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rFactor 2 Track Layout Contest – Winner Announced

feels3 has announced the winner of his rFactor 2 track layout contest.

Back in November, accomplished rFactor 2 track guru feels 3 asked the community to submit their track layout ideas for a new rFactor 2 venue.

Now, the winner has been picked as feels3h as Kalle “KeiKei Kouri from Finland has submitted the winning layout.

You can check out a few concept shots of the track as well as a full description of the layout below. feel3s will soon be starting to create the rFactor 2 version of this track, work will happen parallel to his efforts on Interlagos for rFactor 2.
[toggle title=”Click Here for the Full Layout Description”] “…..First of all I started the process by just remembering some great parts of legendary tracks and thinking what makes those so enjoyable to drive through. Didn’t draw anything but just remembering and
analyzing things in my mind every now and then. At some point it came obvious to me that loose safety regulations are the main reason why old tracks tend to feel so great. But luckily we simracers are
immortals (in many ways so safety regulations can be flushed down to the toilet. So by realizing that I was able to think out of the box and basically create something new and never seen before. Or at
least I feel that way about the layout. Of course we’re still talking about racing simulation and feel it’s absolutely mandatory the track would be drivable also in real-life with real racecars. Well who
would dare to put car to it’s limits in real-life on that monster is another question…

So now would be good time to start looking those attached images. I’ll try to explain how different parts of the track should function in practice and also some ideas behind it.

Scene 04 and 02 – Start Straight/Turn

In simracing race starts are usually the worst parts of the race and T1 mayhems are very common. I think two main reasons are because drivers are immortals and have limited visions. So one design principal
was to somehow stretch distances between vehicles on race starts. I came up with three ideas and used them all; 1. Steep downhill slope right after starting line. Drivers at front get benefit from it
straight away and others later and later. Drivers at back can’t even take it flat-out anymore. 2. No major braking for first corner. 3. Further to the back accelerating comes more difficult because they have
to start at turn which is bending towards the back more and more.

Scene 05 – Entrance to The Drapery Falls

This blind steep downhill slope curving slightly to the left will separate men from boys – that’s for sure! Idea is that it can’t be taken flat out. It should be shaped so that if you enter too fast then
your tires are lifted just above the track surface so you will fly low and long… Even though some vehicles are aerodynamically stable so that big jumps are possible but still it may not be the fastest
way around. For example in motocross some jumps are best to keep short because you lose more time during airborne not being able to accelerate. Another reason for this steep slope is to demonstrate how
amazing downforces today’s racecars are able to produce. Better strap your helmet properly so it won’t come off when diving into the belly of this fearsome monster! Also nice overview from up there by the

Scene 06 – Straight towards Spoon

150 m long straight towards The Spoon. Nothing special just to get some kinetic energy for the climb-up ahead. Should be pretty safe re-enter to track from pit because there shouldn’t be much difference in
speeds. Also acts as overview of race to driver because lot’s of cars are visible in front.

Scene 07 – The Spoon

Fearsome flat out entrance into the almost rollercoaster-like combination of turns. For first half the track is heavily tilted so there’s no need to brake but things start to change rapidly.

Scene 08 – Down to straight towards Cobra

Track is not tilted anymore so cautious throttle usage is needed to get out fast – especially because potential energy is transforming into kinetic fast. Little mistake here and guys behind will give serious
pressure when entering U-turn on top of Cobra. Track is also narrowing towards the end so driver is forced close to the rail on left.

Scene 09 – Straight and Cobra

Gaining some kinetic energy for uphill climb. Opponents just one meter away on the other side of the rail are approaching you with unbelievable speed. Hopefully there’s no parts falling out because that
could be, in theory, fatal! Initial part of braking into uphill is violent. Earth’s gravity is slowing your car and upwards bending track is giving extra grip for tires. Suddenly things change and car
becomes light as a feather. Very easy place to lock tires and seriously miss the apex. Great place for overtaking also because optimal driving line is far to the left and hence allows inside car to quite
easily attack and force outside car to lift off completely.

