’t SRW which is a much better racing experience why not SRW? Even though SRW is not my thing I wish them all the best and hope you guys can achieve success!

    • Anonymous

      I would argue that SRW is a far worse racing / overall experience than GT5 and Forza and would likely put people off simracing.

      sure Gmoter 2/RF1 physics can be good if done well ( GSC for example) but I think the lack of real time races would simply put people off. 

      SRW is going for a different market  95% of people that play Forza or GT5 would never enjoy sim racing anyway.

      I really don’t know who SRW is for, the core sim race audeance would rather play RF2 , i racing , AC ,GTRevo.   The more casual racers would rather play pCars , Forza , GT5 , Track mania. 

      Sure its free to play but i don’t see how it competes with free to play games like Tribes , TM nations , World of tanks or any of the huge nexon games. 

      If they can focus or have an emphasis on real money cash prizes and live races with cash prizes combined with the content system they have now then I can see it being a huge success as that’s something allot of sim racers would like. It would also attract more casual racers and convince them to spend the hours required in learning tracks and cars. There is also no other product on the market that offers proper sim racing with instant cash prizes. 

      However skill based cash gaming is a very risky enterprise with most services going broke after a couple of years, Bet On Battles, Kwari , for example.

      Skill based cash prise games that tend to be successful are ones that have a very slim and hard to identify skill margin ( poker) or games like counter strike and Quake 3 played in tournament settings / at events.

      I would not write SRW off as a venture as I think there is still room for them to make money from the product as it is now but at the same time I think it likely they will disappear within 4 years.

      It will certainly be interesting to see what happens.

      • Brees Foster

        I tried and didnt like the fact that there is no control over the racing, I am a sim racer and I could not do xbox racing on line, its kiddie like the majority of the time. I will stick with the leagues that I know.

  • Nazirull Safry Paijo

    too expensive

  • Maxim Pautov

    the most beautiful car!

  • Chris Wright

    Game Stock Car 2012 costs less than 30 bucks and offers essentially the same car in Formula Classic, but with stunning physics and sound and a very tweaked version of rFactor. Makes deciding not to buy this grotesquely over-priced MP4/4 very easy I’d say. Laughable pricing.

    Simraceway’s development path appeared supremely flawed before this latest farcical release, witness the paucity of circuits and yet a release of a new car a week, or so it seems.

    Plenty of other more advanced options emerging and therefore plenty of reasons to steer well clear.

    • gecko

      you are right, this car way too expensive, but dont say SRW’s physics were worse than GSC’s, they have very talented people working for them…

  • Philippe Torres

    I prefer my GP4 version, and it will be free 😉

    • Alejandro Gorgal

      Great work, and it also helps to show there’s something definitely wrong with the wheels on the SRW model.

  • Frans Brink

    It´s a free choice…. and thank God for that.

  • Theroro29

    Enter “rfactor formula armaroli” on Google, and have fun 🙂

    • Frans Brink

      Support Reiza and get GSC 2012.

  • Tiago Guerreiro

    Simraceway will die sooner or later, it seems that they are doing like “troika” higher the taxes to pay out their losses, I said since the begining, Simraceway it´s a big fail!!!!

    • steve farrell

       Simraceway is already dying. The last few times I have been on there over the past two weeks most of the races were empty

  • Guy Moulton

    For $2 US more, you can get rFactor 2 which has the 1988 MP4/4.  It won’t be long before every track known to mankind is in rF2 (like rF1).

    • Brees Foster

      I mean really dude I agree with you, I hear so many idiots saying rfactor 1 is dead, well have you seen all the new stuff for this dead game, I have signed into so many forums for it I have lost track, one it is fun, two I can judge for myself if I like a mod, or a track, and if it is good, dog gone garawwwwwnteeed that I find someone racing it. That other people associated with this dead game have given it a new lease on life. There are dedicated people in these forums that make disney land look like  a deserted lot. If you want to make money then give em something that knocks their socks off and keep it current and you will make money. No matter what genre it is. It aint hard it’s simple!

  • Anonymous


    Right – they are thick as sh*t. Absolutely the thickest company ever – when they took over rfactorcentral, they were running simply AWesome competitions, live marshalled sprint races, with prize money for finishing positions – it was some of the most intense gameplay i’ve ever experienced. 

    they called them ‘friday night live’ or something, it was awesome racing. i remember finishing 2nd, stuck to the bumper of the guy in 1st as we crossed the line – he picked up 25 bucks, I picked up 15. i still have the replay i think.

    it was probably the most amazing gameplay of all time, in fact.

    they could have turned that concept into something amazing, instead they’ve ignored all of that, and gone for these pathetic ‘challenges’ or ‘fastest over 5 laps’ and theres hardly anyone playing on it. As well as charging for each car, using a dated rf1 engine. ARE THEY MENTAL?i mean jesus christ. 

    They could so EASILY make it a jump in and play sim, like LFS, it’d be hugely popular. i just dont get what these people are thinking.

