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Sim Racing Review – Managing rFactor Mods

The guys at SimRacingReview have added a new video to their increasingly-popular Youtube channel, giving plenty of helpful tips for new & veteran sim racers.

The guys at SimRacingReview have added a new video to their increasingly-popular  Youtube channel, giving plenty of helpful tips for new & veteran sim racers.

This week, Doug shows how to cope with lots of different rFactor mods by setting up separate folders to manage them.

  • Jeroen de Wit

    You can even set your tracks in a seperate folder to save some disk space.
    You have to setup 1 rFactor installation with all your personal settings (wheel, graphics etc.) so this creates a PLR file in the UserData folder with your profiles name.
    You can edit this PLR file with Notepad, inside there’s a line which refers to a folder that is used for the the tracks (gamedatalocation). Change this value to a new rF installation which has only all your tracks in i. Thent you can simply copy/paste your UserData folder to your other stand-alone installations without the need to copy all your tracks anymore.
    Saves quiet alot of disk space if you have a lot of tracks!

    • Wayne Reed

      I was about to say the same thing lol

    • Mick Martin

      This is not done through the PLR
      Firstly you must make a separate folder for all your locations, ie. C:Locations. you then need to edit the config file for the new install to point rFactor to that folder for its locations. you will also need to move all your rFactor tracks to this “locations” folder.

      The file can be found here or wherever you installed rFactor, in the root you will find>
      C:program filesrFactorconfig.ini, open this file with notepad
      The line you want would be: TracksDir=GAMEDATALOCATIONS
      Change “GAMEDATALOCATIONS” to TracksDir=C:Locations  not forgetting the trailing slash.

      Hope this helps to clear up any confusion.
      Not a very good or complete video from “Sim Racing Review” thumbs down!

      • Anonymous

        I wrote this guy off a long time ago. It’s obvious he doesn’t have a clue. He says he was on iRacing, yet his name isn’t listed there. Tried to look up his stats and no Doug Meyer. Look at all the gear he has laying around. Does he even race with any of it? Funny that he has a small PC monitor sitting in front of that big LCD that he could hook the PC into. Only thing I’ve seen him actually drive was GT5. 

        Now tips on managing rFactor mods?? lol.. Did he actually drive any of them?  Doug if you read this. Don’t pretend to know what you’re talking about. Let us know when you sign up on iRacing for real so we can track your career. Put your money where your mouth is and lets see some driving. More game play, less Doug please. 

  • Marco Conti

    I use Simlinks for my tracks folder and for any folder that is the same in every installation. It allows me to have multiple rFactor installations while having my locations and my PLR file for all of them. Savong not only disk space but also keeping the same settings across of all them. Search for “Symlinks”. They are like an alias on steroids.

    • Mick Martin

      More software = more problems
      Use the config file in the root of rFactor installation to achieve the same result without 3rd party softs.

  • Paul Mullins

    Sponsored by Fanatec now?

  • Anonymous

    I think Doug should have an episode about car setups. That would be helpfull for beginners before installing too much mods.

    • Anonymous

      I think Doug should go back to ATVs

  • Adam Dingle

    I don’t want to be too down on this video, as most of the time the sentiment is there and the idea is right.  However, ‘newbie’ advice or not, copy and paste you tracks into the new rf install?  What sort of advice is that?  First rule of mutliple installs has to be to set the config.ini to a single folder surely.  Who wants a 100G+ wasted on repeat files.  Got to agree with the comments below, not a great video