Sim Racing Review – Xlerator Wheel Stand Review

The guys at SimRacingReview have added a new video to their Youtube channel, reviewing a new sim rig.

This time, Doug Meyer takes a close look at the Xlerator wheel stand for an initial review.

As usual with SimRacingReview, Doug will probably get back to this one later, sharing his long-term impressions as well.

  • Guest

    Good to see you continuing the good work Doug. It is nice to see a legitimate sim video show.

    • PetrolheadDen

      heh, I wasn’t logged in. Any way, It is good to see you doing well and also nice to see a video show where the people in charge don’t have delusions of being “celebrities.”

      • F1Racer

        Always have to have a little bit of controversy in there eh ?

  • Anonymous

    Hey! Wait a minute…..I’m not a celeb? Oh no! I’m crushed 😉

    • PetrolheadDen

      Okay, okay, maybe a leeetle bit…lol.

      • Anonymous

        Well, I’m buying a bigger hat anyway…..just in case 😉

  • Anonymous

    someone needs to get this man a wheelstandpro

  • Unian

    Is this US only? That’s disappointing, for the price it’s a great product.

  • Iracer

    Love your reviews Doug

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