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Simcraft APEX3 GT Simulator – Video

Simcraft had a presence at the SEMA Tuning Show in Las Vegas recently, showing off their mighty impressive APEX3 Motion Simulator.

Simcraft had a presence at the SEMA Tuning Show in Las Vegas recently, showing off their mighty impressive APEX3 Motion Simulator.

Below is a video of the simulator in action with iRacing. Unfortunately, this type of  professional gear is out of this world for regular sim racers as the rig shown off in the video sells for $63,500.

Simcraft does have a few more “budget” options available including kits for DIY users, check out their website for more.

  • kai modmate

    If your are just a tiny bit into Motion rig buiding you`ll know for sure that this price is absolutely BS! Even if you use the highest quality standard you can build that thing for less then 7000$ 100%.

    • Richard Hessels

      But would you sell it for 7000,- after you spend countless hours building and tweaking it? Next to that you need a full bodied workshop to your disposal.
      This is made for proffesional companies/racing teams.
      They don’t have time to construct these projects themselfs but money enough to order a setup like this.
      These setups are more rare than a Lamborchini, hence the price.

      • kai modmate

        Well i wouldnt sell it for 60K for sure thats absolutely BS. Somewhat like 12-15k would be way enough for it.

      • StarFoXySxv550

        If you don’t mark up your products by at least 200%, you’re not really a businessperson. 😉

      • David Dominguez Olaondo

        If you can’t sell your product, you will have to close your b

      • Laurent Cortier

        For starters, and then try to find 6 fast and precise pneumatic actuators (for 3DOF) + all the electronics, the 3 very flat screens, etc…
        Without even counting the R&D and the work hours (hardware + software), no way you could sell that for less than 50K and still make some money for your hard work…
        As much as I’d like to be able to build such a rig in my garage, one’s gotta stay realistic 😉

      • kai modmate

        You have NO clue about motion rigs it seems. Sure the Actuators and electronics are expensive but seriously not as a porsche!!!

      • F1Racer

        Be nice kai.

      • kai modmate

        Sure, sorry if that went wrong, wasnt meant offense.

      • Laurent Cortier

        Actually, kai, I do have a clue as I built one myself…
        It wasn’t a full 3DOF, just a 2DOF, but it costed me a good 10.000€ plus 6 months of R&D (full time). I wouldn’t sell it for less than 20.000€. Granted, it was a one shot, but still… 63000$ for this full motion rig isn’t unreasonable.
        But don’t believe me, make your own research and you’ll see.
        BTW, a Porsche is only “cheap” because it is mass produced… You can’t compare that to custom shop…

  • Eric Zehnder

    I could buy several track day cars and a year’s supply of track day tires for that price. This doesn’t make any sense.

    I don’t just mean a used Miata, guys. I mean real ass race cars. You can buy used Formula and LMP-style cars for less than that price.

    • StarFoXySxv550

      Yeah, true. But you’d need to leave the house to use any of those. Besides, people that are in the market for this and maybe own one, probably own one or all of your suggestions already too.

      • Eric Zehnder

        Perhaps. Damon Hill was on Top Gear once and said he drove some kind of econobox because he already gets the real thing how/when/where he wanted it. I believe Rubens Barichello has said the same thing. I think if I had $63k to blow on something like this my real world driving would keep me with a sub-$1k rig for gaming.

  • Chris Wright

    As this kind of technology progresses, so the price will drop significantly.

  • GamerMuscle

    At this point in time I would wager that the only thing worth spending real hard cash on is an industrial servo FFB wheel ( Like the one Niels Heusinkveld and pro sims use ) , some large screens and a semi decent pc to run it all.

    If you are getting above 40k you might as well be racing a track day car like a radical as its going to offer an experiences incomparable to sim-racing.

    The project in the video does not even seem that innovative.

    I’m all for the crazy home brew motion simulations regardless of how well they work and on the other end of the scale the 250k + motion rigs in development are also fascinating.

    This on the other hand looks for the most part to be a cash in on people that have not done research and will part with there money easily.

    At least the general set-up of the device is good its just the price that’s questionable.

    • Dani .

      I have seen a 250 pounds track day. 20 minutes with a Radical in short Silverstone not 3k!! Unfortunately, the offer isn’t now on the shop, but it was. Anyway, i live in Spain, and i was near traveling there only for that, but i could not. They have good offers, in England. In germany you can pay for high power cars in the nurburgring, and theyre not so expensive too.

      Example: Renault Clio sport cup, 375€, 6laps in nurbugring (fuel and ticket included) 1 hour at full throttle.–services/race-car-rentals