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rFactor 2 – First Silverstone Preview

Image Space Incorproated has released a first preview shot of a new track coming to rFactor 2 – Silverstone.

Image Space Incorproated has released a first preview shot of a new track coming to rFactor 2 – Silverstone.

The British GP venue will join other licensed tracks in the game as ISI continues to provide fresh content for rFactor 2. To stick with the British theme, ISI is also working on a BTCC car that will go well with the track.

In terms of future car  & track announcements, ISI is due to announce two high-profile licenses this month (one car, one track), which will become a main development focus in the coming weeks.

  • Chris Wright

    A major addition to this title and most welcome.

  • Daniel Neil Marr

    It is looking very nice and realistic!

  • wajdi nujeidat

    We can see already the hand of Tuttle in this screenshot!

    • Jason Cooper

      ? could just be a pick from any1

    • Steven Ciofalo

      Clearly his work has at least inspired this sign.

  • Marcus Caton

    What a twist… the banner was the preview!

  • James Stephen Owen

    Great! BTCC, I love them cars. Glad they are doing them.

  • Den Burnout

    Silverstone. YUM. NEW Silverstone even. Hmm, starting to think I may have to reinstall rfactor2 again……tmy oh my. Teehee. *giggle* ISI? Guys? Do Goodwood? Please? Wheeeeeee…….

  • Big Ron

    Nice combo, Silverstone and a BTCC-car. I don´t like the modern layout, but maybe they do a classic version of the track and car also.

  • ff

    Fantastic! A serious update every 6 months, maybe in 12 years we’ll have a final release.

    • Flo


  • Anonymous

    Thanks for your time to bring us a little more up to date Tim. I understand things may not move as fast as some people want them to but remember ISI can also help to fight unemployment in America.

    • Anonymous

      Exactly that’s what I like about ISI, how many modding groups, have gone on to form their own development group because of ISI, simbim, slightly mad studios, 2pez, reiza to name a few.
      And that’s not all, ISI has also taken on some of the popular modding groups to make content for rfactor 2, as time go by this should lead to more sim developers, and I’m sure the same will happen when Assetto corsa is finally released.
      Times are getting tough, and it’s good that modders can form full software development teams, with these new sim engines.

  • Jason Cooper

    great news track and btcc coming out. not much to look at but a sign ? thought there would be more than that available to see

  • Roger

    The textures on that sign are really top notch!!

    Looking forward to the new content!

  • What

    With the new rFactor mod, the laser-scanned Assetto Corsa version, and now this, we’ll finally be able to abandon the old ISI version forever!!!

    • Anonymous

      We?……who you speaking for, I know people still play gpl, gtr2, f1c, and some of the older sim titles, there’s still life left in the old rf1 as well.

      • mrk1984

        indeed. after a long time, decided to reinstall GTR 2 and i’m having a blast with the Mercedes CLK-LM Mod by GMT. Amazing car/mod. GTR 2′ driving is still rock solid fun to me.

    • Jason Cooper

      still needs work b4 that will happen.

  • Jim. C

    The first screenshot of rFactor 2 that has got me genuinely excited about the visuals, even if it is only a gantry sign.

  • Anonymous

    Must say i hate modern silverstone (even before the newest redevelopments), but the 60s layout is surprisingly nice and rewarding….
    Here’s hoping / wishing 😉

    • Mario Strada

      I prefer the new layout to the one immediately preceding it, but I like best the one iRacing calls “classic” or some such.

  • Guest

    that is one terrific looking sign!