Sim Racing Garage – DSD Sequential Shifter Review

Barry Rowland of the Sim Racing Garage has released a new video review, checking out Derek Speare Design’s Short Throw Pro Sequential.

Barry’s in-depth review does not just include putting the shifter through a proper test but also comes with a full dismantle of the whole unit.

The shifter sells for $189.75 and is available both with a straight and bent shifting shaft. More info on the device can be found here.

  • Chris Wright

    No matter how much I love this hobby, I ain’t wearing racing gloves, lol, lest Mrs Wright should commit me to the funny farm even earlier than anticipated :-))

    Come to think of it, I’d better not speed it up even further by letting her know that I just spent 18 minutes and 38 seconds of my life watching the dissection of a sequential sim shifter :-)))

  • thierry

    USD 189 for a diy assembled with threaded rods? It would have been better that it not be disassembled to keep a bit of credibility.
    I think that to dismount and disclose the operation of devices that a person has developed is simply scandalous. This Mr. Barry is a man that is prided themselves with the work of others.
    It is distressing, how can we bear that it flouts the technique and that it encouraged to hack their work.

    • RichardHessels

      Start making one yourself.. You will find out by the time you have made and working it like the original DSD you probably would spend quite a lot of money and a whole lot of time to come up with the same quality and finish of the product. Take any product apart till the the last part and you be amazed how much “standard” stuff is in there. It’s the basic design, exact sizing en fitting of those part that make it. Not the parts itself.

    • Chris Wright

      I’d hazard a guess that Mr Spears had full knowledge of said dissection when he sent this gentleman a review model.

      And, hey, if the price hurts don’t buy it 🙂

    • JamesonDuvel

      that’s quite a rant for what seems to be no real substance…

  • coops17

    i have 1 in pieces if some1 wants to buy and put back together. i cant as only have use of 1 hand but its all there and would work just needs wires reconnected.

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