rFactor 2 – New Update Available

Studio 397 have released a small update for their well-developing rFactor 2 title, fixing a variety of small issues.


  • Fixed excessive marble build up on some tracks.
  • Fixed UI and HUD colors reversed on some elements.
  • Fixed VR issue where clouds were clipping over the horizon.
  • Switched rFactor 2 screenshot function to Steam screenshot.
  • Fixed Gmotor 2.5 scene viewer showing all stages of real road at the same time.
  • Fixed CTRL+C (CPU/GPU usage chart) being only visible with driver name tags. ON.
  • Fixed Dev Mode Launcher ‘Video Settings’ button not properly saving.
  • Fixed a sporadic issue where changing graphics settings would cause black areas to appear around the car body.
  • Updated Fanatec SDK: Added native support for LEDs and gear shift indicators.

The update can now be obtained via Steam.


  • Iain

    great update. after the update is done it will not let me load the game comes up saying This game is not activated on this system. Ummm

    • https://soundcloud.com/glen-orpheus Glen Orpheus

      no update coming through on my steam account, maybe they are fixing the issues

      • Grant Waterman

        Same here

    • JES

      Start Steam before you start the game…

  • say moi

    Nice job again

  • fernando sobroza

    “The update can now be obtained via Steam”
    Non steam game version will be able to get this update? Or it´s only for the steam version?
    For the steam version to run, steam must be opened and connected on the internet?
    If I have no internet connection I will not be able to play?

    • 5hitm4k3r666

      The DX11 Beta is only available via Steam and generaly speaking, non Steam rF2 will not get supported/updated in the future but you can still play your last non steam build. And no, you don’t need to to be conntected to the internet to run Steam or rF2, only to get the updates and content from Steam workshop. You can play in offline mode just fine.

    • Duke of Hazard

      Probably you should convert your version to Steam, if you bought it you can do that. I did it with mine and it makes life much easier, even though I’m not a Steam fan it does make stuff easier to do.

    • Oliver

      If you haven’t gotten your Steam key and aren’t upset about repurchasing your game, it’s 15.99 in the current sale.

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