  • yorch sincla

    I like Simraceway, i mean the cars and FFB good, sound and graphics are OK (not top but decent, tracks especially), they only lack of proper online racing (i mean race with the people you want and not onlu events), and some car prices are OK too but this price is a nonsense, like the price of the new Mclaren.

    Honestly, i don’t know what they were thinking when setting this price tags, is a comercial suicide…

  • Eric Zehnder

    I think it’s telling how I can’t find any McLaren MP4/4 videos on YouTube. Am I wrong?

    • Alan Dallas

       What? Wasn’t that hard. ->

      • Jason Madigan

        I believe Eric meant the SRW version of the car ingame Alan, not just any old video of the real car (of which there are several thousand on you tube) champ 😉

  • Wesley M

    So where are these 38 cent cars coming? Or does VirtualR only post about these overpriced pieces of crap? 

    I hope montoya does not since that would simply mean that it is all biased and are trying to make SRW look bad by ‘only having overpriced content’. 

    • Anonymous

      Montoya has posted about all the McLarens so far, including the $2.53 M6GT. That he chose to highlight the ridiculous price is hardly a concern he has alone (look at the rest of these comments). He also posted a story about the kart which costs 6 cents, so it isn’t like he’s cherry picking.

      If he were trying to make SRW look bad, why would he keep the blurb in there about cars costing a few cents? What was even the last sub $1 car released, and did anyone care?

      • F1Racer

         If Montoya hadn’t have highlighted it, its guaranteed the people replying here would have anyway 🙂

      • Eric Zehnder

        Exactly. No one cares about an Audi A4 or a BMW 318 being in a game (for example). Cheap or not they’re not exactly desired in racing sims.

        The McLaren MP4/4 is one of the most desired racing cars of all time. SRW partnered with YouTube’s DRIVE channel and Jalopnik by extension. They’re now posting glowing articles on Jalopnik about picking the right sim which just so happens to be SRW.

        $38 is the most any single car has cost in any racing game. It deserves an article.

      • Anonymous

        Not THE most expensive, there was the $100 (or $75 on sale) Koeniggseggiseggisseisegg in Need for Speed…

        I agree the Jalopnik review was REALLY fishy, both of the MP4/4 and of sims in general (Alex Lloyd doesn’t like rFactor but loves SRW? WTF?)

      • Eric Zehnder

        Since when did NFS sell a Koenigsegg add-on car for $100 (real dollars)? I had NFS Shift and it was free with the game…as were all the cars.


      • Anonymous
      • Anonymous

        Like Jalopnik has a clue which sim is right. 

      • Anonymous

        The writer was an IndyCar driver, not one of the regular editors.

        That said, he came off like a paid flunkie writing a puff piece…

    • F1Racer

      Think about it.  It hardly makes sense for a sim racing news site to alienate the very companies that keep it running.  I’m sure I speak for Rob when I say that it would be much preferred if this stuff with Automaniax didn’t exist and they just went on and produced an ace Porsche sim for us.  That SRW didn’t charge what some might consider excessive for a car model,

      It is the comments that follow the article where people determine for themselves if it’s good or bad.  VR didn’t tell SRW how to price their goods or for Automaniax not to pay SMS for stuff they used from them. 

      But its trending now to have accusations of bias everywhere when the news isn’t smelling of roses.

      For me personally, and again I think Rob would be with me on this,  the sim racing community is small and full of passionate and very opinionated people (so I’m no different there 🙂 ).
      It is in all our interests when companies try to develop stuff for our hobby.   We don’t want them to fail, do we ?    We want pCARS to drive as good as it looks, we want rF2 to look as good as it drives.   We want AC to be a Kunos masterpiece.   We want Simbin to blow us away with GTR3.
      It would be great for Automaniax to sort out their stuff with SMS and for SRW to have product we can all use (and afford).   Personally, I might not agree with their pricing structure or the price of this McLaren but that doesn’t mean I have anything against them except a difference of opinion.   I don’t want to hear that they go under.
      Unfortunately there is a lot of ‘biting the hand that feeds it’ in this community.   New stuff comes along and people start spitting venom at it.  SMS/pCARS has had it’s fair share of that to last it a lifetime.  A game that is still being improved and developed every day with a whole years of development to go.  I don’t think it has been given a fair chance.
      Not many things do.  iRacing took a lot of bashing, still does.  rF2 has come in for some.   No sim developer is safe from the brutal no compromise wrath of the sim-racers.  Kunos maybe, but he`s only had nkpro to show off his stuff and that was a limited product despite its great feeling physics.   So yeah there are flaws in everything, its just a question of how tolerant you can be of them.
      Racing games that are not pure sims get the worst treatment. WRC for example.
      Are people expecting it to be a pure sim or judging is if it was meant to be one ?
      We need to understand, we are not a big market. But I digress….

      So really, why would VR want to be biased against anyone ?   To what end ?  There’s no advantage in it.
      Lets use some common sense guys and enough of this bias stuff, ok ?

