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Road America – Modding Track Reality Check

Last week’s release of the laser-scanned Twin Ring Motegi modding track for Assetto Corsa brought up a familiar discussion again: Is mod content worth paying for or should it be free?

Costing 10 Euros, the Motegi track certainly has the fact that it’s based on laser-scan data and a lot of detail working going into it to justify the price tag – If people are willing to pay this kind of money for a professionally-produced track, why shouldn’t we support modders the same way if the quality is similar?

To show you how close excellent modding work can get to professionally-made tracks by big sim studios, below’s a great comparison video by SimRacingLover, showing off thea accuracy of LilSki & Johnr777’s Road America, one of the finest modding tracks released in recent months:

Road America for Assetto Corsa can be downloaded for free here.

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