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rFactor 2 – Open Beta Now Available

The open beta version of rFactor 2 is now available!

Image Space Incorporated has launched the open beta stage of their rFactor 2 simulation as interested sim racers can now give a content-limited version of the new title a try.

The beta version lets players sample most of the simulation’s features and several content items, including the historic Spa Francorchamps & Monaco Circuits as well as modern machinery and tracks.

The beta version also comes with modding capabilities, allowing the rFactor 2 modding community to get accustomed to the new features rFactor 2 offers to content creators.

Included Content


  • 1966 Brabham BT20
  • Spa-Francorchamps ’66
  • Monte Carlo ’66


  • Formula Renault 3.5
  • Renault Megane Trophy
  • Mills Metropark
  • Sepang International
  • Aut√≥dromo do Estoril

The beta version comes with most features of the finished version, ISI points out that some of the features are in different stages of completion, hence the beta status.


  • Single Player
  • Multi Player
  • Developer mode
  • Development Tools
  • What Documentation we have for those tools to date (in the WIP state)
  • Rain
  • Wet/Dry track transition
  • Dynamic track elements (Groove/Marbles)
  • New Tire Model
  • New physics
  • New Collision
  • HDR (with other Post FX to come)
  • Access to beta updates and new/updated content as they become available

Helpful links:

rFactor 2 Installation Guide

Beta Version Preview by SimHQ

rFactor 2 FAQ Forums

To get access to the the beta, a full retail purchase of rFactor 2 is required. rFactor 2 sells for $43.99, including 18 months of online account membership instead of the 12 months buyers of the final version will receive. The licensing purchase happens within the rFactor 2 launcher as described in the installation guide.

Important: Make sure to download the content files below as well when purchasing the beta!

Download rFactor 2 Open Beta Here (ISI Forums)

Download rFactor 2 Open Beta Here (Direct Download Mirror)

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