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rFactor 2 – Suzuka Released

Image Space Incorporated has released Matsusaka Circuit for rFactor 2.

Image Space Incorporated has released Matsusaka Circuit for rFactor 2.

Hiding behind the fictional name is a very well known venue as Matsusaka is ISI’s take on the famous Suzuka Circuit, home of the Japanese Formula One Grand Prix.

Like many other venues for rFactor 2, this one has been created by a third party affiliate of the team as the track is the work of woochoo, creator of the Longford track for rFactor 2.

The track comes with no less than eight different layouts:

Included Layouts

  • Grand Prix – 3.61 mile roadcourse
  • International – 3.609 mile roadcourse
  • International (Old) – 3.61 mile roadcourse
  • International (West) – 3.61 mile roadcourse
  • Motorcycle – 3.62 mile roadcourse
  • East – 1.391 mile roadcourse
  • West – 2.16 mile roadcourse
  • West (West Chicane) – 2.16 mile roadcourse

[boxdownload]Download Matsusaka Circuit for rFactor 2 Here[/boxdownload]

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