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rFactor 2 – Quad & Lost Valley Track Released

Image Space Incorporated has released a little Easter surprise for all rFactor 2 owners – A quad as well as a matching dirt track.

Image Space Incorporated has released a little Easter surprise for all rFactor 2 owners – A quad as well as a matching dirt track.

Players can give the Interceptor Quad a spin on Lost Valley, vehicle & track have been created as a fun excercise for the ISI development team, even though rFactor 2 does not support sophisticated loose-surface physics yet.

[boxdownload]Download Quad & Lost Valley Track for rFactor 2 Here[/boxdownload]
  • sobaphen

    This looks like it could be FUN. Happy Easter ISI.

    • sobaphen

      IT IS! Wish track had a few more jumps though. This could be
      really good. Hope they continue working on it.

  • F1Racer

    The quad needs a bit more mass to it but it’s fun. Was pretty good
    with the Megane’s too. I found the Megane was quicker on rain tyres.

    just a tip: When you come to the jump, keep your vehicle to right
    side. If you’re centre or left you will get a ‘lap will not count’

    • Matt Orr

      I prefer to go right up the middle, mash the brakes on approach, then floor it. The wheels spinning will pull the nose back up so you can land fairly flat. Use the throttle to control the attitude while landing, though either way you really smash the ground once it comes down.

      • F1Racer

        Well I was more on about where to position the vehicle so that you don’t get that invalid lap issue. Being in the middle wasn’t working for me but when I approached a bit to the right the issue went away.
        And yes I think it’s normal to be braking just before you take off as there is not enough track left to make the turn otherwise.

  • Matt Orr

    Pretty fun stuff. Makes no sense, really weird things to drive, totally random, how can you hate on it? Hopefully this paves the way for Trophy Trucks, then no one will complain ISI took some time to quickly whip up some quads.

  • Leeman

    Well, that was interesting. Paves the way for some neat stuff down the road, I guess. Thanks, ISI.

    • Traumahound

      You said paves. : )

      • Leeman

        Ha. Yeah, unintended pun. This would actually be un-paved. 🙂

  • o0THX11380o

    Its a cool mod but there is a huge limitation inherent to this type of
    vehicle. The way it handles has a great deal to do with how you move
    your body and how it’s positioned. This cannot be controlled with
    standard simracing setups. I really feel they should have made a dune
    buggy or something else. Still it’s awesome that ISI are working towards
    a real dirt racing simulation.

  • ftrracingtv

    Don’t bother trying on any other track just too slow but its great fun on lost valley

  • Big Ron

    That´s a cool gift.

  • Kabonfaiba

    I thought getting anything official regarding off road racing in rF2 was literally in the dirt, so this is just amazing news for me. To repeat what others have said; can’t stop here! Now we need Rage buggies and then a hovercraft, and then… I might NOT be killed (+_+)

  • Chris Wright

    The absence of a decent modern rally sim is a huge gap in the marketplace and ISI is right to be looking for product differentiation as the number of titles competing for our money/attention is growing so fast. What appears an amusing diversion on the surface actually paves the way for a whole range of new possibilities. Excellent, well done ISI.

  • Kev

    3 words…spark f1 here

  • Wilsch

    Whenever i see dirt simulated i hope it will be the seed from which the next rally sim shall spring. Someone really should make it happen, its sorely needed.
    I want to drive the Lancia Integrale on a modern engine already…