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Simbin & SMS – Trouble Brewing

Simbin & SMS – Trouble Brewing

Earlier today, Simbin has announced to consider taking legal actions against Slightly Mad Studios due to misleading claims in SMS & EA’s announcements about the new Need for Speed title:

“SimBin is taking legal advice and considering to also take legal actions against Slightly Mad Studios, as a result of certain statements made by Slightly Mad Studios that we find to be incorrect, misleading and has a negative impact on our reputation as well as business negotiations,” said Magnus Ling, Executive Vice President at SimBin Studios AB.

These potential actions are a result of Slightly Mad Studios and EA’s announcement of a cooperation where SimBin games are referred to by Slightly Mad Studios in a misleading way.

Back in January, Slighly Mad Studios accquired Blimey! Games which was founded by former Simbin employees and formally owned by now bancrupt publisher 10tacle.

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