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rFactor 2 – Chevrolet Corvette C6.R Released

Image Space Incorporated has released the Chevrolet Corvette C6.R for their rFactor 2 title.

Image Space Incorporated has released the Chevrolet Corvette C6.R for their rFactor 2 title.

The C6.R is Corvette’s challenger for GTE class competition, the car has been very succcesfull both in the American Le Mans Series, the 24 Hours of Le Mans as well as the World Endurance Championship.

The new content release marks a change in ISI’s strategy as the Corvette isn’t released as part of a new build but individually, the same will apply to all new content releases. A paint template for the new car is available as well, both can be downloaded by following the link below.

To see the new car in action, check out the excellent video courtesy of Pablo Lopez below, showing the car at a test run at Sebring.

Download Corvette C6.R for rFactor 2 Here

  • Roger

    Cool!! Need to give this a run ASAP!!

  • F1Racer

    Had great fun with this last night. Nice sounds too.

  • Jan Cato Larsen

    Defo the best release from ISI so far. Sound, feel and pure fun. Combination of LimeRock, Nissan GTR and 370z and you have a great run.

  • Ricoo

    Nice car. Congratz ISI. 🙂

  • david187

    Assetto corsa will probably ruin this game

    • Hagen Tröger

      AC is the devil do you mean? 🙂

      • david187

        No I just think with the mods for ac and the new engine they have it will kill rf2. Personally I haven’t played either but assetto corsa looks so much better than anything out there. Altough project cars might have better graphics which I do play and love ! Physics and FFB are getting better with every build every week

      • Hagen Tröger

        ah I got it, AC is probably the devil and pCARS is going to a devil 🙂

      • david187

        What I meant was I think asseto corsa will overtake rf2 as the best simulation out there because it has better graphics and possibly physics and you do not have to pay for it either ever year or what ever the subscription is also I believe AC will be modifiable to !

      • Hagen Tröger

        rF2 is the best simulation out there?

        rF2 is the devil 🙂

      • david187

        Well as I said I have not played it but I know the sim community highly regard it. But let’s see how it does when AC is released

      • Anonymous

        I think it is wise to wait until AC get’s released before we jump to any conclusions.

        So far the only real thing we know about AC is that it has great graphics and content (IMO).
        How it sticks up to rF2 or how rF2 sticks up to AC we’ll have to wait and see.

        Personally I don’t think anything will happen, same thing was said when GTR was released, the only thing that happened was that some people went to rF and some to GTR.

        I think the same will happen in this case.

      • david187

        Or maybe not mate there are many great sims out this year and I just think rf2 looks a bit tired to the rest. But as you said let’s not jump to opinions yet 🙂

      • ___ ɥqp ___

        It might look tired to you but do some research on rFactor2 and check out the soon to be released Poznan track, check out Croft, check out the top gear track, check out the lighting in the game (oh, you cant, you haven’t bought it yet).

        It’s not looking that tired is it?

        The sim is improving nicely and like the original rFactor will keep improving in all aspects. Until you’ve had a crack at driving the Skippy , you have no idea what yer missing.

      • david187

        Well I see its only dx9 :/ which is a shame. But I must admit I’ve tempted by it a few times. I enjoyed the last one but decided on pcars to test rather than rf2. maybe I will buy it since you all highly recommend it so much

      • ___ ɥqp ___

        I do believe there is still a 30 refund policy if you want to go for it. Nowt to lose seeing as you can get your dosh back if you don’t like it.

      • Andrew Tiltman

        While Pcars and AC may have lots of bling, nothing comes closer to replicating the physics and overall feel of a real car than rf2, theres no other sim/game that connects you to the car so well 🙂

      • david187

        Well it’s all subject to opinion I suppose

      • Kendra Jacobs

        Well, it’s definetely not subject to your opinion that’s for sure, since you don’t even play it.

        So it doesn’t have dx11, what’s your point? Neither do Fernando alonso’s, Sebastian vettel’s etc etc sims.

        By the way, have you ever tried pcars in dx9 mode??? It looks 98% identical to dx11, in fact i think some things (like trees when you are in motion) look even better in dx9 mode.

        Also, have you seen the preview pics of the top gear test track?? It looks amazing, and very life like, like you are actually there.

        On top of all this, ISI has already stated their engine is dx11 upgradeable, so they will obviously do that in time.

      • Kendra Jacobs

        So then why do you hate on it so much?

        You have never played it, yet you know the community highly regards it, so ummmmmmmm, how does that make you hate it again???

        Oh and on top of all that you are a big pcars fan???…. Yup, ur definitely brainwashed,know nothing of handling dynamics, a little kid, or a mix of all 3

      • ___ ɥqp ___

        “Possibly better physics”, so you are really saying that it might have possibly worse physics then.

      • david187

        You know what I don’t know what I’m saying. Tbh I’m just hoping assetto corsa delivers as well as pcars

      • ___ ɥqp ___

        Yer alright kidda, I’m teasing yer a bit. (Toon have just stuffed Chelsea and I’m buzzin’)
        I hope they are all good. You cant have too many quality sims.
        Now where that bloody Reiza truck sim gone.

      • Mrslfrsl

        LOL 😀

      • Kendra Jacobs

        Rf2 has an option to pay $85 and you are set for life and never have to pay a penny again, get your facts straight.

        Why are u such a hater of a sim that gives it’s users such an amazing driving experience? You don’t sound like a racecar driving fan to me, but more like a video game fanboy with personal agendas towards certain companies.

