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rFactor In 3D On Yogscast – Video

Simon & Lewis of the Yogscast Youtube channel have been visiting the Nvidia Geforce LAN and while on site, the guys got to check out rFactor in 3D.

Simon & Lewis of the Yogscast Youtube channel have been visiting the Nvidia Geforce LAN and while on site, the guys got to check out rFactor in 3D.

Starting at the 3:36 minute mark, we get to check out the rFactor 3D experience, using the DRM Mod and Virtua_LM’s Fuji track. The guys obviously have very little (read none) sim experience so the driving isn’t exactly master-class.

This video gives rFactor some nice and rare mainstream media coverage as the Yogscast Youtube channel has more than one million subscribers, helping the video to over 180.000 views already.

  • Think Again

    Childish giggling Homo ???!!!  Most certainly not a Pro driver. Seems to enjoy it anyway.

  • Noel Hibbard

    I would love to test some of those 3D shutter glasses.

  • Kyle Williams

    I have been a fan of the Yogscast for ages, they have never played a sim before.

  • drandiiski

    Ahh looks like just about every time I have a guest that wants to try whatever sim I’m on now 😀 You can tell how unaware of driving on a track someone is just by their hand position on the wheel – one hand one top of the wheel, the other on the shifter, or at best on the bottom, taking the inside line like there is an oncoming traffic. The video doesn’t tell us mutch about rF2 though exept that it may have 3D support, wich I don’t care about 🙂

  • Carbonfibre

    I’m a fan of the Yogscast too, it’s embarrassing but it’s part of their charm and it’s great coverage for ISI. Although I’m buzzing for everything BF3 regardless if (read when) they suck at that too. 😛

  • f12bwth

    I can’t stand the yogscast. Hearing them speak makes me want to punch babies in the face.. But good coverage for rFactor and sim racing from any source has to get my blessing.

  • Silly(c)One

    Why babies and not them ???

  • RJLigier

    How can you call this guy a man when he doesn’t know the difference between a torpedo and a bomb?

  • vilivili

    why shutter blinking? shutter technology is a joke. instead try passive, that’s better

  • svenieshoarma

    It’s amaizing how many people comment on the video on Youtube. Lot’s of people like the racing game and want to know what the name of the game is. rFactor is more than 5 years old!!!

    So sad that not a lot of people know about rFactor. Even after 5 years….

  • Noel Hibbard

    True, but that also requiers an expensive monitor. I would hate to invest that much money just to find out it sucks and isn’t worth it. I wish I could just test drive it somewhere.

  • vilivili

    that’s just what I thought a few weeks ago and was searching every local dealer to see one myself. finally I found lg D2342 with 30 day money back guarantee and brought it home. now I can recommend it.

  • nedo

    all i can say is 3D is rally a fresh breeze, i got  a new passive LG 55″ 3D TV. New Games have allready
    build in 3D options, bt if not with Tridef or IZ3D you can play allmost every game in 3D.
    I preffer passive 3D over Shutter 3D, its so easy to watch, and the glasses are like 4$ each hehe