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rFactor 2 – Build 228 Released

Image Space Incorporated has released the newest build of their rFactor 2 simulation.

Image Space Incorporated has released the newest build of their rFactor 2 simulation.

The build comes with plenty of fixes and improvements as listed below, it does not include any of the new content such as Silverstone though.

ISI is asking everyone to use the title’s auto-updater to download the new version to give their system a stress test!

================================================== ===
Update 15 (Build 228) Changelog (June 10, 2013):
================================================== ===

Fixed an error with frame buffer textures in a few cases
Fixed a problem with HDR bloom when running multiview
Did some adjustment of multiview HDR processing
Added detail levels to env and road reflection options

Fixed bug where the audio mixer treats the player as an opponent when going under AI control.
For onboard cams, setting Flags2 to 1 will make them use external rather than internal sounds.

Attempt to correct controller IDs if they get switched around when plugging in other input devices like joysticks.

More tidying up of multiview replay

UI / HUD / Options:
Clearing sidebars from replay gizmo when bouncing back to main monitor from large replay window in multiplayer

Fixed a crash in ModMgr when switching from detailed to simple view
Fix up some minor UI problems in MAS2
Added ability to place listeners for ambient sounds using the editor.
Added ability to see the path the AI last took in AIW editor show/hide menu
Fixed an issue in ModMgr where an install to a new directory would use last known working and packages folders – new installs will now use new working and packages folders until modified by user.
Added menu option to cancel recording paths in AIW editor and to trigger path recording with “External Signal Left” mappable input.

Fixed a bug when toggling FXAA from in game where the shaders were not being recompiled properly
Fixed alt-tab crash in MP caused by multiple rearview inits
Fixed recently introduced bug where clients would sometimes halt when another client exited the race.
Fix skins on dedicated server replays, not yet sure if this helps with skins on client replays.
Fixed “Get Mod” password entry box to send player to the right screen when “Enter” key is used to progress forward
Fixed a bug with incorrect billboard rotation when wind/crown motion deactivated
When mapping controls to a controller axis, fixed a minor problem where the axis settings could get stuck in a bad configuration (more specifically, while we tried to detect whether you were trying to use a half axis or a full axis).

Fixed bug where sometimes AI would get stuck in an extremely slow state.
Closed potential slowdown loop when yellow flag is thrown and freezing running order for AIs.

Fixed an alt-tab crash specific to MP only
Added send rate control to built in HTTP server
Added server & admin commands “/dq” and “/undq” to disqualify and re-qualify drivers.
Remove exited clients’ cars if restarting weekend.
Added basic race rejoin after disconnect, which must be enabled on the server to work (with the multiplayer.ini setting “Allow Race Rejoin”). Currently you just get a new car in the garage.

  • Olivier Prenten

    A very good and welcome update! Thank you ISI!

  • Andrew McP

    I’m on build 198 and when I try to update it tells me I’m already up to date. Guess that’ll save some bandwidth. 🙂

    • Andrew McP

      From the rF2 forum:

      Build 198 had a bug which stops is updating. Download 218 or 228 Lite and install that over your current installation. 218 and 228 should update fine to future versions.

    • Anonymous

      Updater is a joke i always have to DL and install manually

    • Noel Hibbard

      Autoupdate from 218 to 228 worked perfect. Took all of about 3mins.

  • Anonymous

    _0_ thank u ISI!

  • Jim. C

    Nice screenshot of the broken rainspray from a couple of builds ago.

    • Timpie

      Broken or edited because the bitching from all those o so professional racecar drivers became to much and they tuned it down a bit?
      I dont know if you ever drove on the highway when it was raining at like 60mph behind another car and turned of your windscreen wipers?
      Now imagine that at 120mph… But sure, the game is wrong

      • Jim. C

        I live in the UK so I know all about rain!

        The spray in previous builds wasn’t right. I thought that was almost universally accepted? It’s much better in build 228 thankfully.