        Any true fan or racecar driving wanna be wouldn’t be bashing rf2 like you constantly do

      • ___ ɥqp ___

        “Personally I haven’t played either” LOL!

        The majority of real race sim fans will buy both of these titles. Each sim will have its own strong points and shortcomings.

      • pez2k .

        Exactly this, I’ve played everything current except GSC and Simraceway (and AC obviously) and they all have their own positives. When AC, rF2 and pCARS are all finished we’ll have one hell of a selection to play for the next few years. I don’t see the point of slating any sim in the midst of discussing another.

      • KittX

        Personally I think the very important aspect in racing simulation’s graphics is being natural and life-like. And yes, while AC’s postprocessing looks very impressive, I am not sure I will still ilke it after many hours in the rig. The same with rF2, unfortunatelly, they took beautiful colors and lighting, but its not too natural, and after some time I get tired of that.
        What I want instead – is simple, natural, life-like colors like in iRacing, and as minimum post-effects as possible.

        In terms of physical modelling rF2 seems to be ahead of other upcoming titles, i mean, tire flexing, dynamic road grip etc etc.

      • david187

        Seems like a lot of you guys like rf2 🙂

      • kimikaze

        Please don’t mention here pCARS anymore. This game is a complete joke in terms of driving.

      • F1Racer

        …..In your opinion

      • Matt Orr

        iRacing already has tyre flex, it’s just not graphically modeled. Pretty sure AC will have tyre flex as well, think nKP did just not graphically. pCars has it as well…. Every sim in this “era” has it or will have it.

        The only thing that is really unique at this point to rF2 is dynamic road grip which is certainly a big feature. Hugely overdone in rF2, but we can worry about that later.

        Odd note – I’m American. Why did I spell tire tyre repeatedly? lol

      • F1Racer

        Because you’re learning how to spell it properly now 🙂

      • F1Racer

        It’s strange because all we know about AC are from a few screenshots, a couple of videos and physics from NetKar Pro which is for some reason assumed to be carried over or improved on.
        It’s quite a speculation.

      • Kendra Jacobs

        AC will apparently kill RF2?? If so then I guess everysingle sim is doomed because rf2 pretty much kills everything else at the moment, but you wouldn’t know cause ur a fanboy and ISI hater.

        But hey, stick to your hardcore dx11 sim known as pcars, it just makes the arcadey games like rf, rf2, gsc 2012 and netkar pro look like junk, right……..

    • Sigmatc

      You saw this in your dreams ?

      • david187

        AC will be the best followed by pcars IMO

      • david187

        Definately either pcars or AC

      • ___ ɥqp ___

        david187 david187 • an hour ago
        Definately either pcars or AC

        Aye up, he’s replying to himself..

      • david187

        Haha trying to do this on my phone

      • Niksounds B


        There is the release of C6 for Rf2 and there is always a person that speaks of another sim.
        Best approach. .. YEAH

    • Kendra Jacobs

      Na, AC might just (at the very most) slot RF2 in 2nd place. 2nd place means you are better than everything except for only 1 other. That seems pretty damn good to me.

  • PetrolheadDen

    Quite nice. I may have to see about firing up rFactor2 again to try this! YAY!

  • Anonymous

    Onboard sound needs updated tranny and backfire sounds, overall nice.

  • Matt Orr

    Ahh yes, the C6R that reminds me of a 911. Ass out, go fast purely driven off the outside rear wheel in the corner.

    Worth noting seeing how the article didn’t there will be an update done to rF2 soon that will affect the handling. And hopefully make it not feel like a rear engine car.

  • JayC

    I find it ridiculous that people can say Assetto Corsa is the best game that ever was when it hasn’t been released yet and they haven’t played it. Frickin crazy.

    • F1Racer

      It’s that old thing of having high expectations so that when AC is out, any little flaw will be exaggerated through the medium of criticism.

    • jotaf1df


    • gt3rsr

      Who says ‘Assetto Corsa is the best game ever’? That’s nonsense. Assetto Corsa WILL BE the best game ever. When it comes out. It’s not out yet.

      • JayC

        I used a little hyperbole to make my point, but I didn’t need to as you have just made it for me. Looks like the marketing people have done their job well…
        I am looking forward to this game as I still haven’t got an rFactor 1 replacement yet, though it is exciting how many racing sims are being developed.

      • ___ ɥqp ___

        “Who says ‘Assetto Corsa is the best game ever’? That’s nonsense. Assetto
        Corsa MIGHT BE the best game ever. When it comes out. It’s not out yet.”


    • Chris Wright

      Absolutely agree with you. I have high hopes, but there’s a helluva lot of eye candy going on in AC, so it remains to be seen how it performs on most machines – we really don’t want a return to the gold old days of GPL and running on minimum settings.

    • Anonymous

      I think we can rest pretty well assured that AC will have excellent physics, and at least from the screenshots the graphics look nice, but the netcode and AI are going to be the kickers. Kunos don’t exactly have the best track record when it comes to netcode, and this is their first time out with AI which is hard to get right. Personally, I suspect it will all work out pretty well, but it’s far from a sure thing.

  • Anonymous

    ha! Thought those hands looked a bit realistic.

  • Joe Grover

    Wow! Nice model and sound does not make a good mod. All this thing wants to do is flip around unless your going in a straight line. It’s impossible to keep up with the AI “if” you can even keep it on the track. I can use AI at 100% or more for all other cars and keep up. Not this thing.
    Maybe it’s the default setup? I don’t know car setups so I don’t know.
    If I was driving this car for real, I’d pull back into the pits, get out of the car, and punch my mechanic in the face. LOL