The SimPit – The Pursuit of Speed

Shaun Cole of The SimPit has started a new video series called “The Pursuit of Speed”, giving sim racers ideas on how to improve their on-track performance.

In this episode, Shaun takes a close look at his iRacing lap times, trying to analyze how and where exactly he’s been losing time compared to the fast drivers, trying to identify the areas to improve.

  • Ross McGregor

    Nice vid, very helpful!

  • Pointby

    Very illuminating to show it like that. It’s the little things. In the real world it’s much easier to run the outside edges and use the whole track. Takes more practice in sim racing, imho.

  • Patrik Marek

    nice vid! it’s all about those lines sadly , that’s first way how to imrpove. Changing car setup comes after that

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