Scene 10 – Straight before crossing

Little downhill to give some initial boost from accelerating out of Cobra. If you were able to pass driver in Cobra then look closely to your mirrors. It may well be that your opponent has chosen his/her
line wisely and you’re about to enter S-turns side-by-side! Which is by the way going to be really tight as there’s no room for errors on top of the narrow bridge.

Scene 11 – S-turns

Nice Suzuka-style flow of bends with different radius’ one after another. Initially turns are loosening so you’re able to gain speed but after a brief uphill in the middle rest of the bends are tightening.
Very technical turn combinations which require lots of laps to find right rhythm and hence optimum driving line.

Scene 12 – Chicane and Back Straight

Every track must have at least one chicane. Back straight is good place for getting some tow especially if you’re able to take the chicane better than the driver in front of you. Don’t gear up too soon
because there’s some hill to climb up.

Scene 13 – Unfortunate entry to U-turn

Difficult downhill braking with little drop in the middle. Requires perfect mastering of your brake pedal. Again very easy place to lock tires and miss the apex. Should be very good place for trying to
overtake your opponent especially if had good tow on long straight.

Scene 14 – Uphill straight

Rear wheels are easily spinning with high power vehicles because there’s also some gravity to overcome. Also remember to look your mirrors if you were able to pass someone in the U-turn – there maybe
counterstrike coming…

Scene 15 – Uphill turn before pit lane and Great Sling

To pit or not to pit – that’s the question. At least has been with current rF2 beta build as people are trying to sense if tires are losing grip or not. Easy and safe entrance to pit unless someone is
fighting with you on outside line… Pit lane is short and wide with garages on both sides. Pit lane also does some short-cutting so pitting gives minimal time-penalty.

Well you decided to go left. Just try to stay inside, gain speed and start focusing on finding right line and speed for the drop of your life. Try to focus on which is more important; finish race safely or
squeeze those few tenths and fly like an eagle!

Scene 16 – Blind dive into The Drapery Falls

So there it is – Leafmoor Park, from simracers to simracers. Challenging, demanding, technical, rewarding, exciting, terrifying, unprecedented… list goes on…..”

Start straight 96 m
The Drapery Falls 153 m
Straight towards Spoon 150 m
The Spoon 401 m
Straight towards Cobra 150 m
Cobra 163 m
Straight before crossing 118 m
Turn before crossing 46 m
Straight over crossing 19 m
S-turn #1 75-deg r50 65 m
S-turn #2 85-deg r70 104 m
Short uphill straight 20 m
S-turn #3 80-deg r60 84 m
S-turn #4
50-deg r28 24 m
30-deg r50 26 m
50-deg r30 26 m
Straight before chicane 40 m
70-deg r25 31 m
Short straight 10 m
40-deg r7 5 m
Back straight 628 m
U-turn 180-deg r6,5 17 m
Uphill straight 208 m
Turn before pit 82 m
Great Sling 334 m
3000 m

Via Virtualcircuits

  • Ernie

    After reading the Layout description i must say that there are some very nice ideas to make it a challenging and enjoyable circuit. Can’t wait to drive it when it’s done.

  • Anonymous

    WTF?? A trackmania track coming to rF2?? lol jk 😛

    • F1Racer

      I`ll bet you anything that when it’s finished it will not look and feel anything like trackmania.

      • Anonymous

        You’re taking everything too serious F1R, his post ends with 3 symbols describing it’s merely a joke, how many more you need lol.

      • F1Racer

        Yeah, he started with a WTF too.
        Maybe I should have ended my post with a ‘lol’ (not my style since I’m older than 13) or a smiley and then you wouldn’t have had to assume what mood I was in when I wrote it.

        FYI I wasn’t being serious, it’s just your mistaken view of me.

        Oh and this one was a little more serious than the last one so maybe a wink smiley for this one.

        😉 😉 😉 😉 j/k lol hehe 🙂 🙂

      • Anonymous

        “not my style since I’m older than 13” what a silly statement, I bet if anybody else said this you’d threaten with ban or ban him right away. So everybody who uses lol is under 13 years old, ok.
        You give absolutely no way how to recognize you weren’t serious, your post looks totally serious to everyone I bet.

