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rFactor 2 – Howston HG4 & HG6 Released

Image Space Incorporated has released the newest add-on content for rFactor 2 – The Howston HG4 & HG6.

Image Space Incorporated has released the newest add-on content for rFactor 2 – The Howston H4 & H6.

Based on the iconic Lola T70 sports car racing prototype, the Howston brings the spirit of 60s endurance racing to rFactor 2.

The car is available both as open-top & closed cockpit version, coming in several configurations each that differ in terms of power, downforce and other details.

[boxdownload]Download Howston HG4 & HG6 for rFactor 2 Here[/boxdownload]
  • Anonymous

    Ya Buddy I’s Gots ta give this a run!

  • Anonymous


  • Rob Herridge

    HELL YEA!!

  • Juhan Voolaid

    Exciting stuff, still dissapointed by rF2 progress.

    • Hagen Tröger

      Which of the sim producer was faster in progress with chassis flex?

      • Marcel

        Have you tried it already? to have it on a feature list doesn’t say anything ho. good it is. I hope it improves the overal physics because the grip of green track in some cars especualy in slow corners is frustrating. Sometimes it feels that there is only aerodynamic grip and no mechanical.

      • Marco Hooghuis

        Ultimately grip has nothing to do with chassis flex. Chassis flex (good chassis flex that is) only allow the tires to get nearer to their peak performance. The tires and the road are where the real grip is at.

      • Hagen Tröger

        negative votes are not an answer 🙂

      • Juhan Voolaid

        Chassis shmessis …

        I am dissapointed, that in 4 years or for how long rf2 has been in development, it is still not a finished product. By that I mean the core minimum of what was planned is not production ready.

      • Hagen Tröger

        Other simulations are finished with less features and less complexity than rF2 and rF2 is still in development, very nice I would say and a remarkable progress

  • The Dark

    only the 3rd party mods can save this title now 🙁 the HG6 is better than the 4 for drive-ability but I think they forgot the brakes on the HG4.

    • Kendra Jacobs

      Braking was perhaps the poorest comparative statistic of these 1960′s machines compared to today’s race cars. 1960′s ventilated steel discs worked with asbestos brake pads, an optimum temperature around 450°C, though providing good fade resistance until around 750°C. Front/Rear caliper piston ratio’s provide about 56% front stopping bias with a 50% balance bar setting.

      Try driving a car according to its specs and characteristics noob

  • GamerMuscle

    ISI have improved there download page which is nice !

    Here is an idea for ISI ( not sure why they didn’t just do this in first place)

    Put the available content on the launcher so that a user clicks RF2 icon then the launcher shows a list of all the current cars and tracks available all nicely presented.

    Then as a user you can also see what you have installed on the launcher page This way new users to the game will instantly see all the available content and easily be able to just grab it and have it install through the launcher rather than having this convoluted process we have now.

    ISI could then present the highest quality mods and tracks on here as well under a non official content tab below all the official ISI stuff.

    Why don’t ISI hire a designer ? I don’t get why they are so bad when it comes to interfaces and software usability ?

    I’d even do it for them if they paid me for my time could have a British commentary on the launcher to spruce things up 😉

    • Walter

      “could have a British commentary on the launcher to spruce things up ;)”

      I propose Ozzy Osbourne or Jimmy Nail for the voices.

    • punkfest2000

      The GUI and usability are about as bad as it gets. Massive turn off, and I just don’t get it. Certainly a part of the reason I bailed on this title. Hire a designer is the right idea…gives the devs more time to focus on tire physics.

    • Jim. C

      The menus and UI in rF2 are woeful. So drab and uninspiring.

      Slick and attractive menus don’t have to be the preserve of consoles.

  • Anonymous

    Floaty and not connected to track like most of ISI’s cars. The mods where their teams actually understand car physics cannot come soon enough for this title.

    • Anonymous

      Sorry I take my above quote back. There is nothing or no one making me play this title. It’s seems I still expect something different every time I fire up this title maybe it’s just time to give up on it all together because where I am concerned ISI just does not get it?

      • Walter

        Get yer “Skippy” head on, get a naturally progressing track and find a good setup and then you will “get it” and you will realise that ISI DO get it.

      • Jshort

        I think the simcade physics of pcars is more his style.

