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rFactor 2 Track Conversion – Video Tutorial

spaskis1976 has released a very helpful video tutorial for all modders looking to convert tracks from rFactor 1 to ISI’s newest simulation.

spaskis1976 has released a very helpful video tutorial for all modders looking to convert tracks from rFactor 1 to ISI’s newest simulation.

The video tutorial takes us through all steps required porting over tracks to rFactor 2 using the 3DSimed software.

  • Fredrik Lundvall

    We NEED more tutorials like this!

    I’ve been wanting to get in to the modding for years now. The closest thing i have done is BTB which seems to be dead right now (does anybody know what happened?). But i’ve looked around on forums with GOOD tutorials on what programs to use etc. but i think there are just too few! If there is forums (if i’ve missed them), where can i find them?

    More tutorials would be great for the simracing community. Simracers in general seem like they hav a HUGE interest for it.

  • Big Ron

    Those tutorials are priceless.

  • Mike Cantwell

    Works well. Saves a heap of time. Thanks so much!!

  • Dan Abbitt

    Guess I know what I’m doing over the weekend!

  • Marcio

    brace yourselves, quick converted tracks are coming to rFActor 2 =(

  • StarFoXySxv550

    Don’t forget to get permission before release!

  • Nuno Lourenço

    I’m Pretty sure that it saves a lot of times but… The only thing we get its a poor racetrack for a game that deserved much better. No one cares about quality, instead they prefer to have a track directly converted with simed. This is not modding, this is bad work. At least people should update what they convert.

    Just my 2 cents.

  • Kenneth Sehested Pedersen

    Hopefully i will soon see a version of Nordschleife, not the old one there are precent in Rf2 đŸ˜€

  • Marcus Caton

    Quick, someone convert iRacing tracks.

    • DmitryRUS

      No need to convert tracks iRacing, create your own, your own tracks, it garazdo valuable experience.
      And scan the tracks iRacing not suitable for motor ISI. Physical model of behavior is very different, and I say this from experience.

  • James Stephen Owen

    Some of the tracks I’ve downloaded recently are, to be honest, just dreadful. Surely the folks at ISI could make more tracks available that are up to a standard that justifies the 30 quid I paid.
    I know they won’t take a blind bit of notice now they have my dosh.
    There are a few good ones though; about 5 percent. Very disappointing.

  • Tomas Beha

    Old video, and it will NOT make RealRoad work properly – especially not if the track has lowpoly road objects. But it’s helpfull…

  • MarcG

    Thanks for doing this spaskis1976, gonna have a go at it later just for kicks to see if it works alright.

    Personally I’m not worried about a flood of poor conversions as we’re gonna get them regardless of a video tutorial, some of my fave rF1 tracks were poor conversions from elsewhere but it was the fun driving them that made them good for me.