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Shelby Cobra for Assetto Corsa – Preview Video

the_meco & Pankykapus have released a preview video of his upcoming Shelby Cobra mod for Assetto Corsa.

the_meco & Pankykapus have released a preview video of his upcoming Shelby Cobra mod for Assetto Corsa.

What started out “just” as great-looking renders of a car has blossomed into a very promising mod as the video below shows, showing off a quality addition to Assetto Corsa.

The iconic sports car will come in three different versions, including the 427 street car, the S/C version featuring a NASCAR competition engine and vintage racing tires as well as the S1 version with better brakes, a five-speed gearbox and stiffer suspension.

To follow the car’s development step by step, make sure to check out the past stories on the Cobra.

  • ftrracingtv

    He also said there will be 3 cars coming today

    “Also current cars that are included are the 427, so the street car,
    lower power, softer suspension street tyres. There 427 S/C with the more
    powerful engine from the completion cars (originally a NASCAR engine),
    which includes longer gear ratios performance tyres and 1960’s vintage
    Goodyear racing tyres courtesy of Aris. And lastly the S1 version which
    is similar to a modern replica, powerful engine, stiffer suspension,
    better brakes 5 speed gearbox etc. Our plan is to later include the
    competition model, but that will be a fair bit down the line.”

    • MontoyaVR

      Ah, interesting. Added in 🙂

  • Roger Wallentin

    WOW!!! That looks absolutely stunning, equal quality to Kunos own content!!

    Hope you nail the physics and sounds as well and you have an absolute winner here!!

    Well done!!

  • Wilsch

    If they do nail the physics and the sounds this might become my favourite car to drive, after the F40 ofcourse…

  • melanieuk1

    Release should be soon(TM) hopefully later on this evening UK time.

    Quote”Hey, I’m glad to see people as excited as I am, it’s been a long time
    coming. I thought I would offer more info on our current plan to
    release. So in the UK is around 10:30 am now. Both @pankykapus
    and me have a busy day, so realistically it’s going to be around 7-8 pm
    we are aiming for. We should be able to hit this as long as there are
    no issues” End Of Quote.

    The quality of scratch made mods coming out for assetto corsa is looking promising, I can see content creators forming a new software company in the future a bit like 2pez, reiza, sinbin.

    • KittX

      I’m a little worried if so, since they didn’t show the sounds in this preview vid.
      Well, maybe they will add the sounds later, who knows.

      • melanieuk1

        Nothing to worry about, what ever the sounds will sound like now, will have to change in coming months once the Sim engine upgrades to fmod.

  • Marcel

    That’s great, can’t wait to test this car, looks stunning.

  • RichardHessels

    Looks very promising.. the detail is stunning.
    The dashboard could use a bit of ambient occlusion on the texture. The dials and knobs almost seem to float on the leather.

    • KittX

      Just wanted to type the same, but then I’ve seen each dial and knob has its own dynamic shadow in proper cockpit view, later in this video.

      • RichardHessels

        Still a bit of ambient occlusion would make them connect more with the dashboard.

      • KittX




  • Blatant Abuse

    That looks fantastic. Can’t wait to drive it.

  • vilivili

    looks like v0.1 is out

  • melanieuk1

    It’s released, and feedback on the official AC forums are amazing.

    Released Version 0.1
    Created by



    Known Issues

    All cars are highest LOD WARNING may cause performance issues on lower end systems

    Fuel Consumption not yet set

    Damper setting still under development

    Some graphical detail are still WIP

    Sounds are placeholders and will be updated in the future

    Special Thanks

    Aristotelis for tyre models and guidance

    The sim racing community for their help and support


    Current audio samples from