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SimRaceWay – Audi R18 TDI Added

Ignite Skill Gaming has added the Audi R18 TDI to SimRaceWay, selling for $16.

Ignite Skill Gaming has added the newest car to their free-to-play SimRaceWay title as the Audi R18 TDI is now available for purchase.

Audi’s Diesel LMP challenger that won the 12 Hours of Sebring last Saturday isn’t just the newest addition to the gMotor 2-powered title, it’s also by far the most expensive one.

While most add-on cars for SimRaceWay sell for cents or a few dollars, the R18 TDI costs $16 to drive. That makes it more expensive than any content item for iRacing, Junior membership on Project CARS or 20 DLC cars for Forza Motorsport 4.

The base content of SimRaceWay is free for everyone to try, giving players access to the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X as well as Mid Ohio & Zandvoort. Additional content is available for purchase with prices ranging from a few cents to several dollars.

The title puts an emphasis on online racing, using a real-time skill matching system to offer close racing. Like SimRaceWay’s past website that was based on rFactor & other simulations, the new title will again be offering paid online races where players have to pay an entry fee to compete, free online events are available as well.

  • Anonymous

    Wow $16 seems really steep for just one car.

    • Anonymous

      They can’t be serious with that one.. I would *maybe* pay $16 for a whole lemans grid.. but ONE damn car?

      • Tripp

        I pay for a game but i have no clue why all wanna get money all the time for other things it is so CAPITALISM ..
        I do websites free i host servers free it not get in my head that i shall take advanced of things i do over internet and is pc related to get me money why ? why is everyone so greedy and do not do anything for free no more ?

      • Anonymous

         Will you re-do my website for free then ? 🙂

      • Peter Munkholm

        Your obviously not very good then. If you can’t make money on your services, they can’t be very good.

        That would also be what the customer thinks and expects. Expensive products tend to hold more value to the consumer. Be it by quality, entertainment value, longevity, usability or social value.
        Maybe you should consider charging your customers, to at least send a signal, that you are a good webdesigner and can deliver a certain quality of service

      • Tripp

         My services for the moment is that leauges get free server space 10 GB per liga   for download car mods and 1 server to race on capacity is 30 servers aka 30 drivers i set max upload from servers with files on 12 MB/sec  I not called it service because i not need to get pay i like 1 word that words spell FREE im not a greedy  person

      • rui silva

        ” Expensive products tend to hold more value to the consumer … ” Dude what planet are from ??!!?!? ever heard of the Alpha Romeo 166, check the depreciation on that … WAW ! Beautiful car but …

        And btw, Trippy here does have a nice free service, if he doesnt make any money is because he doesnt want to.

      • Philip Samuelson

         As a business owner myself, one thing I was told in the infantile stages of building my brand name was “Never, ever, under any circumstances, work for free. You’re going to get the same amount of bull shit from people either way, you may as well get paid for it.” I am known as the most reasonable, least expensive option in my profession in my county, and I can say for sure that the people I’ve done things for little or no pay have given me the most BS. Paying customers are much easier to deal with.


      • Tripp

         Ja stämmer nog bra det jag är nog motvalls denna jäkla hysteri kallad kapitalism att man vad man än gör
        suktar alla efter pengar /betalning som nu det enda som kostar mig är en dator online 24/7 ska jag få betalt för den lilla el den tar då måste jag ligga pyrt till i ekonomin
        Jag gillar att ge istället för att suga ut korv ören från folk.
        Jag har hört många säga men ta betalt för det du gör skulle man kunna göra men inget jag tycker om man gör tjänster och gentjänster fungerar bättre men det är min personliga åsikt.

        “Paying customers are much easier to deal with” true

      • Anonymous

        Not saying they should make it for free. I simply think they’re not going to make much money this way because the price is absurd. There is such thing as price equilibrium. If you sell it cheaper you’ll make less but if you sell it for more than that you’ll also make less because only very few people will be willing to pay that price. I bought rF1, beta rF2, gpl, rbr…. but I would rather flush those $16 in toilet than give it to them for a R18 🙂

  • Matt Orr

    Oh man, the comments section in here could get really crazy. Impending doom I feel. lol

    $16. For that.

    In that.

    Well, gotta make a profit somehow, can’t blame em.

    • Anonymous

      Can’t make a profit from something nobody’s gonna buy :/

  • Anonymous

    Crikey.    As the French say, ‘Fat squirrels never count their nuts’

    (Le grande squirrele counte pas des nuts)

  • Anonymous

    if they at least had laser scanned tracks and cars while using rF2 engine it would make some sense but common this is ridiculous! 

    • Anonymous

       Isn’t this sim based on rF1 ?

    • Alex White

      Its the rFactor 1 engine, and thats not laser scanned. .. .Partly because its converted from GTR2.

  • General Rush Hour

    Game developers gets licenses like it´s nothing but iRacing seems to be the only one having trouble doing so. 

    Thank god for Assetto Corsa.