      • Anonymous

        I see pCARS as more accurately simulating RL Tire Grip just ask the pro drivers most say that most sims are more difficult than RL and the cars are more stable in RL with more grip you can even go back to Gregger Huttu saying the same about a Real Star Mazda Car and an iRacing Star Mazda Car so I think it is many of you that are confused about accuracy and immersion. If you like added unrealistic difficulty I was saying fine that’s on you but don’t think it represents RL in any way.

      • Kris Baxter

        I see quite the opposite, I hadn’t done any Pcars sessions for a while so fired it up last weekend, the Bac Mono was awful, too much snap oversteer even at low speed, no mechanical grip whatsoever, the 2 caterhams were also awful, the Ariel Supercharged was better, but still far from perfect, I felt I was simply unable to hammer any of the cars.
        rFactor2 though, I can race closer to the edge and feel what the car is doing, not perfect but better physics at this stage than Pcars.
        I mean if I can’t even do 30mph round the loop at oschersleben without spinning out in the Bac, whats the point? I could do it twice that in my ST220, and probably another 10mph in my 528i.
        But you’re right, in general RL is easier than a sim, but then that is the difficulty of simulating, you have to have an engine that can accurately interpret the physics, whether correct parameters entered or not? Look how long it took to get PandG feeling so right, though I do wonder how much doctoring had to be done in order to get it feel real due to the restrictions of the GTR2 physics engine.
        We are a long off getting the simulation you expect, especially when we are only fed the information through our eyes, ears and hands. We just need to accept what we currently have, enjoy what we have and accept the limitations, constantly comparing to RL and how far off every sim is will be a pointless argument every time.

      • Anonymous

        Yes I agree the pCARS cars you mention are being heavily worked on ATM and ones I have not driven in a while. However there are others I really like and also others as well that while ATM are not where the team wants them to be I do enjoy the challenges that can be worked into a level of predictability and control. Like I said I think ISI’s open wheelers are their best works but feel the simulated downforce is off with the other cars thus feeling light and floaty also as I said it would be nice to have optional tire compounds like we will be getting in pCARS and we as SimRacers should expect anything less. We had options in rF! for selectable tire compounds we should expect the same going forward and just maybe then I might have enough options for rF2 to be enjoyable to me. I have just gotten to a point where I am tired of cars flying off the track when they shouldn’t.. So as a response to the last part of your post yes I agree that is why I dumped rF2 from my PC.

      • Anonymous

        Most of ISI’s open wheel cars are okay even the Skippy with the racing tires on it but many others are just bad. Anyway I said I was done wiped from my HDD so who cares we do not agree. If you really want to know what I think is really good go back a couple of threads to Team 21 firebird mod for GTL or Enduracers mod for rF1. Both blow anything in rF2 out of the water to where I am concerned. Now I would really like to end this conversation and move on and continue to still wish you guys well.

    • Kendra Jacobs


      • Walter

        People moaning about the floaty cars are a bit “green”, if you know worra mean, like!

      • Anonymous

        Ive been sim racing over ten years and I do not see the handling in rF2 as realistic as compared to RL.

      • Sigmatc

        But it’s a sim dude. it will never be as realistic as RL. I think it is not that difficult to assimilate 😉

      • Anonymous

        Oh I agree with you and I was just basically saying there are other titles that I enjoy much more that give me more feeling of realism. Whole thing is the opinion of what that is may vary from person to person and developers don’t want it to be 100% right so we can continue to argue what is closer to RL in our minds. I think that rF2 tires lack grip and maybe ISI should offer more options for compounds and get the car weight right as in regards to aero downforce weight. To me these things are very flawed in rF2.

      • Realkman666

        Build 300 improved things a bit, and besides, I’ve been to a track on a cold Friday morning and everybody seemed to struggle a lot. This new car really feels like an old too-fast-for-its-own-good POS. It’s terrifying on the old tracks, but if you’re careful and you brake enough, it’s pretty cool after a few laps.

        rF2 will always be rough around the edges, but it has improved a lot, even since April or so.

      • Anonymous

        There I changed my Avatar specially for you.

    • Anonymous

      Are you sure you’re not driving on a green track? I found rear wheel cars really hard to control on it. Even ISI said the absence of grip on green tracks is a bit exagerated. You need to put some rubbers before you can drive on it. Clio is fabulous to drive on any tracks. Personally I found in rF2 I can really relate what I see in monitor with what I feel in my dfgt – I can feel more accurately the position of my wheels on the track.

