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The guys at SimRacingReview have added a new video to their Youtube channel, sharing a new product review with us.

The guys at SimRacingReview have added a new video to their Youtube channel, sharing a new product review with us.

This time, Doug Meyer takes a closer look at Simbin’s portfolio of racing sims. Even though these aren’t exactly the freshest titles on the market, Doug explains in detail whileS Simbin’s long-running community favorites still offer a good bang for the buck.

  • Anonymous

    Doug, stop reviewing sim titles! Just because you like the sound of your own voice does not make you right. Your rFactor review was bad enough! Just because you play iRacing doesn’t make you an expert!

    • PetrolheadDen

      It doesn’t make Darin “DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM!!??!!, I’m an online celebrity!!!” Gangi an expert either. I’d rather hear Doug’s opinion myself.

      • Anonymous


      • PetrolheadDen

        I like you.

      • Darin Gangi

        Yep that’s me.. LOL.. Thanks for bringing me into the mix yet again. You referring to that out of context crap from like 3 years ago? Never claimed to be an expert or celebrity dude. Just a sim racer that made a show with a sim racing buddy..

  • hubbabubba

    pretty meaningless review :-/

    to start with he chooses the badest of ALL simbin title and then he compares it to I Racing (putting between the lines that all the simbin games are inferior to in all fronts except sounds)

    RAce 07 is a bad byproduct of GTR2 huge success nothing more

    Dont forget GTR2 was the driving game of the year when it cam out.

    AS a pc reviewer wrote : he got car sick 😛 PC

    • Anonymous

      Race Pro was worse 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Hope GTR3 will be of the same calibre.

  • zerez86

    If you like S2000 touring cars like in WTCC and if you want to have a competitive and constant ai that actually tries to overtake you Race07 is still the best choice. Maybe there are other sims like GSC that have better graphics and/or physics but I just can’t have fun with the rfactor ai just sitting behind you on the straights and not trying to overtake even if they are much faster. As long as there is no better alternative for offline racing I will stay with Race07 and will continue creating tracks for it to keep it alive.

  • GamerMuscle

    i racing might have allot of complexity , laser scanned tracks and its own advance tire model.

    But in many ways both have there fair share of problems and benefits when it comes to how realistic each game is.

    – GTRevo the cars are some what sluggish and tend to bog down allot

    – i racing the cars can get into uncontrollable and unpredictable tank slappers when the same would not happen with a real car.

    -GTRevo has low polly tracks

    – i racing has laser scanned tracks

    – GTRevo allows a decent amount of contact taking a reolistc amount of damage in multi player

    – i racing cars damage in strange ways and fly off the track losing grip from a tiny bump

    We also have to remeber that GTRE/race07 is also quite old now and for the original £24 I paid years ago I still have a game that you can get good solid on-line racing from now where as i racing demands a monthly payment and payments for cars and tracks.

    Seeing GTRE as being more about fun than realism and not as realistic as i racing I think is missing the point as like I said above both games have holes in the physics and both games have problems and features that are not shared by each other.

    This whole X game is all about fun and Y game is all about being serous, or X game is worth more of my time than Y game , is more a Physiological aspect of how a player approaches anything and probably comes
    from how the games are marketed rather than the raw intrinsic aspects of the games themselves.

  • Darin Gangi

    Curious your name on iRacing Doug ? I’ve looked you up to see if I can meet you on the track sometime and check out your stats. There’s no Doug Meyer in iRacing.

    • Race it!

      actually there was a guy with last name meyer that ran a real life race school that was on iracing forum boards. can’t remember the 1st name. Been a few years since I raced at irip off.

      Maybe before you defend iracing you should list your iracing ad revenue, it might clear some issues up. 🙂

      Keep up the videos doug some of us enjoy them. I agree with your comments on the race series games. You can buy them all for the cost of about 2 iracing tracks
      and mods and tracks galore. Good Luck.

  • Guy Moulton

    One thing everyone is missing is that iracing hs no weather, rfactor1 has no weather, AC won’t have weather for at least a year after release. You can’t separate weather from racing and call your game a sim. The Race 07 titles (in case anyone doesn’t know the name of the sims he reviewed) have rain and damn good rain physics at that. I often hear guys say that like it to be as real as possible then they won’t touch a race in the rain! You want a tough race? You should have tried my league’s 90 min multi-class St. Petersburg race with scripted weather and a downpour halfway through. Trying to control an Audi R15 or a GT3 car in that mess was a SIM. Let’s see iRacing do that.