      • Timpie

        There’s obviously some differences between different kinds of asphalt, but that already showed in the previous builds aswell. Some tracks appeared alot more poreous draining water perhaps quicker and kicking up less spray than others.
        It’s the same thing when you’re driving on the Belgian highway crossing the Dutch border. Belgian side is spray meters high and exactly like the example I mentioned before, you’re pretty much blind 2 cars ahead at 60mph. Cross the border into Holland and nearly 0 spray.

  • Krassi

    How is possible to rain inside the car when I am with driver cam?;)

    • Anonymous

      This fact represents overal game quality 🙂 And yes I’am ready for million dislikes from fanboys.

    • Noel Hibbard

      Let me guess, you haven’t driven this build have you?

      • Krassi

        Let me answer you , I checked 5 times before posting here with different cars this build and the rain is falling inside the car!

      • Noel Hibbard

        I see the dash flicker a little when I am very close to someone but it is 100 times better than the last build. It isn’t a simple task to prevent it from coming in the car without a big performance hit. When you consider they have only been working on the rain spray for the past 6 weeks or so, I think they are coming along nicely.

      • Krassi

        I know that is better , real progress. The thing that I dont like is when you are stopped , for example on start – the rain drops falling in the car , inside the car.That is a real mistery for me – what is so difficult to put the rain only outside the car:)

      • Noel Hibbard

        If you were a game developer you would understand it isn’t as simple as it sounds. Mainly for performance reasons. It could easily be done if you were content with 2fps. Which would you rather have, a few drops in the cockpit or 2fps?

      • Krassi

        Few drops are not a real problem, thats right. The solution is to drive open wheelers:) I hope they will manage in the next builds the rain drops, cuz I dont wanna drive cars with holes on the roof:)

      • Noel Hibbard

        Are you sure you didn’t have the windows down? 😛

      • Anonymous

        Must be Florida Rain!

  • wajdi nujeidat

    I like the rain spray in this last build!

  • Derek Speare

    It’s good to see this momentum from, ISI – keep up the good work!

    • Kenneth

      Yeah I totally agree, very good!

  • Professional Operator

    why posting a news with this ugly grey photo?

    it’s like bad advertising.

    • Jim. C

      Talk about doing the game a disservice. There are some beautiful screenshots out there.

      • Realkman666

        It’s a conspiracy!

    • Timpie

      I guess this is where ISI differs from SMS, they don’t send 50mb of pics with every 25mb update :p

      Yes this is a jk, I know those are user shots, stop clicking that down arrow

    • Noel Hibbard

      Showing an updated screenshot that shows the improvements to the rain effect in 228 would be against Rob’s agenda. 😉

    • Anonymous

      Oh for crying out loud. you know why I picked that one? Because all the recent rF2 shots were off Silverstone and I didn’t want to pick any of those because it would have gotten people’s hopes up that the track is included in the build – Which it is not.

      I chose one of ISI’s official shots from their website (one that does look pretty nice if you ask me…) so please stop the agenda nonsense.

      By the way, if it would bother TIm he would have told me and I would have replaced it 🙂

      Some of you should really stop reading stuff into every little detail.

  • Realkman666

    Is the performance getting better too? It was quite worse than AC for me.

    • WaitingForAC

      I hope so, I am enjoying the physics alot in the Vette but the game looks quite dated.

      • Realkman666

        Honestly, I found it bad-looking on all settings to the point where I was missing the apex because of the blurriness. :/

  • Humberto Roca

    I love how you people cant be quiet and just enjoy the update! its getting old, if you dont like at least make a constructive comment.

    • Anonymous


      I’m not saying I support people bad-mouthing an update at VirtualR but as a person who supports and follows Project CARS – welcome to our world. You’ve experienced about 20% of what we get EVERY SINGLE POST.

  • mjbonner70

    I don’t understand why people are so down on each update? This is the only sim I fire up regularly. Driving the v1.46 Monaco or Spa in the Repco is like time travelling. Looks and feels amazing!

