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rfDynHUD 1.3 by Team CTDP – Released

rfDynHUD 1.3 by Team CTDP – Released

Team CTDP has released a new version of their powerful rfDynHUD tool for rFactor.

Created by Marvin Fröhlich, the tool allows players to easily customize rFactor’s standard HUD, using a comfortable editor that lets you customize and combine widgets, giving you as much or as little info on the HUD as you like.

Version 1.3 is mainly a maintenance release as Marvin has done some cleanup. However, there have been some changes to the widget API so widgets created with version 1.2 might not work correctly anymore.


– Create your own custom overlays for rFactor with as much or as little information as you want.
– An intuitive editor is included to create these overlay configurations.
– Support for different overlays for each session, car and mod.
– Data and information Widgets for nearly any kind of situation.
– TV-Overlay included (Ecclestone TV 2010), new images by Daniel Zemla

To make most of this feature-rich tool, make sure to check out the documentation here.

Download rfDynHUD 1.3 by Team CTDP Here

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