Silverstone for rFactor – New Progress Video

WHAT21A has released a new progress video of his Silverstone track project for rFactor.

Made as part of an university project, the track will not just be coming to rFactor but also be converted to rFactor 2 later on.

The new progress video below shows plenty of recently-added details such as grandstands, road & grass textures, markings and a freshly modeled infield area.

Furthermore, we also get to check out the first pass of the AIW working as the car is taking us for a lap around the track.

  • Anonymous

    Looks a little bit flat to me.

    • Arie Beuker, de

      I didnt notice that, but i think you are right. Silv has some elevation, but that is badly visible on tv. Apart from that, i liked it.

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