rFactor 2 – Sepang Reality Check

AdrianF1Esp has put together a well-made rFactor 2 reality check, showing a lap at Sepang both in sim and in real life.

The Malaysian Formula One venue has been in ISI’s newest simulation since the first public beta kicked off, the track had already been a stock content item in rFactor 1.


  • Dani .

    Top video seems to have the red colour bad, of course it’s recorded by a camera, and It has colour distorsion. Bottom one it’s near perfect, designers are better than a camera to do the colour mix.
    I like road texturing from top video too.

    Seriously, road texture seems to be blurred, in RF2.

    • Anonymous

      Youtube does major compression on video’s, taking all texture detail out.
      Especially on fast moving objects.

      • Dani .

        Yes, top one is hosted in vimeo.

  • Marc Collins

    Wow, tons of missing kerbs in the rF2 version.

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