    • Anonymous

      Not only iRacing, there isn’t a real car or track in pCars.

      • Firefox

        Huh? How do you mean?

      • Danny Bouwes

        All the cars in PCars are fake. Sure, they look identical to the Audi R18, DTM or whatever. But most aren’t licensed and have different namen and small details for that reason.
        But I believe they are planning on licensing them all though.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, that’s a good point, how much knowledge do they have of the car’s internals (suspension geometry, engine dyno data, aero package, etc) at this point? It isn’t like that’s stuff race teams give away easily. Did they get info early with the details of the license to be worked out later, or are they using a best guess currently?

      • General Rush Hour

        The whole game is “best guess” in everything they have done. 

        Tracks, cars, physics. 

        It´s NFS with DX11 graphics.

      • Alex White

        Right, fine. How do you know that the physics in rFactor are not ‘Best guess’? 

      • General Rush Hour

        I assume Rfactor with their expertise in motor racing actually gathered real data from cars and not just tapped in some numbers like Pcars do. 

      • Anonymous

        Not true. The Atoms, Caterham, Gumpert, BAC Mono are licensed. The Classic Lotuses will be. 
        It’s early days, licenses just aren’t sorted yet.

  • Danny Bouwes

    16 bucks and it looks like that! And you don’t get a full season and community with it, like you do with iRacing. And iRacing I find, is still expensive.

    This has to be the simracing joke of the year.

  • Mark

    Duplicate deleted…

  • Richard Hessels

    I guess the official licensing price for such a car is just really high.

    As the Palatov only cost $ 1.50

    Now we know why iRacing has a lot of “B-class”cars.

    • Anonymous

      the B class cars are the best in iRacing the rookie and D class must have paid iracing to add them! 

      • Richard Hessels

        With B class i don’t mean the B class cars from iRacing.

        I mean there are no A class brands like Ferrari, Porsche, Audi or BMW cars in iRacing.
        Only the less high profile cars are licensed for iRacing.

        BTW.. i “own” all road content for iRacing.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, the SRW McLaren GT3 is $4.32, if that tells you anything how much more expensive an Audi license must be.

        That said, I would consider the classic Lotus cars, the Corvette GT1, and the HPD LMP2 to be top-tier brands. They may not be exclusive and charge top dollar, but they aren’t also-rans.

      • Anonymous

        The B class cars are the most prestigious, but the D class and rookie cars are more popular. The Miata and Skip Barber F2000 are the most unsexy cars, but they’re incredibly popular because they’re easy to race. The Lotus 79 is one of the most sexy F1 cars of all time, but fewer people drive it on any given week than the Pontiac Solstice. The Spec Racer Ford (my personal favorite) gets more drivers in a week than any of the Le Mans cars except the fixed setup LMP. The open setup IndyCar series gets fewer drivers than the VW Jetta!

        Sexy cars do not always translate into fun to race sim cars. Most of us only have club level talent, so the club level cars are the ones we can actually have close races in, rather than back-marking 7 seconds off the pace in an F1 car we can barely keep on the track.

  • Tripp

    SimRaceWay i understand if a game provider that makes game wanna have pay but for each car also ? 12/3/2012 was this car possible download free on a site so why wanna get money now ?

    • Richard Hessels

      You can also earn the car, by just making laps.

      Than the Audi costs 16.000 credits.

  • Steve Farrell

    I got fedup of this sim. When racing online you have three different dificulty levels and with each dificulty level you get a different track and car combo. You cant chose which track to race online on and which car you want to race with. Whats the point of having all those cars and tracks when most of them can only be used in practice.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve never seen an Audi jump the shark

    ….until now.  

  • Anonymous

    I bet Simraceway visits that certain site alot of the rF community visits too, to get that dangerous stuff. And at the same time! I can admit that it is a goldmine, but the gold is so witheringly tainted.  People doubted the origins of their content at the start, I’m afraid it looks like it happened again.

  • Tomasz Kubiak

    All the cars at SimRaceway costs 1/100000 of their real-world value. LMP1 cars are super expensive so they are expensive also in game.

    • Tripp

       what you talk about? has simraceway realease a own game ? i maybe is late updated ?

    • Anonymous

      That can’t be the case. The Audi R15 is $0.43, and there is no way it costs as much in reality as a VW GTI.

      • Tomasz Kubiak

        There’s no R15 in the game. It was during beta stage but it hasn’t been released to the final game yet.

        And look at this post at SRW blog: “And, remember, our transparent pricing policy, which lists cars at 1/100,000 of their real-world value”

      • Big Ron

         What a crapy pricing policy is that, please? That is pure rip off without any big efforts.

      • Anonymous

        Big Ron you want free? Get a job and save some money! If you don’t like it get the F off no one is forcing you to buy anything. I own 100% iRacing content that’s over 1k and it’s not a rip off I supperted Game Stock Car, pCARS, rF1 rF2, Simbin, GTR2 and will support SRW if I feel like oops I already did when they first started I paid something like 50 bucks good for them and some others I can’t remember right now I guess you stole all these titles btw you are the one ripping people off! what a jerk!

