rFactor 2 – Skip Barber 2000 Licensed

Image Space Incorporated has acquired a new car license as the rTrainer in rFactor 2 will become a full blown Skip Barber 2000.

The new car has first been revealed in an excellent article on rFactor 2’s RealRoad technology written by shrapnel1977 – Make sure to check it out here.

The finished Skip Barber Series will feature some well-known community names as ISI was searching for people wanting to be included as an AI driver a week ago. The chosen sim racers will be revealed once the new series is released.


  • spamsac

    Thanks for posting the link Rob.

    • Kendra Jacobs

      Yes thank you

  • Max Pautov

    not an interesting car!

    • Kendra Jacobs

      then you’re probably not a true racer, but more of a gamer.

      Every racer knows the skip barber is a true racers car, itll really punish you for incorrect technique when you push it.

      The skippy is a very exciting car where you learn all the basics of handling technique. It has naturally lots of lift off oversteer, you need to be super super smooth with all inputs especially the steering and throttle, it moves around alot, and you need to give it lots of rotation in order to turn it into the apex, you really need to plant the rear down as well which helps avoid instability mid corner to exit.

      Very complex car to get the most out of.

      • Anonymous

        It’s also low on power, so mid corner speed is very important. Gotta use that momentum or you won’t get the speed back. Very challenging, and a great training car because it punishes you for mistakes so you don’t build bad habits.

    • Anonymous

      But a good one to sim race. It’s no coincidence that this is one of the most popular iRacing cars, especially compared to the hard to setup, hard to race downforce cars. It isn’t sexy, but the racing is great.

  • Anonymous

    Good news for kvatch! 🙂

  • http://twitter.com/TheRoggan Roger

    Looking forward to this! The rTrainer is already one of my favorite cars, its not the fastest but its really engaging. The car really allows you to explore the chassis balance with steering and throttle input, it has very progressive under and oversteer.

    Even for experienced sim racers this is great fun

    Hope they update the engine sound as well!

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