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rFactor 2 – Honda Civic Touring Car Revealed

Image Space Incorporated has revealed the next add-on car in line for their rFactor 2 simulation – The Honda Civic BTCC touring car.

Image Space Incorporated has revealed the next add-on car in line for their rFactor 2 simulation – The Honda Civic BTCC touring car.

Fielded by the Honda Yuasa Racing Team, the nimble tin top competes in the spectacular and highly competitive British Touring Car series.

Below is a first preview of the car, showing it in its current work in progress state.

  • TC

    Great addon

    • Realkman666

      If they make more cars in the series to race it against, sure.

      • Wally Masterson

        Totally agree. The BTCC is a great series, partly because of the variety of cars. I would love to see more in rf2.

      • Realkman666

        Do “we” know why all the cars are in different categories so far?

      • Wally Masterson

        That’s been in the back of my mind too. We don’t just want single make races, you use know. AC looks to be heading the same way too.

      • Realkman666

        I do a lot of multiclass and GT3/GT2 mixes, but it’s still a bit weird.

      • Ilidio de Sousa

        I bought the game way back and Im enjoying watching the game as it developes. Great work ISI πŸ™‚

      • Marc Collins

        Yes, because the idea is that they provide a solid, well-executed example of the genre and then modders can extrapolate their own to make a series or whatever they want. Or, even better, the Reiza’s of the world license the engine and do the same with their own licensed content (like Brazilian stock cars and tracks).
        rF2 is like a proof of concept–enough various examples to show that it has superior simulation capabilities for anything you can race. That’s it. It will never be a traditional title that simulates a whole series. iRacing doesn’t even do that.

      • Realkman666

        I don’t know why you brought iRacing into this, but thank you for the explanation.

      • Marc Collins

        Only mentioned iRacing, because until AC comes out, it and rF2 are the only two serious latest-gen sims. Neither simulates entire series. Do you think AC will?
        Ah, for the days of GPL. I loved the variety and different personality of all those cars. We may have to wait years before someone is talented and generous enough to reproduce the 1967 F1 series. Modern BTCC will come sooner, because there is more interest, but will still be a boatload of work to do properly.

      • Realkman666

        I haven’t kept up with AC since the Steam announcement. It seems to have a lot of variety, so I’m sure some cars will race together.
        I was playing the Simbin games until recently and I already miss the mixed classes.

  • F1Racer

    erm… ok….. you have my attention πŸ™‚ At least its FWD so it won’t aggrivate me as much as some of the RWD cars when the track is all new and fresh and fresh and new.

  • Ben

    I am really not happy with rFactor 2, I paid for the game when it first went into beta and that was early last year, we were told that that included 12 months of online and as the beta was expected to be 6 months they bumped it up to 18 months. I know software development is a crazy world but I have no idea what this game is supposed to be right now. I really have no intention of giving them any more money at this point. What they need to do are some state of the game posts to the people who have paid them money. Tell us the direction and where they are at. I don’t think it is right I am expected to trawl through their forums looking for posts from Tim for this, it should be clearly on their home page.

    Sorry, I am just frustrated that I was telling everyone 2012 was going to be the big year for sim racing on the PC.

    • Realkman666

      You typed all that and I’m still unsure as to what you want. They make cars and tracks in different series and improve the PC performance and physics a little bit each time. ?

  • Ricoo

    Happy with rF2. πŸ™‚

    • Jim. C

      Happy, but still so much work to be done on this game.

  • Francesco Kasta

    Some of the guys have a point with their complaints, but I’d like to remind everybody that ISI is pretty much the only developer left in the whole universe that keeps releasing stuff free of charge!

    This shows they still care. I say: keep ’em comin’!

    • Theroro29

      It is not true. You have to pay an annual license for Rfactor 2 if you didn’t buy an unlimited subscription.

      • Walter

        not if you dont want to play online you dont

      • Francesco Kasta

        I am strictly talking about “content”.

        I don’t know if you noticed but there is this new trend called “DLC” with the only purpose of squeezing as much money out of your pockets as possible. While ISI are still giving us stuff for free.

        What you talk about is the annual cost of $12 for the “online services renewal”. It is another matter entirely.

      • Anonymous

        I think you are forgetting that they haven’t actually released the game yet! It is still beta so would be ludicrous to charge you for dlc when they haven’t even added half of what should be there by now!

      • Francesco Kasta

        Yes, that would be definitely ludicrous, but at least they are adding some nice content to make rFactor 2 more enjoyable!

        It might never achieve the popularity and user base that its predecessor had or never deliver every single feature that was intended to be there in the first place… that’s why I opened my post saying “some of the guys have a point with their complaints”… but it is still a pretty decent sim.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah it is a shame I loved RF1 but it is showing its age, the community was what made it great! There is something about the feel of RF2 which is incredible I think the tyres need a little work in the way they heat up, or more likely, the way they lose grip when heated up and it would be great. It seems to be the thing that some other developers are struggling with too! I cant imagine how much effort goes into to getting that nailed! Either way the BTCC is the best door to door circuit racing I know, would be incredible to see some more cars work their way in!

  • StarFoxySxv550

    BTCC finally loosening up with that licence, about time really.

    • Cameron Brewster

      It’s not the BTCC loosening up. ISI have to approach the teams individually. So it was Honda Yuasa Racing who gave them permission. I hope they approach other teams too. ToCA don’t allow ISI permissions for the whole series in one big deal unfortunately.

      • StarFoxySxv550

        Great, so ISI can approach all the team individually and call it the BTC-Championship.. I look forward to it.

        We only need three or four. Civic (one down), MG6, 1 series BMW, Avensis Toyota. That’s the top 12 on the grid more or less, and plenty variation.

        It’s pretty much pointless to hope for a full BTCC license these days for any sort of sim/sim-lite, I remember reading on their forum maybe 4-5 years ago, the owner of the series (he answers questions there) kept saying “it’s not the right time” for a ToCA game, translated this means “we weren’t offered enough cash”. I doubt any of the niche PC sims can generate enough cash, or think the interest will be enough to warrant taking a risk, none of the American or Japanese devs are going to go for it. This leaves codemasters. Or if SMS profit enough from Pcars for Pcars2 or a BTCC spin-off game using that engine.

      • Cameron Brewster

        Don’t forget the Airwaves Racing Focus STs. πŸ˜‰ But yeah, ISI approach teams individually and draw up deals from there. I reckon WSR/eBay will be the next team if any more are added.

      • StarFoxySxv550

        Yep, the BM would be really nice. Make it so ISI, please.

      • StarFoxySxv550

        May have to eat some of my words!!&p=225902#post225902
        I wonder who that is? Is this how badly people want to compete in this space? That’s really bad.

  • Touring Car Huntersβ„’

    Love BTCC, not love rFactor )

  • andrew84555

    I wish they would put some effort into the UI, it’s one of the worst I have seen on the PC, console ports included. If they want to appeal to greater range of customers cleaning up the stupid interface would be a great start.

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