rFactor 2 – Three New HDR Previews

Adding to the several preview shots  that have been released during the past few days, ISI has revealed three more previews of their upcoming rFactor 2 simulation.

Like the past previews, the shots show the rFactor 2 graphics engine both with HDR (High Dynamic Range Rendering) effects on as we get to check out the sun & shade in full effect on the Renault Megane Trophy car and the Nissan GT-R.

rFactor 2 will introduce various improvements to the modding-friendly simulation including weather, driver animations and a refined graphics engine alongside plenty of current and historic motor racing content. In a recent blog, ISI’s Tim Wheatley hinted at an upcoming public beta phase for the title.


  • Tony

    F1racer, so what if my punctuation isnt great?. You have no real argument, so you resort to changing the subject. What I said is true. 

  • EmptyBox

    Hey ISI. Just stick a ( – ) in front of every value involved with your HDR system.

  • Tony

    And to add to my criticisms, the colours look off, how to describe it?, They look like they have been drawn with a crayon or 16 bit Sega Genesis graphics, Crap.

  • avivoni20

    the hdr thing can be good but the settings is not properly dialed. the darkening amount is exagerated, loosing most of the detail of shadow areas. maybe they just need to increase the overalbrighness or keep tweaking the hdr.

  • avivoni20

    u say this as if implying netkar and iracing are not finished.
    there is a difference between being finished and being constantly improved.

  • Tony

    Agreed, make those graphics more sexy.

  • Big Ron

    @frigopieYour comment is rubbish. rF1 just uses simple cubemap reflections. When I am right, rF2 will use real time reflections, which looks better anyway. Not to mention, that it is just shader tweaking to optimize it.

  • David C

    When looked in full screen, the shoots look great!

    Not sure if the darkness is exagerated or not : based on the long shadows, the sun is low. And it seems to react like a camera sensor : when facing a lot of light, the exposition is adjusted so the very bright parts don’t get too much burned but darker ones feels a bit more dark than usual. I’m pretty sure it will look gorgeos on video.

    Can’t wait to test it.

  • Flaux

    Unbelievable,… I also thought about this fact two days ago but didn’t had the chance to post it. Thx Aaron. You are right and I couldn’t explain it better. THX!

  • frigopie

    real time reflections are usually done with cubemaps too… and these reflections are too simple, doesn´t matter if they are dinamic or static…

  • frigopie

    dynamic reflections are usually done with cubemaps too (dynamic cubemaps)… and these reflections are too simple, no matter if they are dynamic or static…

  • Mark

    Thanks Lennart!

  • Mark

    I found the following on rfactr 2 official devblog http://rfactor.net/web/rf2/

    “The rFactor 2 development team have been working on a number of graphical effects. The screenshots here are a good indication of where we are heading with the effects, but it’s important to note that we still have a few things to finalize, most notably the HDR light/dark differences in clouds. So these images still certainly carry the “work-in-progress” label.
    One of the features we put the most time into was allowing players to make their own HDR profiles so that they can adjust for a look that appeals to them.
    There are a few other effects to add, but the only one which is probably going to make it into the cockpit view is Bloom, which is likely to take a lot less time to refine than HDR has, but will have a large impact.”

    What that supposed to mean? there will be no HDR in cockpits?

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