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rFactor 2 With The Oculus Rift – Video

GamerMuscle has uploaded a video, showing off the Oculus Rift headset with rFactor 2.

Last week, GamerMuscle uploaded a much discussed video showing iRacing in action with the Oculus Rift VR headset.

Now, he has made another video, showing the headset working with rFactor 2.

GamerMuscle is using TriDef with rFactor 2, a trial-version of TriDef can be downloaded here.

  • vilivili

    is there any version of tridef working with dx11 ? (ofcourse virtual3d works)

  • Anonymous

    Would it look a better if there would be a high level (8x) of anti-aliasing being used?
    Should at least easy out the pixel mess i see now.
    As on the video it looks like there is no anti-aliasing used at all.
    On the current low resolutions those AA levels should hardly have any impact on the FPS.
    So looking forward on the release with HD or maybe even retina resolutions.

    • Alejandro Gorgal

      Remember that he’s using a developer version of the Oculus which has a lower res that what the consumer version will support.
      I guess we’ll have to wait until that comes out to know for sure how it’s going to look.

  • Slimjim

    Like any video will compare how this is going to look….lol

  • gt3rsr

    Looks like Megane public server… 😛

  • John Krisfalusci

    My question is do you feel completely immersed? I can’t imagine you would because Look at all those jagged lines! That is just horrendous! =(

    • GamerMuscle

      Not completely as the The horizontal FOV is still somewhat limited along with resolution and some aspects of the tracking. But its a massive difference over a screen.

      You have to remember this is a prototype and its early days just about all the issues can be fixed and improved upon and will be over the next 5 years.

      Put it this way , nothing feels as close as the rift does to placing you in a virtual space. Sure its still abstract from reality in many ways but given time to develop this is going to be mind blowing.

      Its as significant as the jump from 2D platform games to full 3D games.

    • Professional Operator

      it is a dev kit. Retail version will obviously have better details.

    • Kent Eriksson

      a bit late answer; but if people could just up the res to full HD; they would experience a way better image. Even if the rift is 1280*800; the downscaling will improve the image quality a LOT.

      Source: I own a rift and just came out of a three hour race in VR in rFactor 2.