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RSRBR 2013 – Released

Following their successful 2010, 2011 & 2012 versions, Rallysim has released the 2013 edition of their popular RSRBR mod for Richard Burns Rally.

Following their successful 2010, 2011 & 2012 versions, Rallysim has released the 2013 edition of their popular RSRBR mod for Richard Burns Rally.

As with past versions, the 2013 edition is single-handedly keeping Richard Burns Rally alive, equipping the title that was released back in 2005 with an endless stream of cars, stages and other improvements.


RSCenter 2013 : 
– New interface multi windows
– New management of the grips of the tracks
– New management of the conditions weather
– Possibilities of recording several profiles of player on the same PC

Tracks : 
Original format of RBR :
– Bergheim v1.1 by GermanGarage
– Sieversdorf v1.1 by GermanGarage
– Humalamäki reverse by SavoStageTeam
– Gran Canaria ROC 2000 by Hlavi, atiwrc, Tibi
– Akagi II by eno72
– Sweet Lamb II by eno72
– Stryckovy-Zadni by Vaclav Sourek
– Osli-Stryckovy by Vaclav Sourek
– Hradek 1 by Vaclav Sourek
– Hradek 2 by Vaclav Sourek
– Liptakov 1 by Vaclav Sourek
– Liptakov 2 by Vaclav Sourek
Packs BTB :
– Pack_BTBArgentina
– Pack_BTB_Italy
– Pack_BTBPortugal
– Multiple additions in other packs

Cars : 
– Ford Puma (A6K_3) by Body
– Opel Corsa s2000 (N4_S2000_2) by Jalonzo
– New R4 group with  :
* Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX
* Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X
* Subaru Impreza N14 R4
– New R1 group with :
* DS3 R1
* twingo R1
– New 3D Ford Fiesta RRC (N4_S2000_2) by Garyson
– New 3D Peugeot 207 R3T (R3) by David74/Roysteph
– New 3D DS3 R1 (R1) by David74/Roysteph
– New 3D Twingo R1 (R1) by David74/Roysteph
– Deletion Subaru N14 URT (N4_2)

New physics : 
– Pack Group B by Papy Jim
– DS3 R3T (R3) by Rom206
– Twingo R2 (R2) by Rom206
– Skoda Fabia (N4_S2000_2) by Rom206
– Fiat Grande Punto (N4_S2000_1) by Rom206

other : 
– SkinsManager 3 : New -> Allow create and install drivers clothes like for cars skins.

[boxdownload]Download RSRBR 2013 Here[/boxdownload]
  • Dani .

    Nice to see RBR alive, it gives me lots of good moments!
    Even i have my own copilot voices (very well done by the way.. jejejej)

  • GamerMuscle

    RBR and this mod are amazing the physics still stand out especially on the gravel stages. The FFB is solid and responsive and some of the new tracks made by people are incredible.

    Its so annoying that the game at its release was not a huge commercial hit and that business models that would have likely worked well for RBR were not as common as they are now.

    • Anonymous

      Agree with everything.
      Unfortunately the UI for RSRBR with its choosing car/track from desktop is so annoying for me (at least it was las time I played RBR like 1.5-2years ago) that I can’t really play it for a long time before it annoys me too much. I understand it’s probably the best/the only way they can make their huge mod even work with RBR but for me it’s basically unbearable.

      I so hope we’ll see a truly worthy RBR successor (modable like rFactor!!? Asking way too much?) one day, it’s obvious though no big company wants to put money in that.

      • ghost9mm

        RallyWorld4.0 for Rfactor is very good

    • Juhan Voolaid

      Also shame that RB is gone.

  • Anonymous

    Can RSRBR2012 be upgraded to 2013 or do I have to do a full reinstall of everything?

    • sostanza psicoattiva

      Full reinstall.
      And you have to download:
      rsrbr mod
      track pack
      btb tracks
      car packs

      I can’t understand why they keep with this system of installers.

      Just make one installer for the mod and the original cars and tracks and then ask for a separate pack only if you want more cars or tracks.

      • Ole Marius Myrvold

        Uhm, what you are asking is… The original game? :S

      • sostanza psicoattiva

        Look, after the installation of all this stuff you have a 20GB folder.

        What I’m saying is that it would be better to have a mod with all the improvements that RSRBR bring to the original game, but with only the original tracks and cars of RBR, and then separate packs (optional) with more cars and tracks.

        Instead now you have to install the mod, the updates, and a 3GB track pack even if you don’t want to play neither of these track but only the France BTB tracks.

      • GamerMuscle

        There are other mods for RBR that let you use custom tracks , I cannot think of the names of them but just google and you should find them.

        That way you could just DL the tracks you want and play them in RBR as normal.

  • Petr Kloucezch

    What about RSRBR 2013 vs. RBR-World ?

    • sostanza psicoattiva

      In rbr-world the cars sound better and you can install only the single car you want to have in game (for example only the Peugeot 205 T16) without being forced to download an entire group of cars (all the group B cars).

      • Petr Kloucezch

        Downloading is detail…
        I think that RBR-World has better live racing system.
        What about graphics, physics?

  • LazyJK

    I am not trying to undermine RSBRB, but RBR Czech, save for perhaps complicated way of installing cars (no installers) is so much easier to race online, I encourage everyone to give it a try.

    • sostanza psicoattiva

      Can you please share a link with an english tutorial for the installation of their mod?

      • GamerMuscle

        Just use the 2012 tutorial , but then download all the 2013 content , its the same process.

      • sostanza psicoattiva

        I was asking a tutorial for the czech mod files not for rsrbr. They are two completely different mods.