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rFactor 2 Track Layout Contest Started

feels3, creator of many awesome rFactor 2 add-on tracks, has kicked off his rFactor 2 layout contest.

feels3, creator of many awesome rFactor 2 add-on tracks, has kicked off a very interesting contest, looking for the sim racer who can come up with the best track layout.

You have ideas for an awesome track layout but no clue how to build one for rFactor 2? Then this is your chance, submit your layout to feels3, the most interesting one will be built for rFactor 2.

Contest Rules

– maximum track length : 3 km
– cad drawings and manual paintings are accepted (Autocad files format : 2010 | photo/scan of manual painting )
– your goal is to created only basic layout and elevation changes
– enviroment, buildings,etc. – it will be my job.
– one person = one layout
– deadline: 31 December 2012
– winner announcement: January 2013.

Send your layout to feels3 by mail and if you do, why not share it with everyone in the comments below as well?


  • Marcus Caton

    They should pick the best 5, there is no best 1 track as many will have big pros and cons for different cars.

    • Josh Desotell

      I agree. Some people might be making tracks for NASCAR style racing while others are going for IndyCar or Formula One

  • Neebs

    My entry, with a 1 lap video, to show the little elevation changes (not much but im from nebraska, so i dont like hills.

  • Ghoults

    3km max length is quite difficult limit though. 4km would give more room to work with.

  • Craig Cookson

    Really cool idea for a competition! 🙂

  • 6e66o

    I know a track that needs to be made…
    but its 72km long 😉

    • Gabriele Bonora

      dehehe, squeezed in 3km, is good for slot cars..

  • Anonymous

    Very cool idea!

  • George RSR

    working on one now, 3km will be tight.

  • Pablo Coronel

    I prefer all life first put the resources, the goods like feel3, in make a real track, like Nurburgring GP or Suzuka due to today’s rf2 limited content. I’ts just me?

  • DDD II

    I would love for someone to submit a track with iconic sections of famous circuits around the world built into one track. Imagine using Eau Rouge to climb elevation and the Corkscrew to come back down 🙂