      • Anonymous

        Well I understand ISI’s vision of believing they have to keep up with the changing times and thus expanding their technologies. Whole thing is in the past ISI has been pretty dependent on the talented people in the modding community to add the polish to rF1 which worked out great for everyone. Thing is this is not happening yet in any great volumes for rF2. I firmly believe that the most talented people in the modding community could really get rF2 where it needs to be. Because I am not buying into this cold tire green track bit as being anything other than a bug. I think the physics need a bit of work in more areas than just tires that I believe these mod physicists could greatly improve on because ISI’s main focus has been on their game engine more than on the cars because they hope to continue to lease it out for years to come. Anyway like I said I hope you all enjoy this title and I may someday reinstall it when some of the AAA mods come out for it.

  • Kendra Jacobs

    – Some great info about the different specs of the models

    These cars are bloody awesome, if you cant drive it then thats your problem not the sims.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t agree but I will be of no bother about this anymore as the title is no longer on my HDD since it does not represent the type of experience I care for. Simple as that. Take care and if you guys enjoy it more power to ya.

    • The Dark

      so it is never ever going to be the sims fault if people who sim race all the time suddenly have issues with a car from a sim you like?

      youre basically saying “I like the cars and I can drive them so they must be ok”

      Is this normal?
      Or maybe you think its just me. me who drives HistoricX cars on the green hell all day and this is my fault? this doesnt mean i cant get the car out of the pit garage because now i know how to tread so stupidly lightly with it.
      but if a car did this in real life with so little throttle then something is wrong. this is even accounting for age of car and tyres. even if there should be some slip from exiting the pit you see here almost 180 degree!! really??

      • Anonymous

        Thank you for that video, that is the reason why I dont like the rfactor 2 demo, thumbs up 10 times

  • Alex White

    Cars are excellent fun. Cheers! 😀

    • Anonymous

      Yes pCARS is excellent fun! Cheers to you too!

      • Alex White

        Really meant “These cars are..”. But yeah, pCARS is certainly getting there! 🙂

  • Derek Speare

    Dis gonna be good!

  • Sam Smith

    Ok I hope everyone in the land knows that Birddogg66 is not playing RF2.

    • Anonymous

      HaHa I would hate for you all to think I was lurking in the background ready to pounce on every post. Once the conversation is done so am I. Perfectly happy to leave you in peace with your preferred sim experience. I am a little disappointed because I had high hopes for rF2.

  • Anonymous

    HowstonED do you have to be to be able to drive these LOL. especially the HG 420 model Haha. I’m done have fun you all!

  • Matt Orr

    Still that wobbly around center at low speeds rF2 feel, but overall actually quite impressed, finally a car that kinda sorta feels like expected rather than a car with 4 marbles made of rubber for tires. ISI does a lot better with the old cars than the modern stuff it seems.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah i said pretty much the same on the forum, Still this holding on for dear life feeling at times, when you don’t know what the car is doing and you just hold on, don’t like this feeling. But it’s by far the best car in rF2, so controllable on the limit, feels very very good in a slide. The low speed stuff does improve once track rubbers up but yes still that rF2 low speed weirdness prominent as in every other rF2 car. Once they nail that rF2 will feel so much better. These cars are a really very very good though and hopefully a sign of things to come. The first car to really make me smile in rF2 for a long time.

      I still really hate the green track stuff in rF2. Really is frustrating and gives the wrong impression of cars. I do like how it evolves, it’s just the initial green track

      • Anonymous

        replays look really odd to me on this one, whereas on HistorX everything looks almost perfect. Maybes it’s ISI cameras for the tracks, but it looks really odd in tv cam replays when you push the car (like in your vid).

      • Anonymous

        Not really paid much attention to replays tbh, having too much fun driving it. Gave up with replays ages ago and rF2, too many graphical bugs ( LODS and shadows ) and in general poor cameras. But i did get a peek and i think it was obvious the chassis flex and the difference it makes, the suspension travel looks really great over curbs aswell and motion in general looked much better to me. Do you have your fidelity right up? Mores has pretty good cameras at times

      • The Dark

        yea green track is distorting the truth of the cars maybe. I hope in the next build they can up the grip of the green track so it doesnt feel like it had not been raced on in 20years.

