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rFactor 2 – Six User Interface Screenshots

rFactor 2 – Six User Interface Screenshots

Jessica, Darin & Shaun of were recently joined by Image Space Incorporated’s Gjon Camaj who visited  the guys for an interview in an upcoming SRT episode.

ISI’s head-honcho did not come empty-handed though as Camaj showed off rFactor 2’s user interface for the very first time.

Below are six screenshots of the interface, showing off what looks like a major improvement over rFactor’s much criticised UI-system.Taking a closer look, the screenshots reveal some very interesting details as the task bar gives away  the version number used by Camaj for the presentation – 0.783.

Also, we´re starting to get an idea on the title’s stock content as the fictional Formula ISI car can be seen, the series-selection screen also offers Historic Formula One & Formula Two, GT Endurance & Hillclimb series.

Furthermore, Camaj confirmed that ISI is still aiming for a 2010 release of their much-anticipated simulation, more on rFactor 2 will be coming up in the next episode of SRT.


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