      • Big Ron

        I want nothing free, I even wouldn´t think about playing such a game, where one car costs $16. That´s fucking idiotic.

        I just buy packages and boxed games and don´t waste my money on “free to play” games, where collecting content costs more than the game is worth alone.

      • Anonymous

         Calm it down guys and cut out the insults and profanity.

      • Anonymous

        Dammit, clicked ‘like’ instead of reply.

      • Anonymous

        Thanks for the link, didn’t realize that pricing info was out of date.

      • Wesley M

        Hmm and then we thought iRacing was expensive. Based on content we would get 3 dollar per car minimum, that’s just too much

  • Boss Player

    Strange coincidence Sandrox converted an R18 from pCars to rFactor recently, and now Simraceway, a couple of weeks later try to sell an R18 for 16 bucks! LOL
    Oh and this is supposed to be a “free 2 play” game?
    Not to mention the Mclaren MP4-12C GT3 is IDENTICAL to Shift 2 version…. and not to mention what happen’d with simraceway back in the days…………………….

    • Alex White

      It does look like they are going round stealing content from pretty much any game. throwing it in an old engine… Then adding some crappy physics and selling them at insane prices.

    • Gerald

      Can anyone confirm this is the same as the sandrox conversion? The pics and videos are too blurry.

    • Anonymous

      Again someone should get his facts straight before posting. People really should find some evidence if there are some stolen models there or not. Now what I see is that people are just presuming that they steal everything.

      • Boss Player

        yeah yeah I bet we’ll find in simraceway whatever car Sandrox will convert to rfactor. LMAO

        These guys were SELLING rfactor mods made back in the days. We don’t forget things.

      • VK

        Here’s some evidence for you.  Compare the SRW version of Mid-Ohio with Virtua_LM’s version.  The GDB, SCN, TDF, and CAM files are nearly identical.  The SCN file has some of the same lines commented out in them.  The CAM file even has cameras named VLMCAMAxx.

        Some examples :

        FogMode=LINEAR FogIn=(200.00) FogOut=(4000.00) FogDensity=(0.20) FogColor=(190, 198, 213)
        //FogMode=LINEAR FogIn=(2000.00) FogOut=(4000.00) FogDensity=(0.20) FogColor=(190, 198, 213)

        //  MeshFile=TRACK_CORIDOR_WALLS.gmt CollTarget=True HATTarget=True

        //  Latitude = 49.1           // degs from Equator (range: -90 to 90)
          Latitude = 35           // degs from Equator (range: -90 to 90)


        You can find these exact lines in both versions of the course and we all know which one came first.  I could go on but I think that illustrates the point.  I am not claiming the textures and meshes are ripped but the text files DEFINITELY were.

        If you are going to run a commercial enterprise you should damned well do your own work and not rip it off from freeware modders.  Don’t get your knickers in a twist if you find your stuff popping up in other games either.

        (some lines shortened to fit the page)

      • Brandon Warren

        SRW also stole Race Departments catch phrase :). 

  • Anonymous

    Pathetic.. $16 for that ?  Can you actually race against others ?  Their business model is just flat out dumb.. Let’s take a dated gaming engine and try to pretend we’re being innovative..  Why would anyone want to run at SRW when you can race Sim Bin titles and rF1 for practically nothing and have better content.

    Just goes to show.. Money doesn’t equate to a quality product when the people with the money have no clue how to spend it.  They got how much to fund this title ? 7 plus million ? Come on guys, build a new gaming engine with that money..

    • Anonymous

      Yeah it’s a complete joke, let’s just laugh at them .)

    • Gerald

      Well they gotta pay for all the coke and whores somehow.

  • Marco Conti

    Frankly, I wouldn’t care to pay $16 for this or any car if SRW organized a weekly race resembling RL leMans with 40 cars fields, driver swaps, etc. 
    Many of the criticism I see I do not share, or at least it’s not as important to me. This is entertainment and as long as it doesn’t involve illegal activity, they are free to offer a product and we are free to buy it or not.

    Unfortunately, whenever I visit SRW the servers display around 30 people online but only 3 or 4 scattered around the various Hot Lap competitions. 
    That’s just not enough for me to stick around for long and certainly doesn’t justify spending $16 on a car for which at the moment there is not a single race available and when one is offered very likely it will be a Hot Lap competition.

  • Robert Every

    Remember who the guy who runs this site works for guys.

    That’s all I will say, I have the car and it cost me nothing.

    • Ricoo

       With an insane number of laps it’s possible. 🙂

  • Arnold Carter Kingpong Wong

    This so-called game company is completely a joke, so it’s not surprising they
    are not being logical at all………

    • Boss Player

      You know how they “works”. Keep an eye on them I’ll not be surprised they’ll try to add some of your WSGT2 models in simraceway and claim it’s “their” stuff….