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rFactor…going Pro

rFactor…going Pro

Looks like rFactor is making the transition from gaming simulation to serious business, at least that’s what the new rFactor Pro project is trying.

Licensed by ISI, rFactor Pro is aimed at companies and race teams looking for car simulation and analysis tools. rFactor Pro is perfect for race teams to evaluate new drivers, train engineers and develop setups.

The effort behind this is using the gMotor2 engine which has been equipped with a bunch of new features and a new plugin system.

Below are some of the features, more infos can be found here:

  • Highly detailed and configurable modelling of the vehicle, from the graphics and sounds to every aspect of the chassis, suspension, aerodynamics, tyres and drive-train.
  • High quality DX9 video engine with advanced lighting model and high frame-rates.
  • Fast, precise, physics engine that samples the vehicle at 800Hz, taking into account every dynamic aspect of the chassis, suspension, steering, brakes and drive-train, including applying the effects of gyroscopic precession to rotating components and torque reactions through the drive-train.
  • An advanced Plugin model that allows users to replace any, or all, aspects of the vehicle dynamics with their own models written in, for example, C++ or Simulink.
  • Scalable architecture that can take advantage of multiple cores, CPUs and machines to deliver ever increasing levels of realism.
  • Multi-vehicle simulation; run one or more drivers on track simultaneously to evaluate race strategy, race against AI cars following real-life telemetry or against AI cars running your best lap or combination of best sectors.
  • Flexible user interface, from portable PC-connected USB wheels and pedals to full motion-platform with wrap-around video and sound.
  • Over 150 channels of telemetry, plus 1st and 2nd order derivatives, reported at 100Hz.
  • A growing library of third-party Plugins offering a variety of extended capabilities from advanced thermodynamic tyre models to ECU emulation.
  • rFactor-Pro has an extensive portfolio of tracks. New tracks may be added from CAD data, by Laser Scanning or from accurate GPS/IMU measurement plus photographs or video of the track.