      • Brees Foster

        I love rfactor, I am not too happy with rf2, but I know that it is in beta, I even paid for it, but I realize that when they tell you that they want your help, one it is a blessing and let’s honor the fact that they ask, I am in an industry where they don’t ask you about anything that would make the job better. But I am the one who directly has to deal with the bad decisions. I feel that if a company like Isi can blow me away with the way the designed Rfactor than they will do the same thing with rf2. If I dont like the this build than I tell them and dont drive it again till the next build. After all all these things are in beta but we get to see them, use them and comment on them.  

    • Boss Player

      wesley stop trolling

      some fools are selling one car for 38 dollars. this is like scandal news. montoya is just doing his work.

  • Justin ForzaBarça Cruze

    “Additional content is available for purchase with prices ranging from a FEW CENTS to several dollars.”

    Sigh. Come on Wesley.

  • Anonymous

    38 dollars!?
    What a joke. Really?

  • Anonymous

    First I tried too defend SRW but this is just too much.

  • Mark

    Do not look decent enough for any price.

  • Eric Razgulayev

    What people are forgetting is that it’s still simraceway beta. They are developing leagues, races. There was already 1 “test” live marshalled race, with prizes.

    • Anonymous

      how does that justify the price?

      • Eric Razgulayev

        It doesn’t justify anything, a price is a price, no need to worry about it if you don’t want to buy it. I can’t see it as a scam, I can buy all F1 cars released so far with just the money that I won playing the game. (not that I will) With the F1 cars, there will be possibility to do even better. And I’m not even a fast driver, 2sec off the pace-ish.

    • Boss Player

      A beta is trying to sell 1 car for 38 bucks.
      Eric wake the **** up this is a scam.

  • Boss Player

    38 dollars LOL just LOL

    simraceway the trolls of sim racing

  • Alan Dallas

    Why would I want to spend that amount of money on a car I already have for free in Formula Armaroli Mod?

    Oh and like someone else already mentioned. for that amount of money I can get into rF2 Beta and it has that car already. Marketing Fail!

    • Marco Hooghuis

      You couldn’t be more correct.

      • Anonymous

        You could.

  • Anonymous

    I haven’t seen any video on someone driving this car.  So, That means that nobody have even bought it yet. lol

    • Anonymous

      I guess noone is crazy enough 🙂

  • Anonymous

    To be fair the model doesnt look that good also. The wheels are very weird.
    Would really like to know why its so expensive. Only thing i can think off is License?
    Just saw they are gonna release the new Mclaren also next week. Very scared for the price of that one also.

  • Anonymous

    funny tyres.  funny story.  funny commentary.  funny internet.

  • spamsac

    People seem to continue to miss the point with this. I’ve not played SRW and am not sure I will, so I’m not “defending” this as a devoted fan, but it irks me to read some of the comments here because it is as though people don’t even try to understand.

    First of all, SRW have a very simple and straight forward pricing structure: cars in game cost 1/100000 of their real world value. That’s it, quite simple.

    I wonder how many people in WOW or other games where real-world money changes hands for virtual goods ask “Why does that sword cost 100 times as much as that one; does it contain 100 times more polygons or take more effort to model or feature real-world physics and laser scanning?”; I’d venture a guess at none.

    $38 is a lot of money for what you are getting here, but as has been pointed out quite clearly by jwjameswest below, these cars aren’t just intended for people to buy up front; they exist as prizes and incentives, and within a virtual world where many cars can be had for tens of cents, a $38 car is certainly going to be a fairly rare “badge of honour”.

    If people don’t think it’s worth it, then fine, don’t buy it. I’m also not saying people shouldn’t say what they think. But why does every discussion have to just be filled with pointless comments and stupid comparisons. Does no-one engage their brain any more? Does no-one actually think beyond their first micro-second reaction and actually pause for a moment to consider context?

    • Anonymous

      People are aware what SRW did to rfc.

      When I wrote to SRW recently asking why their site continued to claim they had “laser-scanned” tracks- when they do not – they asked me to point out where on the site the reference was…..because “it should have been removed”.

      It isn’t difficult to spot such a claim on a single web-page. I can only see their reply as covering for a certain dishonesty.

      A similar sort of manipulative dishonesty is present in SRW’s ownership of RSC – RaceSimCentral. Whilst RSC was once a prominent and respected sim-racing site, no longer: it serves as an un-announced advert for SRW and its products.

      This isn’t the behaviour of a credible and worthwhile endeavour imo. Moreover, what have SRW actually contributed? I can’t see anything – and in that regard they are simply extracting resources from a limited pool which would be much better concentrated on the real players – ISI, iRacing, Kunos.

      At least SMS have advanced visuals by a large degree, if nothing else. What do SRW do?

      OF course, people are entitled to like SRW’s offering, and free to play it, free to spend what they want. But likewise, we’re each free to hold an opinion about it.

  • NPire

    38 bucks??? so santa claus is real??? and “we” did land on the moon??? freaking ridiculous LMFAO