    Not sure when I got this much enjoyment from $30 or whatever it was…. well, there was that time in that Lapdancing club in NYC, but better not go there.

    • Kevko

      Read the lapdancing comment, then read your name as “mjBONER”. Haha.

      I agree about some people being overly critical. The standard edition is only $45. That’s nothing. Even the lifetime edition is only $85. That’s not even 2 console games. In a genre where people spend thousands of dollars on their rigs, it’s kind of ridiculous to complain about a game that is continuously being improved upon at that price.

      • Guilherme Cramer

        $45/85 for stock content seems to be the problem. I hope and have faith ISI will update all of their content to match the latest Silverstone shots for tracks, and improve their lighting/color contrast by the time it’s released.

      • Kevko

        As far as I understand it, ISI has no plans to charge for additional content, yet has plans to continue to add plenty of content over time. They recently announced Indy 500 content.

        It’s also pretty well understood by ISI and the customers that the asking price includes all of the free mods that are currently available and will be available in the future. That’s why it has stuff like the Mod Manager built into it.

        All of that for $45/$85. That seems like a pretty good deal if you ask me.

        edit: Rereading your post, it seems that you are more referring to the graphics and performance quality of some of the ISI content. Those definitely could use some improvement, but I have seen improvements over the past builds.

      • Realkman666

        Personally, I don’t have a problem with the content, it’s more about the performance on mid-PCs and the blurriness of the visuals. Some assets are pretty nasty too, like the pit guy and the cars in the menus, but I could live with that. I’ll buy it again for sure, but it’s quite shoddy at the moment.

      • Jim. C

        I hope so too. If Silverstone comes along and pushes the graphical quality to the extent that older tracks look second rate, then ISI kind of have an inconsistent product.

        Hopefully the older tracks get a rework at some point.

  • IAg Gai

    Since this update im having weard ghosting of the trees issues

  • Arie Beuker, de

    call me whatever you want, but where is this sim going? I mean, we already had the problem of finding people online in RF1. Now if this game does not finish one day, it will be overtaken by other sims.

    I swear, a lot of guys i know just wait with getting RF2 just because people online are hard to find.

    If you can find a server with a decent amount of people, it is usually locked.
    I really want to drive Rfactor again, like the old days in RF1, with full servers and everything.
    I do not know how to really put a finger on this problem, but i do feel stallling the final release of RF2 aint helping either.

    • Noel Hibbard

      The problem is there are so many sims out there now and I think a lot of new sim racers are coming in from consoles and go with whatever sim have the best GFX. Coming from a console the physics in any computer sim will be a drastic improvement. If you are a league racer you will stick with rF1 and hold out for rF2. If you want pickup racing like you are referring to then you will be better to jump ship to iRacing. I suspect you will never see full public servers like back in the day. But that doesn’t mean people aren’t racing in rF1/2. They just do it in leagues. It really is worth taking the time to find a league vs pickup races. The quality of racing blows away pickups.

      • Arie Beuker, de

        I did take part in leagues after the “public” servers were losing drivers.

        But even in the leagues, numbers dropped. Or… there were just no leagues i liked, because some of them have weird rules and regulations.

        I will keep an eye on developments, but i seriously haven’t raced for the last year and a half because of the bad experiences. Shame, because online racing really is amazing.

      • Anonymous

        Did u have a look at Nice dutch competition with clear rules and good organisation/race control. Meanly rF2 leagues.

      • Arie Beuker, de

        Thanks, i will look. I appreciate your answer.

    • Pascal

      I still play rF1. Many leagues still use it.

    • Anonymous

      I have a lot of fun with rF2 online. If you begin or join a league it isn’t hard to have fun. I don’t care about open online racing because it always ends up with alot of kiddies who don’t know how to race. After a couple of laps the majority has quit because of crashing into eachother and then the rest of the race is between 4 drivers (80% of the online SIMBIN RACE races are like this.). So this sim is going just the right way. It is gonna be for the real racers (the purists) that are willing to put some effort in organising nice competition.