  • Anonymous

    I was (still am for the past work) a number one fan of ISI, but also have to say that rf2 was my biggest disapointment as a sim racer, and i’ve been here since the begining of computer racing games….right now i have mix feelings, cause i haveto admit that the title made big steps in terms of evolution to the right place…still does not erase my disapointment, cause RF1 was so good, that they had more than enough time to make RF2 a benchmark in simracing by now…don’t give me the excuse of lack of resources, cause ISI had much less and far less aexperience, when they made giant steps from SCGT to F1CC saga, to RF1….but altough not feeling my money was totaly well spent, i still going to give a chance to this i said, not because of the recent present, but because of the past…this add on seems to give indication they’re in the wright way…till than, nothing beats by tweaked and trusty RF1

    • Anonymous

      Very well said, agree with everything.

      When I try to think about areas in which rF2 stands out of the crowd, theres only 2. Overall physics engine+individual cars physics and FFB. I realize these alone must have been tremendous amount of work and I value that ISI aims to set new standard in physics accuracy by going into unexplored territory with that complex tyre model. But of what use that is if so many people don’t like the whole package.

      In several aspects rf2 is even a step back from rf1, notably performance.

      I won’t bother downloading these historic cars, even if they are from my favorite era. I don’t care whether the handling and ffb on these is brilliant since I know there’s a million of various core issues that would make me exit to desktop after 2 races.

      Maybe ISI needs another 2 years, but honestly judging by progress made in those last 19 months I’m afraid another 2 years will not make such giant difference.

      If AC delivers all it promises it will eat rf2 alive but nobody can say that with certainty right now.

      • Clutch Norris

        What’s the link with the howston release?

    • Anonymous

      All this is certainly true of RF2 in it’s present state. I’m prepared to give it time, though. I’m working on the principle that it’ll evolve (like RF1 did) into something far superior in the hands of modders – if licensing wonks don’t kill that dead.

      • Anonymous

        With what you just said I may even do that long term.

  • Steve Shears

    I’m shocked to read what i’m reading on here. The negativity is atrocious. Its a superb sim.

    • Anonymous

      Yes it is a great game engine I just pre-ordered GSC 2013

      • Jshort

        I thought you said you were done with rf2. Are you on some sort of trolling campaign now?

      • Anonymous

        Yes Roach I’m done!

      • Jshort

        Name calling now. Real mature. Lol

      • Anonymous

        No no name calling and was just following your user name J short = roach just ask Cheech! I suggest we just keep it impersonal from here on out because was not my intention to yank on anyone’s chain and while I knew I would have quite a few disagree with me I was and am still trying to keep it all in fun. People who know me enough know I say my peace and move on and am not at a level to want to start a war over it.
        I won’t take your comments overly serious but will respond to them if they seem a little smart minded in nature.
        That may prompt a campaign out of me. If your just trying to have fun I will see that if you are trying to be an arse I will see that as well. The latter will get a response.
        So as to be civil I will say best wishes to you and take care

  • Kev

    My point of view is limited to the 60s F1 and Howston cars because that is all I drive.

    I strongly disagree with the low corner grip and “hanging on for dear life” statements, because I simply do not experience this. Ever.

    Don’t know what else I can say on this as I have never seen any hard evidence to support low corner grip. Period.

    I also want to give credit to ISI for creating the first sim so deep and realistic that I can drive the same course hundreds of times and never get bored. On the contrary, the better I get the more I discover I can do to improve and that is exactly what I’ve been seeking. Check.

    Regarding online experience and in progress development, I welcome improvements but am frankly having so much fun I don’t even bother keeping up with development progress. I only pay attention when something new is released.

    To be honest, rF2 is beginning to scare me because it is already so addictive.

    Sorry so many of you are missing out.

  • Chris Wright

    What can you say about the direction of this title. As much as I can see why some call it the most realistic sim out there, I have an overriding feeling that, rather than closely mimicking real life cars, rF2 cars are, in fact, mimicking themselves. What I mean by that is if the late 60’s F1 cars were that tough to master then no one would have got out alive. I’d like to see physics development focusing on a slightly more forgiving model, but retaining the best visceral aspects of the driving feel which are, I confess, absolutely peerless.

    In a word frustrating.