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rFactor 2 vs. AC – Mod Content Comparison

An interesting comparison video shows how rFactor 2 & Assetto Corsa handle the same mod.

Both rFactor 2 and Kunos Simulazioni put a big emphasis on the modding community with both titles providing tools for content creators. So which environment makes custom-made community content shine the most?

The comparison below, put together by FTRRacingTv, gives us a fair and balanced look at both games, featuring the exact same mod in both titles as we get to see UnitedRacingDesign’s Endurance Racing X mod in action.

Both games are using the same track that is part of their respective stock content as Silverstone is available in both titles, with Kunos’ version having the added benefit of being laser-scanned.

Which modding sim does it better? You decide!