        I just don’t like you, you probably don’t like me, let’s end there.

      • F1Racer

        I like you fine. You’re one of the more decent posters here I think.
        I think you mis-judge me osella. You wouldn’t be the first 🙂

        So I can assume that you have these pops at me because you don’t like me. I see.
        Because I didn’t give any way to recognice I wasn’t serious, do you think it was fair of you to assume the worst ?

        There would have been no threats if someone else had said that. That would be silly. Personally I just think posts full of ‘lol’s come across a little juvenile. Maybe it’s a character flaw with me, I dunno. From experience I find they are usually tagged on to the end of inane sentences.
        I usually use smileys quite a bit especially when on MSN so I guess I must have missed this one. I`ll correct it now.

      • MarcG

        Oi…..I’m 35 and I use LOL all the time 😉

      • F1Racer

        hehe. Aaah but do you only use it when you actually laugh out loud or do you annoyingly add it to the beginning and end/or of sentences aimlessly ?
        Or…. for you does it mean Lots Of Love ? 🙂 Aaw

      • MarcG

        depends who I’m talking too 😛

      • F1Racer

        Of course 🙂
        True story… a friend of mine was at her husbands funeral and she texted back to our office that she had just arrived at the church.
        Another woman in the office who is not that up on tech stuff, texted back to and said “LOL!”
        Of course she thought it stood for lots of love. What a moment that was when I told here what it stood for. She was a bit upset. thankfully the woman at the funeral cottoned on and was fine with it. I think it even made her smile.

  • Keanu Buschmann

    Looks like Trackmania 😀

    • Roma Ljubchik


  • Marcus Caton

    Not technical enough for me, cya

    • Paul Todd

      Why the negativity? The layout has more to offer than most real tracks.

      Personally I find it really interesting, I would love to have entered this.

      • F1Racer

        Paul, everything this guy posts is negative. Some people just like to be like that.

      • daz

        Great, you find it interesting. Others don’t. It’s a persons opinion on the subject.

        Didn’t realise we couldn’t be negative in our comments on here. Has VirtualR now become a positive comment only board?

      • F1Racer

        No we love pessimism and negativity here. It’s what keeps us happy.

        Remember. “You have the right to an opinion. You do not have the right to have that opinion agreed with, respected, taken seriously or even heard. “

      • Paul Todd

        You can have a negative view I never said you can’t but at least it could of been constructive criticism.

  • Anonymous

    Absolutely fantastic, can’t wait to see some preview of the wip. i hope the surrounding will be more towards “modern” style like Dubai or Shanghai 😉

  • Theroro29

    It looks like a mix between Algarve track and Lausitzring endurance version track…

  • Big Ron

    Nice track layout. Hopefully two things will be adapted a bit. The slope before start/ finish line a really huge, a Clio would probably not get through it 😀
    And I am not sure about the 180° steep curve. GT5 has a track with such a curve and I hate it. Maybe make the camber not that high.

    Other than that a cool design.

  • Anonymous

    Looks great overall but I have to say I hate long straights that end with hairpins. So much better, in my opinion, to have something that takes more skill to control at the end. Shanghai’s pit straight into the curled Turn 1/2 is a good example of this. Also Turn 1 at Suzuka.

    • Anonymous

      Agreed about the hairpins, I was keen to avoid that in my design even though my solution would have been ridiculed lol.

  • daz

    My guess is if Tilke proposed building something like this, he would be shot down in flames.

    For me personally, it looks like something that didn’t quite make it on to GT5’s fantasy track roster.

  • feels3

    Hi guys,

    I know that this layout can look for some of you unusual, but we (me and Kalle) will try to create enjoyable and demanding track. This is our priority. This what you can see above is just a concept and we’ll be working on that during development.

    • MarcG

      looks alright to me congrats Kalle, will it come with additional layouts? thinking shorter tracks for the Clios for example