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Rubens Barrichello is an avid Sim Racer

Rubens Barrichello is an avid Sim Racer

Regular VirtualR readers often get to see stories on Formula One drivers in simulators, trying out various simulation titles. While these things are often part of promo events, there are some professional drivers out there who truly enjoy sim racing in their past time.

Following the video of Felipe Massa racing in Game Stock Car, here’s more from Brazil as Rubens Barrichello seems to be spending lots of time with virtual driving. A month ago, Barrichello tweeted a screenshot of his personal livery in Game Stock car that you can see below.

The F1 ace isn’t just focusing on Brazilian racing though as a Q&A session on the Williams F1 website reveals that he’s also using sim racing to compete in Swedish touring cars using STCC – The Game 2, racing against other professionals including Felipe Massa.

What have you been up to since Spa?
RB: I’ve been mucking about on the internet. I won my first virtual race, called STCC2 – Swedish Touring Cars. I’ve done four races now and I’m leading the championship. It’s so professional and the set-up is so complicated that I don’t think a normal person would be able to do it. There are 65 of us in the championship and I’m racing against many of the guys who race stock cars in Brazil, and Felipe [Massa] as well.

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