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rFactor 2 – First Screenshot!

rFactor 2 – First Screenshot!

I´ve just received a very interesting message via the “Report News” feature, including what is supposed to be a first preview shot of ISI’s much anticipated successor to rFactor.

The shot is said to show Spa Francorchamps 1969 which adds up as Spa and a historic F1 car were hinted at by Gjon Camaj in an interview with SRT. Even though the picture isn’t very big and doesn’t show much more than scenery, the graphical quality surely looks impressive.

Keep in mind though, this is not confirmed by any means but likely enough real to be shared. The image was forwarded anonymously so if this turns out to be fake, it wasn’t me 😉

Edit: Several people confirmed that this is indeed a rFactor 2 shot released by Gjon Camaj!