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rFactor 2 – Build 101 Available

Image Space Incorporated has released a new buid of their rFactor 2 simulation that is in open beta stage.

Image Space Incorporated has released a new buid of their rFactor 2 simulation that is in open beta stage.

Build 101 adds lots of improvements as listed below, it does not come with any new content. Right now, the new version is only available as torrent download, coming either as full install for first-time users or update for existing users.

More mirrors and download via auto-update will be available later.


Fixed issue where suspension gets distorted wildly when a wheel breaks off.
Sun occlusion processing now properly restored after lost device.
Correct a problem where sometimes the visual tire contact equation wouldn’t be properly updated.
smooth out visual contact patch plane equation over time so tire doesn’t instantly deform
Fixed problem where skins would get applied inappropriately (to the windshield, for example).
Fix a bug with FXAA and multiview
Correct alignment of horizon haze.
tweaked pit director position so he’s less likely to be standing inside your vehicle
Added an HDR parameter
fixed HDR lum histogram from over-accumulation during pauses.
Ref mapper optimization
Fix occasional brightness pulsing in HDR mode.
Fixed missing particle FX from cockpit / TV cockpit mode, but re-introduced some sorting artifacts on cars which will have to fixed in the mod.
Fixed alt-tab bug in MP mode.

Added fix for safety car conflicts
unsportsmanlike conduct penalty should be working again
attempt to fix issue where drivers wouldn’t get appropriately blue-flagged if exiting the pits right in front of somebody
fixed the fallback case for determining the vehicle class

New engine model can be damaged now, and can’t be run with the crankshaft rotating the wrong way!
Added HDV parameters CorrectedInnerSuspHeightFront and CorrectedInnerSuspHeightRear (in addition to the existing CorrectedInnerSuspHeight) in case somebody needs different values front/rear. Also removed obsolete FixInnerSuspHeight.
‘Simple’ garage values (which include a large portion of the available modifications) can now be overridden by Special instructions.

fixed AI cars slowing down near garage locations of remote vehicles in multiplayer.
fixed AI slowing down for cars in pits for some tracks (brianza)
fixed AI doubling up in pits or getting into state where they pit but pit action does nothing by eliminating the timeout (was 150 seconds) on pit requests.
fixed issue where damaged AI historic vehicles could end up with highly unusual aerodynamic properties
fixed ai slow downs when only ai on a client (ie, when you’re connected to multiplayer game and turn control over to ai)
fixed ai drivers pulling out of pits and immediately slamming into the wall
improved ai handling of front-wheel drive cars

added new toggle gizmo for RFM page for virtual mods to show up in RFM spinner
made pit menu obey CompoundRestrictions when front and rear compounds are required to match (you can still get compound mixes but only by changing only fronts or rears at a stop)
made vehicle picking one gizmo instead of two.
removed all code for old vehicle selection gizmo and a team selection scroll box that wasn’t being used.
tried to autojoin the server after downloading and installing it’s mod.
tried to center loading bars.
building team list from veh parameter ‘category’ (fullteam tree path) rather than just team, since cars in wildly different series can share the team… thus some would be culled from the tree display.
decoupled options and HUD widescreen variable.
options now letterbox when defined (in OSC) options res is widescreen but config res is 4:3.
also removed WidescreenUI variable getting set to true when in a 4:3 res.
Now allow HUDs to be in resolutions other than 1280X960.
New support for options in resolutions other than 1280X960
mouselessscrollbox text scaling fix
Attempt to filter qualifier keys (shift, alt, ctrl) from back-to-monitor keypress.

a few memory leaks and some other cleanup
fixed tracks coming up with wrong handedness in cases where starting grid is 3-2-3-2 (or really any, as long as at least 2 cars are next to each other in all rows) instead of standard 2-2-2-2. (was causing ai cars to violently swerve when skipping formation laps & other problems)
Some changes made to speed up selecting a different mod (hopefully this doesn’t break anything).
fixed possible thread-safety issue

changed dedicated server caption to be the base directory to help server operators distinguish between multiple servers on a single computer.
Fixed “Available Opponents” listing on dedicated server, so now multiplayer vehicle filters work.
fixed multiplayer vehicle filter for list box selector
fixed multiplayer vehicle filter for scrolling select
Some multiplayer.ini housecleaning.
encode name & password
increased mp download limit.
added password verification for downloadable mods
check *all* client nodes for timeout, including pending drivers, other spectators, and those with non-scored vehicles

setup FFB “effects driver” only once, and also stopped needlessly re-initialized the controllers
untested attempt to make LEDs work on modified Logitech DFP

simplified and improved correction of wheel orientation in replays/multiplayer
improved replays of parts falling off vehicles
Replay format has changed slightly for various improvements, sorry it’s not backwards-compatible!
Current tread surface properties now recorded in replay and transmitted in multiplayer.
Recording tire carcass movement for player now.
Mostly fixed terrain feedback in replays.
Fixed another bug with special effects in replay where smoke would flicker and skids would have gaps.
A bit more precision for special effects in multiplayer/replays.
Fixed wheel vertical location when viewing replay of player vehicle (same bug caused an offset in the reported mWheelYLocation for telemetry).
Improved replays of parts falling off vehicles.
Fixed new issue where replay/multiplayer flatspots (and any other tread properties that aren’t uniform around the tire circumference) might not appear in correct place. However, this sometimes causes a side effect in replay/multiplayer of a tire spinning unnaturally in order to move to the correct orientation.
fixed jerking trackside cameras when rewinding in replay
fixed a couple things regarding wheel orientation in replay.

Improved Mod Packaging Wizard now automatically creates rFm MAS file, also various bug fixes with packager. Includes updated user guide.
Several bug fixes in Modmgr.

Begun infrastructure for Web portals.

To get access to the the beta, a full retail purchase of rFactor 2 is required. rFactor 2 sells for $43.99, including 18 months of online account membership instead of the 12 months buyers of the final version will receive.

[boxdownload]Download Build 101 Full Installer Here[/boxdownload] [boxdownload]Download Build 101 Update (Requires Build 85) Here[/boxdownload]

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